Renee Mills Racist

Disability Support Services

Dr. Renee Mills began her career at Fullerton College as an adjunct learning disabilities specialist and counselor approximately nine years ago. Accepting a part-time position afforded her an opportunity to spend more time at home with her two young children. Her experiences at FC have confirmed that this is exactly where she wants to be – working in Disability Support Services assisting students to become self-advocates and achieve their own academic success.

Mills earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Pacific Union College, a Master of Science in Experimental Psychology at Loma Linda University, and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Loma Linda University. Let me first introduce you to this special person who is highly ignorant, racist, ugly with an anorexic condition, and immature behavior with a nasty disposition against women and people of color. Having a big mouth she does, is the least of her problems.Renee Mills is a Cunt!

The first time I met Renee is when she was beginning her career and Fullerton and I was ending my education there 9 years ago. I went through the disability center to assist me at the time with test taking. I can’t recall why I had to see her, it was suggested because dealing with this bigot white woman and recalling her fucked up behavior towards me still pisses me off today. What resonates in my mind is how she laughed in my face and mocked me when I expressed that I will never be “rich” she laughed out loud in my face and wouldn’t stop laughing.

Why? is that funny.? It’s funny to Renee because she believes in her mind only white people should have it good and the rest should suffer, that is what a true ugly bitch she is!! Now this individual with her bullshit degrees actually thinks she is a professional psychologist? Now that is funny! If this is the behavior of a so-called professional then stop what you are doing before you drive a client to the point of suicide. renee mills evil witch

Who gives a rat’s ass where you earned your degrees Renee, your no fucking doctor or professional in psychology. Maybe what you need to do is examine yourself considering how screwed up the white race really is. Examine your ignorant self!!!

Begin with diagnosing that.  You might come to realize the skeletons in your own closet are more than you can cope with. Rene Mills is a nasty ignorant racist human being and if you have a daughter I feel sorry for that child if the only thing she learns from her stupid mother is to disrespect and disregard women of color because you white cunts think you are just a little better than the rest of us. Guess what, bitch, your not. You know where to find me if you want to continue this conversation face-to-face. White Trash Racist Cunt!!is No Doctor!!