Twitter is a Corrupt Platform

What makes Twitter a Corrupt Platform is all the bullshit expressed, especially the politics, I can officially agree after reading this STUPID tweet. People spend more time expressing BULLSHIT with one another than they do to create change. This is what the owner considers news!

AOC threatens to leave Twitter after Elon Musk promotes ‘disgusting’ account impersonating her

Speaking of which why do men feel the need to keep having kids with someone who is half their age?Especially if no one is in love.This is News, How Stupid

You can’t really express what you want, because the minute you disagree with someone who a child molester on this platform your account is locked. Is it any wonder why this society of people is fucked up? It’s been this way forever and when you are a child growing up you don’t understand it just like the children of today won’t understand it as they grow older. Yet thanks to someone like Oprah Winfrey wanting to rewrite history and confuse the masses more than we already are, the cycle of abuse continues. It’s a FAT contradiction to tell me I am violating this fucked up platform, filled with gossip, shit-talking, and abuse from white-collar criminals, liars, thieves, and everyday abuse of humanity, but hey let’s show off that same everyday abuse while everyone sits back and does NOTHING! TO CHANGE IT. Let’s just accept it like it’s natural.

Many reasons I am against young girls and women having kids are 1) you are providing a new era of slavery for the elites 2) Society is filled with sexual predators 3) Those same predators are getting away with too much pimping and pandering, and killing their own children and the really fucked up part is, it’s coming from the rich, the elites, people in Government. 4) Most of all everyday citizens are not living with freedom that they can raise their families with honest values and know there is safety in society. There isn’t when the people at the top are creating the most problems against humanity.COP IS A PIECE OF SHIT THIS IS CHILD ABUSE

The human race has become desensitized as if it’s natural to accept crimes against Humanity.  Just like molesting children has become a natural way to behave, it’s NOT!!!  ON TWITTER there was an image of a cop handcuffing a child who stand at 3 ft tall which is child abuse, but the police have no problem escorting a disgusting PIG like Roman Polaski to the airport after he not only had Sharon Tate Murdered, but raped and molested another child. Why? Because they’re being paid too, instead of going against the grain and saying “Hey, I am a cop this is against the law, we are enabling this guy what he has done it’s NOT okay”. Cops can’t be trusted either just ask Serpico. There is NO REASON to handcuff a child. I don’t think he is going anywhere, but this cop is guilty of conditioning the child mentally by damaging his self-worth this is what he has to look forward to. It’s so easy to abuse children since they have no physical strength or power. 

From this point on this child is damaged and he has no future. Why didn’t they treat Polanski this way? He was never cuffed, he was never arrested. He was given a pass because of all the child molesters in the movie industry protecting him and paying off the cops and judges. Just like Trump thought it was okay to take children of color away from their mothers and place them in camps, did anyone do anything about it, FUCK NO! Trump you’re going to get yours and good for what you have done. He’s a PIG and child molester, just ask his good buddy Epstein, oh I forgot, “They murdered that guy”, didn’t they?

Polanski is not the only one getting away with these crimes, so many white people are getting away with murder. Casy Lee Anthony murdered her baby, Charlie Sheen, and Heather Locklear molested her own daughter (how fucked up is that) her daughter needs to speak out against her mother? As for Charlie Sheen, he needs to be in prison. Oh, one of my favorites Skylar Richardson gets away with murder, she was never punished the judge let her walk. Yet people of color are doing life in prison solitary for drug abuse or selling drugs. I guess that is far more severe than violating a child. Let’s not forget this famous couple hiding behind the church, the Ramseys. The mother was a murderer and the father is a child Molester, another rich couple got away with the murder and the media keeps spinning the lies it was someone else to keep the spotlight off the father and brother. This is why the mother died the following year of cancer that was her punishment. There are far too many rich people getting away with sex crimes, murdering their kids, and sex trafficking and most of these people are white compared to people of color who may have committed the same crimes.  Nothing is more heinous than hurting a child. And (parents) are to blame for it all.Patsy Ramsey is guilty of the Murder of her child who was sexually abused by the father. This is why she died of cancer the following year, the trash was taken out.

Society has always been and has become more transparent about crimes against humanity than ever. Corrupt politicians protect the rights of child molesters and use the church as their scapegoat because they are a part of the problems against humanity. Go ahead and lock the account I could care less, it’s disgusting that Elon Musk condones the politicians and their behavior.  He claims Twitter is news, no not all, I disagree it’s not news but it’s definitely a great platform to parade your ego. Nothing will ever change in this life because of the sex crimes against children and it all begins in families and among the elites who are the biggest predators. When my daughter Vanessa was born I was very young and had to learn how to be a mom. This is a responsibility no young woman should ever allow herself to be trapped in, but when you are young you don’t know any different because of pressures from family and outsiders. Let me not forget how men like to keep young women trapped with pregnancy. Anyhow I had a friend who would try and convince me to put her in pageants I never did and I am glad I didn’t since they have too many predators going to those pageants. It’s child abuse and human exploitation against a child. A little girl doesn’t need to dress up with makeup on her face she is NOT a grown woman and that is what these sick-minded parents do!  The Ramseys are guilty of Murder, the mother and the father who is a CHILD MOLESTER hiding behind his church as if the priest aren’t guilty of the same crimes! That child was not only exploited, but the father was abusing her it’s so obvious to me and the brother he knows the truth.

Elon Musk had a message yesterday giving all politicians a warm welcome on Twitter, hey why not? They’re ruining the rest of the world. It’s a great way to spread the lies while the world is drowning in bullshit. I do have a question while Putin and the rest of the criminals sit back in the sunshine while committing war crimes what is the reason for murder in War, killing innocent people? Let me just add while the white man pads himself on the back after promoting war like its a Tea Party, Veterans are never compensated anything this is why hundreds have no place to live regardless of Kamala Harris’s tweets about how this system takes care of Veterans, she is a Liar!  She is a disgrace her only interest is to be the first black woman in the CEO USA Corp Chair! Lock the account I don’t care…the ranting on social media is GUILTY of endorsing gross negligence against humanity, but SOCIETY will NOT take action as a collective to create change.