Stop Praising the Rich 1%

Have you ever heard the phrase,, “two heads are better than one”? That is because most people who are very rich, either were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, which gives them all the choices in the world, to do whatever they want and have daddy’s money as a back up. Unless your Rod Stewart’s kid, this man won’t give his kids a fucken dime. And frankly, I’m so glad he doesn’t. I won’t get into what I think of his slut daughter, that’s for another blog post. Anyway it’s usually two people who can brainstorm and bring something together, it usually takes two people to make a success of something.  However, I was just reading this woman’s business plan of how to be a “successful tarot reader”, and this is what she had to say, which I disagree!!!! The rich are NOT the hardest workers, they have to many advantages, everyday citizens don’t have.  It’s the reason for their success. There are FACTORS to be considered.  Okay, let’s break this down, because ARE THE RICH THE HARDEST WORKING PEOPLE? MAYBE? OR MAYBE THEY HAVE THE ADVANTAGE.every time someone defends these ass-wads it pisses me off how people refuse taking so many other factors into consideration. Let’s begin with the wife of a rich man.  1) the white bitch can’t be a hard worker, she works hard, alright, but only when it comes to obtaining a man, who she knows will be rich; so she supports him and pushes him every step of the way. Eventually he will marry her for being there for him and understanding him. For those white women who are NOT rich, but very comfortable lifestyle, who don’t work at all and stay home, yet have all day to do their own thing and be successful.

Whatever……. Or those women who work hard at keeping this man sexually happy when he has already obtained his wealth, to be his personal “trophy wife”.   The whore with Class. Then you have women like Melinda Gates, (former worker) who mentally manipulates a man into believing she is the right candidate to support his visions of the future. I don’t have to know her personally (I know women).  My former employers’ secretary did the same thing and she used that opportunity.  Now let’s talk about the men who are wealthy, because just about all wealthy people are apart of privileged opportunities because this system we live under is set up this way. Which in turn gives white wealthy men those opportunities in life to make it so easy for them to achieve what they want, compared to common citizens who have been oppressed one way or another or caught up as a statistic who missed the boat or couldn’t catch up.

Or let me put it another way, if slavery never started, equal opportunity would actually exist, along with non-existing gender wage gap, but, they do exist, it too was designed to keep all people of color oppressed and to keep us down! In addition, the white man who lies supporting the ignorance of the white privileged mentality. Another delusion.

For me personally I can’t kiss ass, to anyone, nor am I white with blonde hair, so I am NOT favored among my white employers. Regardless, men are not the one’s having kids out of their pussy, so therefore they can spend all day and night working. They only have themselves to think of. (Nobody has any idea of how it feels being responsible for another human life, unless you have bared one). Men don’t sacrifice for their families like women do (especially if your a single mom).

No Jodi Foster you don’t count since most single mom’s are not DYKES, or were brought up in the movie industry. This is why her single mother worked in the industry to begin with, (using her child for financial gain). There is no such thing as “equal opportunity” that is a bullshit LIE!!!  Just ask the owners of Melissa’s Produce, with their discriminatory practices who only hire personal family members and close friends?

Certain wealthy men have the money to back up their ideas and start a business, from rich parents whom back them up.  Men of wealth never exploit themselves to be in Military, they are the exploiters of men of color to fight their battles and steal resources from other people to gain wealth (The white man who married a Mexican woman to steal the family land ).  Are men of wealth the hardest workers? Compared to who? Maybe it appears that way because they didn’t grow up with struggles, having to work two fucken jobs to pay the rent, or stress about their day.

They have leisure all their lives, so yes they can spend all day, working at their ambitions without interruptions, or being bothered with everyday problems. Wealthy men don’t raise their kids, hell most don’t even acknowledge they have kids. No they are not the hardest workers, men of color are, because they struggle to survive in a society with unfair practices!!

People like Bill Gates he was born with options and the best schools, which leads to thinking differently, outside the box and meeting the right people along the way. Same goes for many rich people such has Zuckerberg, this kind of upbringing leads to better opportunities, which can incorporate the confidence or EGO one needs to be successful. Yet, someone came up with the IDEA!!!  Let’s not forget, these types of people don’t care about friends or partying because they themselves felt awkward in school and among their peers, so they strive for success to make what they lack socially. Or the very rare kid who grew up being mocked for being poor, so his ambition stemmed from shame.  Of course not to say all kids who are born into a family with money will think this way, very few stray the opposite direction, like the Mendez Bros.

I believe you understand my point, these RICH ass-wads sacrifice NOTHING, they have all the time in the world growing up from the time they were young, to do what they want with out worrying about anyone or anything else, but once they become that man of wealth everyone comes to admire, well you know. Now the white man who is so admired because he works harder than anyone else and this is why he is wealthy, BULLSHIT!!! This mother-fucker has deep rooted vices, no one speaks about, or is ever convicted for since he pays his way out, of rape, war crimes, child molestations, murder, need I say more, you know who they are!  Now the Corona Virus in addition to all others.

Yeah, he is now the white collar criminal, exploiting and continuing to kill people of color because his EGO is so driven to the false power he has now obtained. And let me add one other thing, he has done his best to oppress men of color, within and without the circle of politics, using the military as an ally and killing off the rest with drugs and setting up neighborhoods. This is a tactic all to well so regular citizens will fight and hurt each other and never succeed. And don’t think other white humans don’t fall into this trap because they do, add ongoing abuse of every sort and you have one hot FUCKEN MESS IN SOCIETY!!!   It’s to oppress all outsiders, because it lessens the number of men, that dangerous white animal has to compete with.

Do I agree with her statement?  FUCK NO I DON’T, anyone who wants wealth, has to work hard, step on and kill off those to gain financial wealth. It doesn’t matter the idea, OF WHAT YOU DO, what matter’s is, are willing to look the other way when hurting others and looking down on humanity to have that wealth? The rest are just habits to occupy the time to construct more ways of how to “conquer and divide” the masses in addition to taxing the rest to support “your rich” way of life.GO FUCK YOURSELF