State of California is Corruption

The State of California is pure Corruption while financially helping food banks, nonprofits, churches, and shelters all in cahoots with the fall of the human race as the elites and politicians continue to kill the human race. Yeah, the State is financially assisting all these organizations. And all these organizations are doing nothing to help ONLY reaping the money!

If you don’t think it can’t happen to you, you are WRONG! Anything can happen to anyone at any given time. Your life can take a huge shift when you least expect it. When I wrote about the “Japanese Shyster” this young guy told me something I won’t forget, he mentioned how it was easy to get into the country and go to school, as he was a graduate of UCLA, but unemployed with nowhere to go.  How does that happen you ask?  Many reasons 1) The competition of work, not getting what he needs to support himself. 2) People who have personal connections outweigh the competition and get the job first. 3) Maybe not enough experience in the field. Regardless the jobs are declined because of the New World Agenda which the Politicians and Elites are re-shaping at the expense of the human race.

All of this will lead to a person feeling depressed about their life and not wanting to settle for a shit job at minimum wage which is now $15 to $18 dollars an hour?  All that education only to settle for a lousy job, now that is depressing. While we are on the subject of jobs has anyone noticed that’s all that exists? Poverty is a HAVE TO so the Elites can keep us oppressed. The system is RIGID this way with INTENT.

This country could be balanced with people being satisfied with their work, but the False governments all over the world are blackballing people, threatening people all the time, killing us with toxins in our food, and dumping chemicals in the air and now all are involved with 5 to 15 minutes cities being built. Land Developers are in cahoots with politicians and other rich elites. It’s all a part of the plan. Let me provide you with something since ignorant people think white people rule the world, but not exactly. At least in this case like many others, this white woman wasn’t making any money. Heidi Schumacher is a professor I had in college, she was in her 30s at the time and was in debt with her Ph.D. on school loans, then teaching at Northridge in the women’s dept. Heidi told the class she had to get food stamps because her salary wasn’t enough to support her and that she was seeking other work. With all that education and financial debt, teaching doesn’t pay neither does working at Northridge.Amy Tyalor

Living in California is one of the most expensive states next to New York. People just don’t stop moving here, because the work doesn’t exist in their own state but they’re not going to find exactly what they need here, and if they do, family has to pull together as a collective to survive. Another tactic the Elites have done a good job at breaking families apart, funneling hate. The more tactics they funnel the more people begin to hate each other so the politicians can continue their corrupt agenda. They are killing us.

What bothers me the most is that all the STUPID people in the world believe the lies they have been told. We as a collective human race have been programmed since we were born. However, the smaller group of people who are filled with HATE and GREED are those same people who are destroying the human race, so stop praising those pieces of shit. As a world of humans, there is more than enough to go around, to live, the food supply, and STOP believing we have a population problem. Another lie, yes it’s crowded in the cities for obvious reasons, but there is plenty of land if 1) people would learn to live on the land and spread out and 2) if the fucken elites would STOP buying it up to fuck us over.

The problem is you can’t get what you need to live your life unless you a part of the 1% or you’re smarter than Bernie Madoff and he wasn’t a part of that gang this is why he went to prison, he was a threat. Or you can pimp yourself out with prostitution like Amy Taylor she thinks she is on top of the world and PayPal doesn’t mind if she uses their services to collect “jon” transactions. Yeah, Cut the crap she is not a model, at least not in the conventional sense such as Christy Brinkley or Cindy Crawford. Amy Taylor is a prostitute frankly who cares, but how long can any woman sell her ass to the politicians and rich men who support her? Everyone gets old and dies eventually or they could kill you. Plus what if the banking system fails or changes in such a drastic way with the New World Order that hookers can’t work anymore, has anyone thought of that? Digital Currency is bigger FRAUD than paper currency, it’s not tangible. And look who controls the banking system. So if you’re a common whore like so many of us are these days, (has anyone noticed how much prostitution in California there is?) so on a global scale, it’s in the millions. Well if it’s the only work you can rely on then figure out a way to invest in something tangible, because it won’t last and anything can happen you won’t see it coming and the politician doesn’t care about you, Amy Taylor. You are disposable like anyone. You are not special!

Now that GREED is an overdrive between Corporations and Politics, it’s nearly impossible to afford a place to live and if you have no place to live, how the FUCK are you going to feel good about working?  Or being able to obtain a job at all?  You should never tell any employer you are homeless, he won’t feel sorry for you. You should never tell your employer about your education when interviewing for a mediocre job either, because you’ll only appear overqualified.  Since GREED is so abusive on various levels, people are suffering more with no home no jobs, and no future. Poverty has always existed and this is the worst since the “depression” because %25 percent of the population worldwide is living on the streets.  Whose to BLAME? What do you think? The Corporations and Politics!  And they FUCKEN KNOW IT!  Yet take NO responsibility for anything they do, the most heinous of crimes, such as war, human trafficking, and abuse of the elderly in facilities so the state can cash it in. Hurting children in the Catholic Church and let’s not forget Trump’s favorite, ripping children from their mothers.

Let me share some facts about how society is shifting and some of what I have experienced. I found this article in Los Angeles Times  Here is the original article, I’m going to argue numerous points since this article mentions Corrupt Organizations I am all too familiar with. Numerous non-profits, churches all over, food banks, shelters, and small-scale people assisting in the communities to larger-scale organizations are in financial cahoots with the cities, counties, and the State of California. Everyone is making money off of all those people who are struggling.

5 Minutes Cities
How society is changing for the worst people are pushed out and hard, since Bill Gates tried to kill everyone with Covid, the numbers weren’t as high as he anticipated, but I’m confident those psycho Elites will think of something else. Not everyone is going to be allowed or can afford to live in the 5 to 15-minute cities. This is why if you noticed many apartment buildings are going up fast all over the place and in the oddest neighborhoods. Most people will not be able to live in these neighborhoods, if you can’t live in your own place now, you won’t be living here.

Medical Services are Corrupt
Most doctors and dentists go the coward’s way out, prescribing patients hardcore narcotics in hopes all will be addicted, this makes for a great human domino effect. The patient gets addicted to Vicodin, then he scores on the street only to get arrested, and lose his job and now his home. This is how it starts now his life is ruined and he gives up hope only to end up on the streets.

Merks are burning Homes Down
California and Hawaii wildfires are happening because the elites want to ruin people’s lives another domino effect. Burn homes down people end up on the streets after their savings are gone from motel expenses. They try to hold on to their job, but due to the stress of having no home, they lose their jobs, the kids are stressed the wife is angry. Drinking doesn’t help or solve problems, other family members don’t care or will take you in. See how it works out so well when the state ruins people’s lives, now illness kicks in, and you are fucked and on the street.

Many other control factors are involved when domination and killing of the human race is a prime factor and these are only a few of so many other strategies of how to rape the system financially, ruin people’s lives, destroy their homes, and kill their families, eventually, it will affect everyone. For some, it just takes a little longer.  Don’t forget Monsanto controls the food supply. More is monstrous than you know. They are ruining the farmers so they can take the land as they will be the only monsters to provide food to us and they are poisoning us daily.

Monsanto's is killing Children