Stop Endorsing the Mask!!


Stop Endorsing the Mask!!  Citizens are easily “brainwashed” when fear has been instilled in society. It’s a method that false corporations use and it works. People don’t stop and think, they panic. This method is constant and easily misunderstood by most people and the Asians are the first to FREAK OUT! Did you see this person wiping down chairs and covering their faces before this pandemic shit started? However, not all people are easily fooled by the “evil” in this country, by the elites and the Committee of 300 who are responsible for it all. It’s time to question that authority that has been bossing us around for far too long.

“Why”? Would they (elites) want to hurt us you might ask? Many reasons, the first of which it feeds the Ego, a powerful and dangerous human attribute. When the Ego is hungry and fed with power it’s addicting, more so than heroin or any other recreational drug. The other reasons MONEY and GREED are GOOD so we are told. Another is keeping people enslaved.

Stop Endorsing the Mask, It’s NOT going to save You! Get over this bullshit with the MASK, it’s BRAINWASHING, YOUR FUCKING STUPID TO BELIEVE IT’S NOT! It also feeds their way of life, we as citizens of the world provide life for the elites, all that is rich, we give them all they need and far more than they deserve. In taxes, illness, death, theft of property, medical insurance, and car insurance, in everyday life of the material realm.  These corrupt individuals are wealthy because of us, but right now, all of them are“pigging out” and committing human genocide.

They are pigging out at the expense of us as citizens. Our humanity and way of life are compromised. This virus is all bullshit in a big way, it’s deception to be an automated society with NO CASH and ONLY ONLINE BUYING. A huge part of society will become increased in poverty because of this. TheMASK is to condition our minds, so people like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates with many others can inject us with the virus (as many of been) but more importantly insert “trackers” in our bodies. This will come soon as soon they feel millions believe them in the lies and manipulation.


Stop Endorsing the Mask, It’s NOT going to save You! Get over this bullshit with the MASK, it’s BRAINWASHING, YOUR FUCKING STUPID TO BELIEVE IT’S NOT!  Toxins are everywhere, you can’t stop them. There is no clean air, especially with factories and traffic. It’s in the atmosphere, the chemtrails being dumped on us. The food we eat because as citizens we have become dependent on companies supplying us with what we need. You can’t hospitals either, or any corporation, they only care about money, not about health or well-being. Stop listening to the BULLSHIT COMMERCIALS!  Question everything. Elites are Killing US!

Many are responsible for this orchestra of human genocide. It was pushed after the entire “real ID” which is another lie.  It’s so no one is allowed to leave the country. So only part of the truth has been told, travel will become a problem. 

Be mindful that all wealthy people own the media, all news channels like the “Washington Post” (Jeff Bezos Co. defending Bill Gates) except “progressives” like Jimmy Dore or Joe Rogen. However, I am personally beginning to question these progressives as some of their media crap is bullshit too because it’s about fame and money for them.

Now, how can someone cry “pandemic”? How would Bill Gates know a virus is coming at the SAME TIME all over the world? Maybe because he is the scum who is worst than HITLER that set it off?  Remember the Government doesn’t work for Citizens, they work for and with the Committee of 300. The GATES FOUNDATION is all BULLSHIT and these MOTHER FUCKERS ARE FUCKEN EVIL …THEY WANT TO KILL PEOPLE OF COLOR FIRST. THIS IS WHY THEY ARE ATTACKING AFRICA FIRST!!!


Mercenaries had to have dumped this virus worldwide, maybe in planes, hospitals in the water, and certain foods. Any way possible simultaneously to instill a great fear quickly.  Have you ever noticed the elites never talk to anyone (publicly) until something like this happens?  Now all of a sudden they want to appear like the good guy. It’s an act. The rich don’t fucking care about your life or family!

In biblical times humans were living hundreds of years old. Not anymore, now people are dying at 40, 50, and 60 years of age. “Why?” because of toxins in the air, in the water, and in the food we eat, why?  Its simple death generates money and man is inherently EVIL.  The elites are killing the earth and damaging our solar system, controlling every aspect of our lives. You don’t have to believe me. Do your homework, make an effort to research Monsanto which controls the food throughout the world and abuses farmers to do what they expect and all areas, and prove me wrong. Start fighting back, and create change it’s not too late.