Rob Kalin Owner of Etsy

Rob Kalin and Chris Maguire, Haim Schoppik are white collar criminals lacking responsibility for consumers. Recently I was ripped off for the third time. After spending two days of going through their website, I sent an email to their legal team. I had contacted the FBI due to FRAUD.  It’s obvious to me the owners are running FAKE profiles, to steal money from Credit Cards.  My money was returned, but they are still running the profiles. The images you see below are one of many encounters I’ve had.

With this being noted I am going to hold all “white collar criminals” accountable for the theft they have imposed on me. White people are more likely to steal especially if they know they can from an online business. Corporations are notorious for theft especially from customers. This company Etsy has no real customer service.



As a matter of fact they bury their contact page to make it nearly impossible to contact anyone, when a vendor doesn’t keep their end of the bargain. People are generally lazy when resolving problems, but since this “virus bullshit” started, people are not only lazy, their main excuse is the “virus”, they just don’t give shit. They steal a customers money in co hoots with the vendor and could careless if I ever received my package. There is no refund or re sending of the product. To add injury to insult I wasn’t able to “dispute” anything.  Etsy intentionally blocks the customer from “disputing” the problem. This confirms Joey Silverman White Collar Criminal Owner of Etsy. Inc People who steal from Customers with lack of Service and Respect are common Thieves! ROB KALIN IS A WHITE TRASH COLLAR CRIMINAL!

Theft has been on the rise since the “virus bullshit” started, but that has nothing to do with Etsy gaining a bad reputation of being thieves! Many people have complained about Etsy, especially when money is stolen and products are not sent to customers. You can see many reviews on “Trust”

I placed an order from Emma Gordon a vendor of Etsy that runs “Desire Home Living”. This was in early April I never received it. Basically her and the company took my money and ripped me off. Etsy refused to resolve this problem. As a matter of fact they never bothered demanding anything from Emma Gordon.

Etsy are Thieves

Emma has poor judgement and uses a tracking service called “Royal Mail” because she lives in the UK.  Let me describe “Royal Mail” another rip off service who makes it extremely hard to reach someone, but at one point I was able to find an email. I sent a message, never heard back it was ignored! The tracking service doesn’t work and either does their shitty website. I told Emma this and she had nothing to say, because she doesn’t give a shit,. She is a thief! Three months later I received the package, broken

royal mail service uk worst service on the planetNow she told me she spoke with someone, but refused to provide the contact information and proof of the nature of that conversation. So I know she was lying, she has actually lied about sending me the product all together. Its now the end of May I still have nothing and I am not the only one, just check her reviews. When I wrote a review about what she did, she removed review on emma gordon

It gets worse after I bitched at her for her lack of responsibility, she decides to cancel the order, but NEVER returned my money, so she doesn’t have to look bad. I reached out to other customers who experienced the same problem and asked them to write reviews about her on internet, to ruin her reputation. This image shows the cancellation. Emma Gordon is a thief, “Desire Home Living Sucks”!!!

emma gordon rips me off

The last rant here is Emma is so dishonest she has her relative Coral Gordon place a fake review to make her look good. Sorry that is not going to help because I am going to make sure everyone knows your a fucking thief and so are Etsy. Inc steals from customers and refuses to resolve customer problems is a red flag of dishonesty!!! If your going to have a “fake review” don’t be stupid and show the same last name, you fucking idiots!

thieves of etsy