Vivian Arteaga Accepts Bribes

East Valley Vocational School is the Worst of Education.

East Valley Vocational School is not worth attending. I reconsidered my options for education since a university has its pros and cons and racist attitudes, the process alone is ridiculous with essays and references, not to mention costs. So I decided to try something different. I attended a vocational school called, “East Valley ROP”.  Starting off was a real hassle I had to go to the unemployment several times for orientation and paperwork. A program I found paid for it, but this school was definitely not worth attending. East Valley Vocational School is the Worst Education and Vivian Arteaga should be FIRED!!!!

Online Classes vs. Traditional

One thing I am certain of, the “online experience” for education works for me regardless of what your learning. It’s conducive, it’s effective and you don’t have to deal with the ignorance of poor teachers and students who bring their personal problems into the classroom. Online doesn’t work for many because they lack self-discipline. One advantage is you can create your own study habits, which as you may realize no one ever teaches this to children. Another advantage is arranging your own schedule. So if you can structure good study habits and a disciplined schedule for yourself, you’ll be fine. This will avoid all the bullshit, overpriced universities and vocational schools like EVROP.

Considering the administrators only care about how much money they suck out of you. East Valley Vocational School is the Worst of Education and you feel like you are in prison since they have chain fencing all around the school, no decent cafeteria and you’re under surveillance. It’s a horrible atmosphere.

Cost, Supply & Demand

These programs cost around $2500 –  $3500, then you’re done in about 8 weeks, but you have to attend 40 hours a week, which is a full-time job. So you really don’t have much time to work or do anything else.

I forgot to mention, that I had to wait a week for my books and supplies, which there is no excuse for this, the school knows exactly how many students are going to attend a class. Supply and demand don’t exist. Frankly, I believe they order the books and supplies deliberately late. There is only one class for CNA it’s not like they have several going on at the same time.

When I first signed up I was dealing with some young girl in the office who was unprofessional and immature I can’t stand that, she wouldn’t answer my questions or explain the details of the program. Gross Incompetence, which is lacking in so many people. Even the employees who are supposed to assist the students lack knowledge.

Since there is no decent cafeteria you had to bring your own lunch. You had two 15-minute breaks and a 30-minute lunch, class was over by 2:30 – 3:00 p.m. The graduation rate is about 51%, which is very low. This place really needs help.


The really awful part about this program at this location there is only one teacher for the CNA program, so you can’t choose and pick someone who is a good match for teaching the curriculum. First I had an Asian man teach me CPR, then the rest of the six weeks I had the most annoying instructor. Students (Bridgette & Friends) were kissing her ass and bribing her with, cash GC, presents, and candy so she would favor them and pass them in class. Bridgette decided to be the “rat” and teacher’s pet, telling the teacher I was filming the class, which I don’t give a shit.

She was one of the students bribing the teacher the most. Bridgette was a young girl whose only attempt in life was to have two kids and be a single mom, but her behavior set the stage for acting out as if she were better than anyone else. Bridgette continuously bribed this teacher with gifts, flowers, CASH, and candy. First, let me describe some poor habits of students who go here.

Some of the students were nice and others were extremely annoying. One day I was eating lunch minding my own business and this white guy named Doug felt the need to bother me with his problems of being divorced. I am so sick of white people dumping their shit on people of color. He was a real nuisance always talking in class about something trying to impress people as if he was so intelligent. Hangs out with the women so he has a shoulder to cry on and wants that need of approval from others since his wife dumped him.


Of course, many people refused to acknowledge their background check as if it items wouldn’t surface. If a DUI or any pending traffic violations or other arrests after being fingerprinted, does come up, YOU won’t be certified, so why attend?  A handful of students had this problem and continued on with everything knowing they weren’t going to be certified. It’s a state exam and states back check and with fingerprinting, they will see everything on your record. It’s a waste of time to go through all that if you know you have something on your record. Hell, even stupid “Door Dash” doesn’t let you work for them if you have a ticket. And you are only a contractor, not an employee and you have to use your own fucking car. Again why bother?  If something is current and pending it won’t be approved!

Teachers with Bad Habits


Now the teacher every morning showed up at about 7:30, so I was able to get in early, however, it didn’t take long for the class to fill up and create about 30 minutes of talking and loud noise. It’s interesting how people being adults can’t just go into an area without being disrespectful and refusing to keep the noise level down. You would think they were a bunch of 16-year-old kids. When the class was quiet during a quiz or test, this teacher would turn on her computer, the volume was extremely loud. I guess common sense doesn’t resonate with her. A major disturbance.  This was my favorite part her pulling the film screen up as it rattled and made another loud disturbance. She would tell everyone to quiet down during the test and yet she is the one making all this racket, this happened daily.


She also had the habit of discussing people’s grades out loud especially after we took an exam. I guess she felt the need to let others know whether she passed or failed a test. Being respectful of one’s privacy was not of concern to her.  It was more like putting on your blast.

This is something an ignorant 5th-grade teacher would do. Her ongoing behavior was unacceptable. She would bad-mouth students who left the program and discuss with the rest of the class, why they left. That is NO ONE’s BUSINESS, but frankly, VIVIAN enjoyed it, she’s  A CUNT!

Vivian Arteaga is the only teacher for the CNA program. The school is too cheap to hire other people. It’s overlooked and no one cares. Like I said before you can read books and teach yourself. There are YouTube videos for CNAs online to learn the skills. Regardless of what state you’re in, the basics are the same. You only need to know the policy of the hospital when working in other states.

I ended this by telling these ignorant morons off and walking out, again they don’t care they just want money! Of course, the administrators never bothered speaking to me, because they are just too important. They pass the buck to some stiff asshole who thinks he can tell me I’m the one who is subordinate. The only reason I was filming the class was to show the staff how the students are continuously disruptive when others are taking an exam and trying to learn. Since the teacher had a habit of walking out of class throughout the day she was not controlling the environment.


As for the students practicing the skills at school, it was not thorough, and enough time for “hands-on” practice. You were lucky if you got a full 30 minutes in without being interrupted. With all of this between the teacher and bad students, you can see who was more or less going to fail. Vivian Arteaga SHOULD BE FIRED!!!! NO TEACHER SHOULD BE ACCEPTING BRIBES!!!!VIVIAN ARTEAGA ACCEPTING BRIBES FROM STUDENTS

During the skills exam, you only have 1 chance but can retake the test at a later time at your own expense. You will be tested in 5 categories and you could be asked any number of questions from the boards. This is why it’s best to get the skills down, the academics are not that difficult.

Overall my advice goes straight to the American Red Cross, this program is a lot less expensive, has better teachers, and various times. It’s a professional setting and you’re not confined to one class and or one teacher. Find a way to take it online, in a hybrid setting. Attending a vocational school was the worst experience outside of Cal State Northridge. Now if you choose to work in this field it’s the foundation of starting a nursing career. Otherwise, you don’t need a certificate to be a care provider. You can work with IN-HOME SUPPORTIVE SERVICE.

Work as a Care Provider

You can work as a care provider for IHSS with any Dept of Social Services it’s not much money, about $15.00 to $17.00 an hour but you can get registered with the state and gain full-time employment while attending courses. You just need to find your own clients.  In addition, you can have several clients and work 70 hours per week which is $5000 per month. It’s what I do, you can have one client or several clients and still make that much. It’s better than a CNA job.  If you live with the client, you can exempt federal taxes and bring home about $4850 a month after state taxes are deducted. If you do, watch out for Share of Costs, a manipulating white bitch will call and pretend to care, her only intent is to get you to confess your money over the phone. DO NOT FALL VICTIM TO THIS, IT’S A TRAP. Social Security is a part of the Scam so they can lower your pay or make you pay extra costs.

Lack of Experienced Teachers

East Valley Vocational School is the Worst of Education. Don’t waste your time with this school which is located in West Covina, California. The teacher is Vivian Arteaga.  This school will not help you gain employment, you will have to do that yourself, but they have some limited resources on campus. One thing about this location, it feels like you are in prison. The entire area has chain fencing around it keeping all gates locked. You have to walk all the way around the front entrance. It makes the entire school look tacky as if you’re incarcerated. Maybe it’s the intention to create the feeling of being incarcerated. There are plenty of other options with a professional atmosphere and teachers who have ethics and manners.