St. Vincent DePaul Chruch

St. Vincent De Paul Church is a huge organization, that is spread all over the country, because its ties are strong, and its roots run deep with Catholicism. I approached a few of their organizations because they were helpful with food cards, and gas, some will help with motels, and they can afford a lot but will assist with minimal. You can find them everywhere throughout Orange and Los Angeles County among various church locations, within community services.

Just recently I traveled to Dana Point a very wealthy area in southern Orange County. It was only a $100 dollar value, but these days with the Elites raping the country financially, $100 is like $20 dollars yesterday. Either way, it took my time and gas but I appreciated the gesture. I had a lot to do yesterday, so I didn’t want to wait around all day until they had their evening picnics. I was already so tired and wanted to shower. What pissed me off was the ignorance of the volunteers and their shit attitude.

Yet Dana Point is really beautiful and driving through Laguna Beach, it had been so long since I was down that way. I remember back in the day with my sugar daddy, we would stay at the SURF n SAND Hotel. One of the best places to stay if you can afford it, back in its heyday, the prices were reasonably $150 per night, now, it’s now offensive. Well, at least I had a taste of it.

It was good times in the best places, I miss those days when it felt like a luxury to stay in a 5-star hotel. I’ve stayed in many 5 stars, but when a place like this is on the beach, it’s memorable in addition to the elegant dining. I loved it. I was spoiled. Downtown Laguna was great and still is. Maybe those days will come again. However, not to get lost in the moment, this organization can do so much for people but they’re cheap like all rich people.

The Catholic Church is here to serve the Vatican not necessarily the people. Yet I find some of these people in the church Catholic or Christens to be the biggest hypocrites and strangest people. Yesterday I found a main church in Huntington Beach so I stopped, but their office was closed, it was hot and I needed to use the restroom. I asked this woman but she claimed her key didn’t work, so she asked her husband, They keep the bathroom doors locked, which I thought was strange.

This man was nice enough to open it for me, but he stood there listening and waiting for me to finish. I found that to be intrusive and perverse. These white people are so odd and uptight when their the ones causing all problems in society. Seriously a funeral was going on and the bathroom doors are locked, why? Afraid someone will steal the toilet paper?  His wife had an attitude, why have a key if you’re too lazy to fix it? Frankly, the man and his wife were odd looking couple. She looked like she could devour the man at dinner. I just left quickly, it was late and the weather was smoggy and awful.

This was my experience driving down to Dana Point at Edwards Church, where they are spending thousands of dollars building a new wing. I showed up at 9 am and met with Murry (who never stops talking) and Aubrey a snotty white girl with a patronizing attitude. I was invited to later join them at Doheny Beach, which is only a few blocks away, but as I mentioned staying all day was a bit much to wait on them and I had things to do. I should have never wasted my time with this Bitch. Aubrey asked me to follow her to the beach because it was so confusing to find the entrance. I didn’t understand why?  The entrance sign was large to see.doheny beach

There was a huge sign that said “Doheny State Beach”. The street sign was also clearly marked and when we got there, Aubrey was like, “Oh wasn’t it confusing to find”?  I was like whatever, CUNT!!  She is not only patronizing, but clueless. Let me not forget Murry, as I snacked on my tuna and crackers since I hadn’t eaten all morning, he labeled me as being “self-sufficient”, another patronizing remark.  As I went to the bathroom, this heifer was cleaning the floors, I asked if there was another bathroom, and she says, “Oh yeah”, it’s just right over there. Technically it was on the other side of the park. I can’t hold it when I’ve taken a water pill. Another ass-wad I was dealing with. I only regret not telling that bitch Aubrey something she was a snot nose cunt.

My water pills are kicking in and I want to leave, so I heard the other girl say, “Sure it is” and they both laughed then made a smart remark as the heifer expressed, so what, she looks like she can walk.  She didn’t know I was still standing there, so I replied, yeah I can walk, but I am in a hurry, but I’ll make sure to tell your supervisor on my way out smart – ass!!!  She didn’t expect me to be still standing there. Well, that’s what happens when you shoot your mouth off, you forget who’s listening. As to Murray and Aubrey, you are both ASS-WADS GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!  White people talking shit that is one thing they are so good at doing talking shit!!!

I later wrote an email to Dennis about his shit volunteers and sent it to him, he never responded, but maybe it will sink in his thick skull to not have two assholes with smart-ass remarks helping out. People don’t know me but they think it’s okay to treat me like shit and frankly, I am sick of it. Sick of everyone’s fucked up behavior especially coming from these asshole white people. They act like it’s coming out of their pockets.  People can afford to live in Dana Point they can afford to kick down a couple hundred every month. NO ONE SHOULD BE WITHOUT A HOME and already 1/3 of this country is.  St. Vincent Depaul can help more than they do, but don’t put up with these fucked up volunteers who give you the third degree of why you need their help.

To end the entire drive I took the 73 North highway, which is great, but I thought it was both toll and regular freeway, it starts off that way and then turns into “TOLL ONLY”, the cameras took a picture, so now I think I’m fucked. I really pray to the DEVIL they don’t send me a ticket. Two weeks later yeah I got a $7 dollar ticket, if not paid in 10 days it shoots up to over $200 dollars. I should have sent that asswad Murry or Dennis the bill.