Wayne Scott Kelly Meth Addict – BEWARE

Wayne Scott Kelly from Orange County who lives on New Hope in Fountain Valley is a manipulating piece of shit and something to watch out for ladies!!!! One thing I always notice about ignorant white trash is how they have NO MANNERS! This is what I have experienced numerous times from this former meth addict who tripped on my shoelaces. Let me first explain the average Scorpion man whom I would consider a real man if he has confidence and knows himself well, light and dark aspects of the self. This doesn’t apply to Wayne, he has low self-esteem and is a two-face snake by nature. Immature and STUPID. Wayne talks shit about people behind their backs. He lacks responsibility and dumped his kid on his sister to raise because he is a coward!

Just to provide an idea of the Scorpio male and his characteristics he will be very protective and gentle at the same time. (THIS IS ONLY FOR THOSE WHO ARE MATURE) Not all Scorpio men are this way. It’s a general reading. Once in love, he will showcase the best qualities a man can have. He is a very devoted, loving, and faithful partner. Wayne Kelly doesn’t possess these attributes, AT ALL, but then how can someone who is a crack addict and meth junkie know himself?

The Scorpio man takes their time to see and analyze things and only commits when they see a good reason to stay. However, Wayne has some of these traits but is very immature and impulsive when attempting to know someone. Instead of properly introducing himself he jumps at a woman with questions that are none of his business and extremely intrusive only to later express insulting remarks and become judge and jury with his backstabbing behavior. So let me tell the world about YOU!!! Now let’s see how the world will judge you, Wayne. Interesting from a METH JUNKIE who is a high school dropout and too lazy to work because he had so many drug problems, he convinces himself how FUCKED UP he is as the reason for refusing to work a job.

He doesn’t approach a woman in a natural setting allowing the conversation to flow in a natural way, his methods will have a woman on the defensive. He never really attempts to know how the other person feels, he assumes too much and is very intrusive. He assumed of me that I might have been emotionally interested in him. No, I am definitely not, why would I be? Especially when I know this man has a meth addiction? YOU DON’T INTEREST ME, OR THAT!!! Stay the FUCK OUT OF MY BUSINESS ASSHOLE. YOU DON’T KNOW ME OR KNEW MY MAN TODD, SO FUCK OFF. I WOULDN’T CARE IF YOU KILLED YOURSELF. LEARN TO MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS LOSER!!Wayne Kelly is a Loser You can find him on Facebook

Your CUBAN CUNT neighbor can have your broke METH ADDICT BROKE ASS! Don’t forget to ask the CUBAN CUNT, if a woman her age still has her mensural period, or better yet ask your mom? I’m sure both will appreciate your inquisitive nature. Wayne admitted to me that his neighbor is 60 years old, and in his mind, she looks 30 years old, yeah right, sure she does, but not to other women she doesn’t.  He felt the need to play games because he needed attention like a child.

About 20 years ago he hooked up with a female junkie by the name of Crystal, she was living with a man at the time when Wayne crossed her path at a job she was working at. He told me she pursued him (I said she did that to leave the man she was with, so she would have somewhere to go) you idiot. He told me the first few years were good and they began a sexual relationship, he told me he didn’t think she would ever cheat on him.  This is hilarious, Wayne is so against people cheating, yet he starts fucking some whore who is living with another man? ONCE A CHEATER, IS ALWAYS A CHEATER. Hippocrates! Is this guy fucken STUPID? OR WHAT?

Of course, he was blind to the crack whore he was fucking and got her pregnant and she had other kids, It doesn’t surprise me that his vision is blurred. Wayne is not intelligent by any means. Twenty years later he is still whining about her, He felt the need t play the victim as if it was all CRYSTAL’S FAULT.  Hell someone should have called Children’s Services to have those kids removed from the home of two crack addicts. Wayne said to me once, how he did drugs with her to keep her at home, is that a fucken stupid lame excuse. No, I think it’s so she wouldn’t go out and fuck other men for drugs. You are not innocent Wayne you are just as guilty. This guy actually made excuses for himself and placed all the drug problems on her when it was both of them. They are both to blame for the drug abuse and child neglect of the kids they produce. LADIES, THIS IS A LOSER WHO IS IRRESPONSIBLE!!!

Harper Valley Hippocrates in Orange County, Ca

Now that was stupid, if you started fucking someone who is living with someone else, she was already cheating on the person, what makes you think she will be loyal to you? Didn’t her lack of character already display snake-in-the-grass behavior? Fact one about women we are better liars than men (more convincing). In regards to his daughter, Wayne was not responsible for caring for her or making the effort to sacrifice raising her, he dumped the baby on his sister to raise, and now she is 18, talking about bailing out on people. Now that he is old and has numerous health issues from all his drug issues, Wayne is desperate to find a woman to tolerate his ass while growing into an old man. Good luck with that, Girls are too concerned with themselves and all women young and older want money, security, and men with confidence. Not a broken-down meth junkie, who is uneducated in every way. Unless she is one too or doesn’t care enough about herself to settle for “white trash” with no education and plus you have NO MONEY!

He once shared with me his neighbors were warning him to watch his girlfriend, she was fucking other people. It sounded like she was running a muck getting involved with drugs and fucking other men in the neighborhood when she wanted to get high when Wayne was at work when he once did have a job. At some point, she owed people money for the drugs she was getting on credit. 

Wayne Kelly is rude knowing my man Todd Taylor died, yet he made it his business to be intrusive with his fucken questions and insensitive to my feelings talking shit and making nasty remarks, by asking “Oh, did he die in the chair”? Did Wayne apologize of course not, why would he, be the ignorant jackass he is? Like I said your CUBAN CUNT of a neighbor can have you! LOSER! You know Wayne maybe the people you rent from should check your background and see all the prison time you did. they might reconsider you living in Fountain Valley, especially since your a METH ADDICT, it’s only a matter of time before you relapse again.

What I noticed quickly is how he needs validation from women because of his own inadequacies being male, he needs women to pay attention to him like a child because his EGO is deflating. Don’t look to me, ask your fucken neighbor who is so sweet. I’m sure that immigrant Cuban Cunt won’t mind stroking your EGO, as long as it’s not your cock. You did say she doesn’t want to fuck you, right? She is not into having sex with you? Once I was having breakfast at the church when this ass-wad barged in sat down, and got a call from his neighbor, It was so obvious it was a woman because his entire body language changed. This is when I realized this asshole loves playing games, it makes him feel good to get women to pay attention to him because he lacks confidence, NOT FROM ME YOU WILL. YOU ARE NOTHING MORE THAN A WHITE TRASH LOSER!! I DON’T EVEN LIKE YOU!

This is where I began to realize he needs an EGO BOOST. Between myself and his neighbor, he felt better about himself getting attention from women. Is this a man? No, he is just a pathetic insecure ass=wad who needs validation.

Not from me so I began to show a more vicious side of myself to let it be known I’m not going to be used because YOU have LOW SELF ESTEEM! Hey Wayne, DROP DEAD THE WORLD DOESN’T NEED YOU ASS – WAD GO FUCK YOURSELF

Your neighbor must be hard up or have low self-esteem too, you are broke? Since you have NO MONEY WHY WOULD ANY WOMAN IN HER RIGHT MIND WANT YOU?  Wayne tries to convince everyone his neighbor is really into him.  Sure she is, no she is bored that’s all. I bet if you had cash, say like Wallace Rodecker, she would come running real fast.  I’m sure your trip to Vegas was fun since she paid for everything. You can’t afford any woman, but maybe someone will feel sorry for you and support your STUPID INSECURE ASS!   For any woman to consider financially supporting a meth junkie, you are STUPID!!! AND STOP TELLING EVERYONE YOU AND WALLACE ARE BEST FRIENDS. WALLACE WOULD NEVER…ASSOCIATE TO YOU. I KNOW THAT FOR A FACT.

Ladies beware of the junkie on New Hope, in Fountain Valley, he is looking for love, but the reality is, he wants a woman to put up with his shit since he has one foot in the grave with medical problems. Wayne Kelly has No money so he can’t afford to buy you a cup of coffee and he lacks manners among many other attributes. He can barely support himself after living in his van for years.

He has behavioral problems from past addictions, so if you do find yourself shacked up with this white trash, take out a life insurance policy. You might end up wiping his ass when he can no longer do it himself, trust me when I say, you just compromised your health and sacrificed your life, all for NOTHING, he’s a junkie!!  Your life will never be the same!  He is NOT WORTH IT!