Tina Calce Smith (Zimmerman) Bakersfield

Tina Calce Smith (Zimmerman) in Bakersfield (works for American General Media) is a 50-something white trash uneducated female with a deepness for racist thinking. TINA CALCE ZIMMERMAN CALLS HERSELF - TINA CALCE SMITH

Tina works at American General Media and makes a decent living. Yet she is filled with heartache and contempt due to her former husband Kenneth Zimmerman and son Stevie Zimmerman both being found shooting up Heroin together at her former home on Waterwheel in Bakersfield. Tina’s daughter Sammy is just like her mother with a snotty ignorant way of thinking and her son Steve Zimmerman is the disappointment of the family who is a Herion Junkie and Thief!

Tina is the kind of person who lies to herself and the world, walking around with a smile to hide the resentment she feels about her son and husband. Any person who knows her would say she is filled with optimism. No, Tina is an Ostrich with her head in the sand, lying to herself and the world that she is “problem-free”. When I first met Tina she lacked manners like most white people and yet sneered at me inducing her racist comments when she found me alone in the bathroom. Her daughter Sammy is a SLUT, who can’t stop having kids, which she needs to, since her crappy job cutting hair can’t pay the bills.


The only reason I bothered was so Todd (her brother) could see his family.  Since none of them ever cared enough about Todd to go out of their way to visit him or call him. I thought it would be a nice gesture to visit during the holiday. Boy was I wrong. So many fucked up attitudes and bad behavior. I’m just glad Todd saw his mother since he never was able to see her again, but who knows she too, might be dead.

So I bit my tongue that way Todd would enjoy his family during the Thanksgiving holiday. Unfortunately, we both witnessed how much alcoholism is in the family ending in verbal feuds. During this time Tina found her son and former husband Kenneth shooting up Heroin together. Why? She never had them both arrested and taken in when they refused to leave the house is beyond me?

Tina kicked Kenneth to the curb ending in divorce, but her son the HEROIN JUNKIE, felt sorry for him and bought his bullshit that he was clean and found GOD. (YEAH RIGHT! that explains why this ass-wad was crank calling my cell phone calling me NIGGER)  Gee… I WONDER WHAT GOD THINKS OF THAT?   

Regardless of his continuous Heroin addiction and robbing of the neighbor’s house. When a person is a total fuck up like Stevie Zimmerman, NO JOB, it’s funny how GOD is now the salvation he claims he has found, but will never completely fulfill. tina and new boyfriend

People always use GOD as their smoke screen but never understand how to truly serve our Creator. It’s just a matter of time before relapse occurs. WATCH OUT STEVE ZIMMERMAN ROBS HOUSES!!!!

This 27-year-old white kid has no education, has been in and out of prison for years, and will never stop doing recreational drugs. He is as stuck on Heroin as a junkie can be. I don’t really see how someone as stupid as Tina could possibly help her son or any other sinner living in the house, especially when TINA and sister Lisa Calce sit around getting drunk with dear “ole mom”, Barbra Calce.  This is a RITUAL in the family. ADDICTION!!!!

Let’s get the record straight both Tina’s kids are fathered by Kenny Zimmerman, but Tina writes on her Facebook, implying to the world only Stevie is and implies her daughter Sammy Zimmerman has another daddy. This is the perfect example of white trash lying to oneself. BIG FAT LIAR  TINA IS FAKE, EVEN HER SMILE IS FAKE…NOTHING REAL OR HONEST ABOUT THIS WHITE TRASH CUNT! NO I AM NOT CHA CHA…. BITCH!!!!

Since this unfortunate occurrence has repeated itself in the family Tina has taken on a new boyfriend (pretending he is the husband of 21 years). A new grandchild and now building a new custom home. Continuously pretends she is problem-free, and that everything is great, but she still gets drunk with her mom and sister, and some things never change. Tina is a self-centered CUNT, who only cares about herself.  Neither one of these idiots have the willpower to say NO! You would think Lisa would have the decency since she is a care provider to her mother. Maybe someone needs to call “adult protective services” and IHSS? WHY NOT? ASSUMPTIONS ARE ENOUGH!!