White People and the Church

I AM NOT CHRISTIAN nor do I believe this country is Christian, why should I? War is a serious problem that no one does anything about, yet the church in Newport Beach Ca will send money to Ukraine and be less concerned about the problems and people here in America. Yet the people in America don’t have the guts to stand together and push the very Government who are responsible for these wars, and at the same time they will turn around and give these countries millions of dollars after killing many people. Yet thousands of people here in America don’t have enough income to buy food or no longer afford rent at $2000 dollars for 500 square ft. of living space.

Numerous churches right here in Orange County, Ca are extremely wealthy, like St. Timothy another rich church in Crown Valley as a matter of fact, every church ever born with non-profits and private schools (small and big) attached to it are self-serving. These corrupt institutions have millions of dollars but refuse to help the people on the street and if they do its very little to nothing at all and at the same time that same institution will ask other companies for financial assistance. The States and Churches are in bed together, its a conspiracy against the people and you know people, straight out Hypocrites it has nothing to do with God its all about power and destroying the human race.

Those who run these institutions are raking in millions, and millions of dollars yet the excuse is we have very little to help the people in the community because of COVID-19. The same pathetic excuse. It’s disgusting the shit that goes on in these churches every week people confessing their sins to a God that may not exist and man enslaving humanity and for what? MONEY! Maybe the white man is feeling guilty of the shit he’s done. nah, not that Guilty! Those Christian hypocrites actually believe God is going to save their soul, but what if their wrong? The guilt of being a liar, hypocrite, corrupt politician, murderer, and just a piece of shit who is apart of the same corruption. People I’ve spoken of are primarily white people who are paid by St. Vincent DePaul calling themselves volunteers, most of which are in Orange County. California

You will never see people of color getting paid to work as a volunteer, just ask Scott Miller at the Gary Center, another white man who is a racist. Scott only pays white women to volunteer never people of color. St. Vincent DePaul does the same thing, they only hire “white people”. If women of color are volunteering I guarantee they are not getting paid this is how racist white people and many organizations in Orange County really are! St. Vincent DePaul is viewed as a Catholic Institution connecting themselves to the Catholic Church yet they will deny being a part of the church itself and if you ask for help you will be harassed most of the time of why you asking?

Just as FCC church  Georgina is Mexican and gets paid a crappy salary from FCC in Huntington Beach of course she is guilty of this very thing like so many others. I was surprised she got the part time job, but her pay check isn’t fair compare to white females working at FCC. The reason for that is, white people always get paid more, “Gender Wage Gap” since it was never passed as a Federal Law, people of color get FUCKED!! My mission is too exploit all that I know of the counties and racism in Orange County and the racism that breathes life among the thousands of people living and working. You will find many radical reviews expressing my experiences. FCC never behaved they way they do now. Since Covid the line of questioning in medaling into your personal life and why you are asking for any help as if its going to break the bank account of the church, is not but it’s degrading it should be illegal treating people like shit!! And talk at people like their shit!

Very few white people are genuinely kind most are not, frankly I don’t understand why they bother with those shitty attitudes they have. Let me enlighten you about the racist views of Orange County from St Vincent DePaul volunteers to law enforcement who enjoy targeting people of color on citations, why not? White people in rich areas should never have to suffer somebody else always pays the bills and taxes in rich areas so white people don’t have to. If you go to Crown Valley or Newport Beach its not because you live there, its because your passing through for whatever reason, but you are more likely to be stopped and threatened by law enforcement than a white person who lives there and cited.

If you live in Crown Valley then you don’t need financial help. People who live there are extremely well off. If you do need help then you are visiting or passing through and the white women of St. Vincent DePaul know this and will badger you of why you need help and then tell you its a one time deal. Law enforcement targets people of color 90% of the time to turn over revenue. I’ve witnessed in traffic court 99% are people are people of color and less than 1% is a white person. Its been this way for decades. This is a form of abuse, and racism but this corrupt court system will never admit to this, so it remains silent. Do you ever notice it’s white women working these clerical jobs in the courts or women who have white skin, its rare you see dark skinned women working these jobs, that’s usually at the DMV.

American was built on Slavery when the white man came to American (he is an immigrant) murdering indigenous people because he wanted the land and resources to build their colony’s and over time the lies and the façade of what people believe America to be is just that a fucken lie. An illusion because racism still and always will exist. Its already in the mind so deeply rooted and everyone is guilty of it. So developers began to build towns and cities according to how real estate brokers would direct those families buying homes as people of color were pushed into these neighborhoods (not knowing and foolishly trusting) white people were directed to the affluent neighborhoods.

This is the reason why neighborhoods are run down, especially in Los Angeles, then you inject hate and drugs (now their killing each other) its a set up and why many people are shoved into those neighborhoods over decades. (Now as people loose their homes, the county shoves people into shelters). As it continues people have kids and its all their children grow up to know, the cycle keeps repeating itself. Only at one time people of color began to rise and make their own money and move up and out. Now some do live in more affluential neighborhoods but your going to hear those white people bitch and complain of how the block has gone “ghetto” because people of color are moving in. 

Yorbalinda for example is a beautiful city and most of the land was owned by the Yorba Family who were a very wealthy Mexican family until the white man (immigrant) came from Europe manipulating the women into the marriage bed so he could steal the land. Years later you see it now for what it is and all white people have taken over. Of course there are thousands of children over the centuries who have been born Mexican and White (mullato) as some call it, frankly I despise the label! Do your own research you will find the truth hidden in plain sight. You know when Obama ran for president people really believed things would change because he’s a black man (Muslim) yeah its changed for the worst because Obama belong to the Bush Administration. Speaking of which someone recently told me Biden is not running the show its all a facade to the people, Obama is still calling the shots from behind the wizards curtain. I’m not surprised at all.

Obama murdered more people on global scale to please the white man, see it really doesn’t matter if your black or white when it comes to money and power men will kill for it. Of course in politics there are still more white men then people of color. The moral to the story is the abuse and racism is rooted so deep and now many white people have fallen into the streets of Orange County but do you think those white people living on the South side of Orange County care? Of course not, their pretending their not residents of Orange County, now its a problem. Its only a problem to those who haven’t lost their homes or retirement fund but what if the banks shut down?

What if you those white people no longer can afford a vacation or get a social security check? Do you think the politicians are going to care about you? Who cares if you live in Crown Valley, what if the city burns down like in Hawaii? Do you think the Federal Government is going to care and replace your home? Fuck No! The answer to your dilemma is call you insurance company and then their going to laugh in your face ( that’s if you have insurance). The Government is only a corporation like Pepsi and Nike most people don’t understand this and the Corporation is self serving, they lie all the time to get the people’s trust. Yet that same corporation is the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. The Vatican owns the USA Corp. this is the reason why the Catholic Church runs so deep and why all those Catholic Priests are never sent to prison being a child Molesters! Another problem human trafficking!! Its all come to the surface of the sexual abuse and I can’t tell which is worst. No America is definitely Not Christian, but its going down and will burn like a brush fire in a high wind sooner than you think. Don’t expect God to save you.