The Queen of Soul Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston the Queen of Soul discovered at a very young age that her voice, was the voice of an angel. Whitney was the most talented and gifted artist of her time. She was blessed by the Lord to sing and all because of the “white man” who is a pig, has the reputation of a slave owner and sits in the white house as a war criminal and abuser is why Clive Davis is responsible for the death of Whitney Houston and her daughter Christina.  What I find disgusting is people already knew this including her own family. Only now do people want to speak out about it nearly 20 years later, why?  It’s been too long now and white people always seem to get away with murder.  I just wish Whitney would have realized she was being set up to go to that party. Far too many people were involved in her life and using her as the cash cow, their greed, and all the backstabbers and liars. In addition, her own brother got her hooked on drugs. Gossip is all the crap people gossip about after someone famous dies.The Queen of Soul Whitney Houston

As much as I can’t stand that STUPID Diane Sawyer, Whitney sat down and interviewed with her, she mentioned Clive controlling her and how she broke away from that “son of bitch”, she was tired of him being demanding and abusive. Just when everyone thought Bobby was the problem and yes he certainly added to the family issues and drugs, but Clive Davis was a bigger problem and since now Whitney was a grown woman he couldn’t boss her around the way he did when she was a child. Everything in society is a lie and rigged, (notice how both women are wearing white clothing in the interview). Diane tried to make Whitney look bad, but it’s Diane Sawyer who is a CUNT! That white bitch is no different than Oprah Winfrey who judges with a stupid look across her face.

Stop making movies of people!! This was a horrible shit film, Wanna Dance with Somebody is a 2022 American biographical musical drama film directed by Kasi Lemmons, from a screenplay by Anthony McCarten, based on the life and career of American singer and actress Whitney Houston. I can’t stand it when low-budget producers create a film of someone and it turns out to be an insult instead of a compliment. Doesn’t it figure this producer is another WHITE GUY with bad taste? I didn’t feel the need to watch every aspect of this shit film as I have a talent for flipping through a movie quickly as I analyze it, I could already see how horrible it was and the actress portraying Whitney was not suitable or came close to Whitney who was a  beautiful woman of color and was born to sing, now she sings for the Lord in the Heavens.

No one can ever fill the shoes of a natural-born talent, like WHITNEY HOUSTON not even a manufactured artist like Celine Dion. These days too many fake artists who can’t sing and some people like Jennifer Lopez who really believe they have talent, no you really don’t you can’t sing or dance you’re just a puppet for the media. There is NO TALENT LEFT. The music industry is at its high-time low and the movie industry is right behind it. Nothing but shit low-budget films and violence is the new norm, which I am personally sick of. It’s so rare to see a decent film these days and if you do it’s violent based on a true story of someone’s life. The news media are the biggest FRAUD with corruption and abuse, violence in families is common. Politics are the most abusive with their gross incompetence and don’t think the politics and the Movie Biz aren’t connected, hell yeah they are. I’ve always suspected this especially because of the child molesters and rapid sex abusers. This is why that sex trafficking was existing. All are Guilty!

Disrespecting people when they die. Our information seems to give credence to a Beverly Hills cop who filed a complaint with the CA Labor Dept., claiming his sergeant pulled the sheet covering Whitney Houston’s body below her pubic area and said, “Damn, she’s still looking good, huh?”.  This MOTHER – FUCKER SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED, THAT IS ABUSING A DEAD BODY.

The HUMAN RACE is so despicable and fucked up on so many levels it’s not worth having kids because of the child molesters in the white house and the Vatican everywhere in society who are usually white people.  You can’t trust people you think are your friends, or your own spouse sometimes who will betray you. Those PEOPLE closets to you are the biggest liars and backstabbers, but when you are this famous you get abused and slammed at every corner. How many people came out after Whitney died with their bullshit of gay relationships or how she was molested as a child. What, you couldn’t say that shit to her before she died?

The lies are what people live for, the fake way of living beyond your means, pretending to be something you’re not. People are so fake and full of shit these days, actually, they’ve always been this way, it’s just more transparent. This society has parents who can’t raise their kids right, parents abuse their kids with drugs and physical violence, murder, and sexual abuse. And people laugh it off like t doesn’t matter, it’s disgusting the behavior of others. This human race will end, sooner than you think. Only then all will run for their lives when we are burned in the fire, or another flood takes place. Nothing you own will matter, it will all burn.

NEWARK, NJ – AUGUST 03: Singer Dionne Warwick attends a funeral service for Bobbi Kristina Brown at the Whigham Funeral Home on August 3, 2015, in Newark, New Jersey. Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, was reportedly found unconscious in her bathtub on January 31, 2015, and passed away on July 26, 2015, at the age of 22 after an extended hospital stay. (Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images)

It doesn’t matter what race you are people of all kinds are just damaging to themselves and their family members, toxic behavior is the new norm. I’ll be glad when this human race ends it is so disgusting to live with such toxicity and abuse of every kind. Clive Davis hired Mercenaries to murder Whitney Houston and her daughter Christina, it’s not a coincidence they both died the same way. It’s a message of “Look what I can do”. On top of that at Whitney’s Funeral, someone ignorantly placed Egyptian Statues at the Christian Funeral Home. Whitney was for the Lord and I truly believe it may have been another reason why she was murdered. Let me try to explain something most people won’t understand about “so-called occultism” that is misrepresented.

In short, the LIES OF THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH does an excellent job of separating the LORD and LUCIFER as enemies, when in fact that is NOT TRUE. Every spirit from the past has been demonized by the church only to control the masses and to cause separation of people from each other. Since society prides itself on STUPIDITY and IGNORANCE, these false lies work well. Man in the past and today especially within business, false government, and entertainment follow this lie of demons and angels. However, many in those same corrupt places will use the lies of demonizing to show all its symbolism in a very offensive way and expect all the STUPID people to follow it, if they want a job in show business. It’s hypocrisy, not working towards higher consciousness.

Yet those same people are liars abusers and the biggest hypocrites. They are not righteous or have any understanding of spiritualism and salvation, so it gives true Occultists a bad name. Catholic and Christians are mostly to blame for this hypocrisy and yet they follow the very same behavior worshipping the Gods from the past and telling the public how they are DEVILS. Those who buy and pay for talent of every kind like a piece of furniture are expecting sexual favors and for you to represent the DEVIL in a very unsavory manner. It’s all a lie and you are STUPID to REPRESENT something you have no understanding of.

The DEVIL and the LORD are as close as love and hate. One doesn’t control the other, maybe this video will help explain it better.

The point is all of these STUPID people like CadiB (ZERO TALENT) and other IDIOTS are being encouraged to use what they don’t understand in an abusive manner. The people who encourage this abuse of thinking they are OCCULTIST are not, they are just corrupt pieces of shit who want to use and abuse people for sexual favors and to control what they are making money off of. However, it doesn’t seem to bother most since they are willing to sell their ass for money. Most people in entertainment are bought and paid for and have zero talent. And for those who won’t tolerate it, work very little or not at all. Whitney Houston was not going to stand for it anymore and because of it is why Clive Davis MURDERED Whitney Houston or at least had her killed. Clive couldn’t tell her what to do anymore as she kicked his ass to the curb and made a fool of him.  Clive Davies appearing on television is another white man bragging about slavery and his ownership over people of color, it’s just demonstrates to convince the audience of the lies in a subtle way.LIES THEY NEVER HAD A SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP

Let’s talk about Kevin Costner another white man who is a hypocrite. White men never have a problem fucking women of color, at least not in the past (that’s right they were raping back then) but for God, Sake let’s not date them or show affection that someone will take out of content. This prick comes out with this stupid movie The Bodyguard only to have some sex – nonsex scene in it that is so INNOCENT. It’s Costner’s way of fulfilling his fantasy of wanting Whitney sexually in reality but let’s disguise it in a movie, so no one will figure me out. He can then get his rocks off and still go home to his white woman, all in a day’s work without feeling guilty about anything. Way to go Costner. With all the horrible talent on screen, anyone can do that job! Just more male-dominating behavior. Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if it was simply a Matriarchal society. Too many assumptions I doubt anything sexual was between these two, it only appeared that way.

The media expressed that all of Whitney’s money went to her mother and her two brothers, and this brother is the one who was nice enough to introduce his sister to drugs when she was just a kid. I find it hard to believe when the media says but doesn’t really know, she only has 20 million, then someone was stealing from her. She should have had hundreds of millions. This video is horrible this guy is disgusting to get money from his sister and he may have participated in her death and Christina’s death as well. It’s obvious to me that all those who are guilty of the murders were to collect Whitney’s money.