Sex Trafficking Oprah Winfrey, Ellen D. on House Arrest

Sex Trafficking is a huge problem in this country. Public figures such as Oprah Winfrey and Ellen Degeneres are on house arrest for sex trafficking. In the last few months, some very strange things have happened to a few different public figures the first is Jamie Foxx who seems to have disappeared yet a fake video of someone pretending to be Jamie is being aired. Frankly, I’m not convinced it’s not the actor or the real Jamie Foxx, his image looks too weird, and since Ice Cube has spoken out on the problems surrounding the possibility he could be dead raise some question in my mind, Why Ice Cube? Why is he not affected or afraid to provide implications of Jamie’s disappearance, or is Ice Cube a part of this conspiracy of the actor disappearing?  No one else has spoken out about Jamie. I don’t want to think so harshly of Ice Cube, but if he knows who the “Gate Keepers” are why not reveal them? Hasn’t the abuse in the Movie Industry gone on long enough?

Then there is Brittany Spears it’s also speculated something may have happened to her, because of odd videos appearing, that were caught with another face underneath a face of Spears (AI crap) that was being shown. It was expressed her conservatorship was turned over, but no proof was provided and then her ex-husband Kevin comes out to side up with her family about how her dad was in the right to take over Brittany’s life, after all these years, how strange is that? Is he being paid to speak against her? ITS NOT BRITTANYFrankly, I see it as betrayal, and maybe that’s why Brittany divorced Kevin, She was in love with him after two kids then pulled a fast one and divorced him, he didn’t seem surprised when all of this happened.  What could have been said between them for her to feel betrayed and divorce him? In my opinion, Brittany is not that talented but has become a big icon for young girls and has made tons of money, so it’s only natural for GREED to kick in and for her family to do what they can to take it from her. If that means destroying her life and stealing from her, it wouldn’t surprise me at all.  Money is an object people kill for, Whitney Houston and her daughter were murdered, why would it be any different for Brittany, everyone is against her and I know exactly how that feels. Trafficking Brittany.

Then I’ve seen a handful of people speaking out against Oprah on video of how rotten she really is and what the situation with this school she has in Africa. This is the first time I’ve heard about this school for girls, but supposedly these kids are being sold like furniture. Years ago a co-worker of mine had made terrible remarks disliking Oprah I just thought she was speaking against her because she’s a black woman, but now I realize she must have heard something I wasn’t aware of and just never said what it was. Then I found a video of her and Chappelle, Oprah’s attitude towards him was abusive and threatening. Look at her face and how she is threatening him with a mild remark, but the look in her eyes says it all.

Whoever these people and “gatekeepers” are in the industry it’s obvious they are killing people, controlling and ruining actors’ lives with sexual abuse and ongoing threats if they don’t do what they’re told. Greedy families control and demand their kids to support them. Lou Taylor IS A LIAR AND THIEFPeople are used and mistreated in everyday society and I can understand Brittany’s position I believe her in everything she tells the judge about in the audio. I’m proud she went forward for the world to hear her side of the abuse her family has caused her. Both of her parents are thieves and liars, it’s pure GREED including that woman they hired (Lou Taylor) isn’t she the same woman who was also working with Kim Kardashian? This is strongly speculated that Kim was stealing Brittany’s money. There is so much abuse in this country and it’s much worst when children are being pimped out by their own parents and other people representing themselves as officials for sex trafficking filled with pure greed. Let me share with you how agencies and families can turn on you.

My situation was very different from Brittany’s but what I can share that is very similar is the betrayal and backstabbing of agencies going against you to make you feel like you are the bad person or the one going crazy when it’s them who conspire to control your life.  Many times Brittany expressed how she can’t believe the “State of California” can do this to her not allowing her to speak up and control her own money and life. She is right, but that is where the problem falls. Conservatorship is a deadly tool, I never had that over my man Todd Taylor, but what I did when I noticed Todd was getting sick and changing was I had him sign an instrument for “Power of Attorney” when he was mentally okay. I knew if things got worse I would have no say when it came to his medical needs. Todd didn’t have money and it was so hard supporting us until I had to fight the State of California with the IHSS program to support us, especially since Todd and I were not legally married.

It still didn’t stop the Whittier Hospital from their abuse of what they did to Todd when he was in their care, all hospitals behave the same because he was at St. Jude in Fullerton and the doctors stabbed me in the back to force Todd into a facility, it never happened. Then everyone from social workers to police to APS ganged up on me to threaten and intimidate me. It was to break me so they could take Todd away.  The State of California loves sticking people in facilities to make money off of the sick and dying. Brittany’s family is doing the same to her to take her money. They are all against her because they want her dead. As for Kevin, he is no better and just as guilty of his GREED!

The number of STUPID fucken people angered me that support this fucked up organization that is so corrupt like “ADULT PROTECTIVE SERVICES”. If you try and tell someone you need help or that the police are against you, people won’t believe you. The cops are not your friend, they are not here to “protect and serve” the people. They are against society to make arrests, they are trained to kill people. They are not here to help, they are here to incarcerate. Police are aliases to the elites and politicians this is why they are never arrested for crimes!!

This is the reason why this fucked up false government will hire all these gouks from off the boat, grant them citizenship and give them a job working for APS. In return, they are grateful to incarcerate innocent people. It’s all about Slavery and money and don’t think the prison system is any different. Yet the rich elites and politicians are murdering daily and walking away. Right now Brittany Spears has not surfaced, she is being held against her will or maybe they already killed her, it’s hard to know, but have you seen her? I haven’t other than fake videos of someone pretending to be her. Only time will tell what has happened to Brittany Spears I just hope it isn’t death. I feel for her everyone is against her and it’s all about stealing her money.

As for the media, I am noticing more news media stating how Oprah and Ellen Degeneres are NOT on house arrest, bullshit you can lie all you want Oprah, but you bitches are involved with Human trafficking and sexual abuse of kids and adults, YOUR FUCKEN GUILTY!! Far too many people have already spoken out against Oprah and her school of girls in Africa for how they are being sold. Ever since Crosby, Weinstein, and Epstein were arrested and all this crap of pedophilia in the movie industry has come out, more rich assholes are being exposed to child molestation and sex trafficking. It’s time for the “gatekeepers” to be fully exposed and arrested for all their crimes. Let the industry fall into the pieces who cares, there is far too much abuse and sex trafficking going on in society and in the Movie and Music Industry. We live in a very abusive and corrupt nation FILLED WITH SEX OFFENDERS!!!