Society is Abusive and Belligerent

Society is Abusive and Belligerent, everyday I am having to listen to people talk shit and complain. I can never just walk into a store to a pleasant atmosphere without having to be annoyed by some ass-wad like this morning. I walk into smart n final to pick up some drinks, it’s 8:30 and I have to listen to the rambling of some moron. “Oh people are stealing, they just robbed a store, now their hi-jacking another, it’s the times we live in”.  Times we live in? This idiot is 70 years old, and oblivious to life as it has always been this way. Get out from under the rock you live under?

Okay what annoys me most, is no one ever talks about the scum in the White House, or Trump paying for prostitution. How about the Vatican Molesting Children? People will shoot their mouth off about petty crap, but never mention the ongoing theft from politicians and corporations. People are stupid, especially people like this idiot who actually think the only problems that happen are on a lower level of society and disregard the larger problems that infect everyone as a collective on a larger scale.

One thing about Social Media they certainly have set the stage for funneling “HATE”, yet the Elites have always funneled “HATE”, but now it’s just done through different channels. War-Rape-Abortion Rights-Prison-News Media and many other areas, just to name a few. Now they have the younger generation funneling it for them through social platforms and everyone involved online being a part of it is guilty with abusive behavior, including myself with this blog. Well, maybe it’s just my Ranting:-)

I could go out and break a neck to two and there are times I feel like it.  Let’s take two days ago. I ‘m at the park and this Korean man feels the need to squeeze his wide Benz between myself and another car, like the ass-wad he is with 2cm on each side. I started yelling at him. Every fucken time its a man, fucking my shit up. It never fails.

Nietzsche once expressed, “people are the equivalent to human exploitation”. Something like that, but that is what has become of people in society. Human Exploitation, since no justice exits to be served when INJUSTICE of a human life has been abused and mistreated. Human Exploitation is the only means of justice. Today all people are being affected one way or another and this is why we are hating on each other and fighting over space and means of privacy? So to finish this episode of “crazy bitch”, oops, I mean “AngryGirl”.  

He pulls his car forward and I jump out of my car continue to yell because he’s so stupid with lack of judgement. He has the nerve to tell me to leave. Oh yeah!! I was here first you fucken leave. you jack-ass. I was born and raised in this shitty town, you floated over here on the boat!!  You leave.  I screamed at him that all the Chinese and Koreans, think they have the right to take over the towns of Hacienda Hts, Rowland Hts. and Walnut, FUCK YOU PEOPLE…oh it’s only the rest of us that are problem, but let all the Immigration of Koreans and Chinese flood the area. Hey, no problem there. This is exactly what has occurred.

Then this other mother-fucker comes over and sticks his nose in my business, telling us to settle down. My response, shut the fuck up and get out of here!! Mind your own business asshole.  The Korean man walks off like a bitch complaining to his wife as I stood there waving my hands, yeah, what? Say something else. These mother-fuckers have their label on the fucken park too? 

People don’t care about their behavior in public space and especially at their jobs, hell I don’t think most people want to work, as work ethics have gone down the drain. Let me describe some jobs experiences I’ve had. I have been applying to different work positions, which are not hard to be hired for, but frankly these jobs are beneath me in pay and everything else. I mean nobody really enjoys working for someone else, especially if that person is controlling your pay check.

Cross Mark is at Sam Clubs who provide demonstrations of food and wine. This company makes it difficult to complete the I9 in the portal as they want a 2nd person to verify you.  Kim mentioned it has to do with Immigration? That is really STUPID!!! And makes no sense especially since a family member or friend can do this. I know exactly where Kim was going with this, as I expressed my thoughts, she had nothing to say. Let’s not forget this shit FALSE GOV makes money off of Immigration. A black woman telling me this whose ancestors were abused by the white man. 

I have never heard of companies doing this before, it’s fucken stupid!!  So the page jumped around and checked itself off, so I thought I was done. Yet, Brooke was calling nagging me about it and I told her I would get it done with Kim (supervisor). Of Course Kim doesn’t know anything about it, yet she doesn’t make an effort to learn to help others.  So while I am at the store, I had bubble guts right in the middle of it all and ran to the bathroom.  After I returned Kim and Brooke are talking about me among each other, no name dropping, but complaining how they were being yelled at. 

I already knew this had to do with day before when Brooke called nagging me, I may have been speaking loud with the speaker phone on and the car window down as I was driving, but it wasn’t intentional, yet their behavior was. Especially after Kim tells me, “are you sure this job is for you”? Now that I think about, NO, not anymore. I’m done!!  The universe keeps speaking to me it’s time to start my own business and you know it’s right, so I can have great financial wealth.

Shit Jobs don’t cut it!! They never have.