Sunny Side Hospice Breaks Hippa Laws

Do NOT trust this company, Sunny Side Hospice. Never trust any hospice, they are negligent and irresponsible.  Your loved one will not receive personal attention, but let me tell you what I experienced from this STUPID WHITE GIRL, Aerol a dumb employee of this Hospice Shit Hole. How abusive she is and breaking HIPPA LAWS!!  I briefly spoke to a STUPID girl named Aerol (a stupid white bitch with a high pitch squeal who sounds like dumbo) who works for this company. HIPPA LAWS don’t seem to matter much to this idiot person. As she took it upon herself to ignorantly access my partner’s medical records FROM Whittier Hospital without written or verbal authorization from me, as his Power ofAttorey!SUNNYSIDE HOSPICE BREAKS HIPPA LAWS!!!!!

I never inquired about this reckless organization’s service. A woman named Milcah Escala from Lakeside Hospice gave that dumb Aerol our information without my permission. That is right the cunt took it upon herself!! She then calls me, speaks to me for 5 minutes, and then contacts Whittier without my permission, calls me back, and says he is NOT eligible. Wow, both Whittier and Sunny Side are negligent and break HIPPA LAWS. When did I ever say you are fucken allowed to take medical records from a hospital? When did I ever give my permission? NEVER!!!!

I am glad though Todd was not welcomed, especially when some stupid white bitch named after a fish from a movie is mocking and laughing in my face. That ignorant white trash better hope she doesn’t cross my path on the street. I will be praying to the DEVIL Aerol that you have the worst things happen to you. Maybe you might end up in a car wreck or paralyzed, who knows? You think your smart talking shit and being a little bitch on the phone and then breaking HIPPA LAWS, don’t worry you’ll get yours when you least expect it, I promise!!!

I’m glad Todd wasn’t allowed I can only imagine the abuse and neglect in this fucked up place.  Never have your family members in these shit holes, it’s only one step up from county jail!!!   Hell, I was never told what the criteria were if any. Is a person with Dementia not Qualified?? I don’t need your sh*t service, no problem, what I do need is a good lawyer to sue this crap company making money off the living and the dead.

Just another shit agency like the state, they love forcing people into convalescents and taking money for bad service, and let’s not forget keeping very little to no staff, so the owner pockets most of the cash!! Making money from the sick and the dead that’s what they’re in business for. All hospitals and these shithole places are in cahoots together with the state!!

I am so confident Whittier told that little white bitch about my episode of how they tried to kill my husband, but all will pay for what you have done to us!!! All who are responsible, social workers, corrupt doctors, hospices, state agencies, and false government. THESE mothers – FUCKERS are in cahoots to murder and make money off of people! Yes they are on Rip Off Report and their rebuttal is worthless, they broke Hippa Laws plain and simple and they know IT!!! They fucked up!! GO FUCK YOURSELVES SUNNYSIDE SHIT HOLE!!!GO FUCK YOURSELF