The Devil Wears Dior

The Devil Wears Dior, I have no doubt this woman has committed Fraud, but she is one of so many. The media and law enforcement in Australia are just as stupid and morally retard as the people in the United States. 

Wake the Fuck Up people, of course, we live in a fraud mundane world, eventually, you will be caught. Money is fake, it’s a concept that tempts us with the desire of wanting more. The only major factor and difference is you can’t commit Fraud in the world. The only corrupt people who can are the Committee of 300. Melissa Caddick is NOT a part of that GANG, no more than Bernie Madoff was. Bernie was made an example because the ELITES were scared of him.

His intelligence in pulling this off was BRILLIANT LIVING OFF THE WEALTH OF OTHERS for over 20 years. The Committee of 300 does it every day, and people just refuse to see it. People are not leaders they are followers and this is why your life is controlled by people outside of who you are. Especially those in false power and in false governments.

People need to pull their heads out of their asses, this entire globe is a FRAUD, and every system and false state and federal agency are FRAUD. The money system we live under is FRAUD, even the ELITES ARE FRAUD AND THE BIGGEST GANG BANGERS and THIEVES OF ALL TIME!!! They are NOT LEADERS, they are CRIMINALS, but you stupid people of the world refuse to see it that way. The BANKING SYSTEM is the BIGGEST FRAUD SYSTEM IN THE WORLD because the Rockefellers and Rothschilds FOUNDED IT THAT WAY!!

These GREEDY COCKSUCKERS had more money than any bullshit USA CORPORATION calling themselves Government.  Once Gang A, put all their money and brains together, they decided to rule the world through the BANKING SYSTEM. That gave them the Power they needed to rule over the USA CORPORATION and other so-called bullshit Governments in the World.

They care nothing about laws, they are the main GANG BANGERS TO CONTROL THE WORLD’S WEALTH.  See all global governments have to adhere to the Federal Reserve and the World Bank, This is WHY the FALSE GOVERNMENT is NOT ALLOWED TO MAKE THEIR OWN MONEY!  If they do they will be dead. Just ask Kennedy and Lincoln. Oh, I forgot, it’s the reason they were MURDERED!

Now that I just gave you a brief history lesson, Melissa is probably hiding out somewhere, but how long can a person do that for? She won’t be able to enjoy the money she stole, and I’m sure she has tons of cash and a safe house, but she’ll show up. They always do.  Law Enforcement in Australia is highly corrupt allowing her to get away. All Law Enforcement is corrupt, and allies of the Elites. Isn’t it interesting how these stories are so blown out of proportion and dramatized only to find out, in the end, that Melissa may have been connected to some higher official and they’re more likely to get away with their crimes?

Hey, Polanski had no problem escaping from Law Enforcement once they were paid off, I forgot they helped him escape by escorting him out of the country. All in the name of LAW ENFORCEMENT. That piece of shit needs to be blown away, being the CHILD MOLESTER THAT HE IS!!! This is the real reason his wife was MURDERED because she knew of his dirty secrets. 

Let me say, that it’s the reason why the MASON family was continuously in the spotlight it kept POLANSKI from being accused of any participation in murder!!! Don’t you just love it when people are paid to escape from their crimes? Does this look like a man who is sad and traumatized by his wife’s brutal murder? He’s not, Polanksi is bragging that is why he is on the Cavett show.  Her death was a ritual sacrifice and Polanski hired Charlie Mason.

pathetic law enforcement

Melissa will show up either DEAD or ALIVE, BUT HER husband knows everything, he is not innocent. Isn’t it interesting how the FEDS came in to question her but didn’t bother watching her and easily let her get away? And her son knew exactly what time she left out the door 5:30 a.m. Is her husband waiting 30 hours? Well, it’s 24 hours before cops will bother with an adult missing, so topping it off a few more hours is no big deal.

Yet that stupid cop in the interview was DUMB to say how 30 Hours put them behind.  Of course that was all done with intent. You, STUPID COPS, can find her, you’re just going to milk it for a while. Tripping up the public. The Media always finds the right STUPID PEOPLE TO INTERVIEW. Right for the PICKEN!! Yeah, 24 hours have to go by before you would bother looking anyway. This interview is all bullshit and the family are liars and very guilty. This stupid white cop is an idiot. it’s amazing how dumb-ass white women get hired such as her.


White people are the largest THIEVES, CHILD MOLESTERS, WAR CRIMINALS, AND murderers. I don’t feel sorry for all those stupid ass white people who trusted Melissa Caddick.stupid people who invest their money from a thief! See, when your DUMB shit to trust someone else with your money, your own GREED JUST GOT THE BEST OF YOU!!! You have no one to blame but yourself. These women are so stupid to trust someone with their money. The cops can’t do shit about it, you have to prove Melissa committed a crime.

STOP BITCHING TWEEDLEDEE AND TWEEDLEDUM!! SISTERS!!! What is wrong with this picture, This stupid woman invests her money and yet she is borrowing clothes from Melissa Caddick. How stupid is that? I guess that investment didn’t pay out?  Why would you fall for that? Borrowing someone else’s clothes? Never give someone your money to invest! Do it yourself at least then if you lose or fail, it won’t hurt as much. Dumb Dumb. These bitches are so stupid!!!  They have no one to blame but themselves.  I doubt law enforcement did anything. This pathetic white female cop is another idiot. It doesn’t surprise me as the media is racist they glamorize this female cop.  Law Enforcement is just as fucken retarded as the dumb bitches who trusted this thief with their cash.  Stop crying victim, you only have yourself to blame! It’s your own Fault!!!