Rebecca Grossman is a Murderer

Rebecca Grossman murdered two children with her car intentionally, she was negligent in speeding in her car under the influence of Alcohol and drugs when killing two innocent children head-on. First of all, I am sick of reading how the media keeps calling this ignorant white woman a “social lite”. This BITCH IS NO SOCIALITE. White people are not better than anyone else, but they certainly have a talent for stupidity and negligence when committing crimes and abuse. Rebecca and her husband have a non-profit foundation set up which is not surprising how convenient that is to turn a buck. Raking in money from people with a false non-profit organization for helping people including children. These non-profit monies are what helped to keep Rebecca out of jail.MURDER OF TWO CHILDREN REBECCA GROSSMAN

The judge was nice enough to set bail at 2 million dollars, how interesting, she should have been sitting in prison all this time, not free to do what she wants especially for killing two innocent children. Isn’t that the reason why there is a  jail to have people sit and wait for a trial? In the last three years, the mother has been waiting on the judge and jury while they sit on their ass holding Rebecca Grossman’s hand. Grossman’s attorney had the nerve to file to have charges dismissed altogether, but they have not been.  He’s working really hard to get this WHITE CUNT OFF OF ALL CHARGES. What I find a bit disturbing is how the mother is so CALM and why wasn’t she hurt in this incident? I thought she was walking with her kids. This is ridiculous it’s always a white person acting like their the victim. That BITCH SHOULD BE PUT TO LETHAL INJECTION FOR MURDER!!!

LOS ANGELES (CNS) — Rebecca Grossman was again ordered to stand trial for the murder of two young brothers who were run over in Westlake Village, as a judge decided Wednesday to reject a defense effort to dismiss the charges. Grossman, a co-founder of the Grossman Burn Foundation, was originally ordered on May 5 to stand trial on murder and other charges stemming from the September 2020 deaths of 11-year-old Mark Iskander and his 8-year-old brother, Jacob. no charges should be DISMISSED THE JUDGE IS BEING PAID OFF! YOU FUCKED UP WHITE PEOPLE MAKE ME SICK ALWAYS GETTING AWAY WITH CRIMES OF MURDER AND THEFT!!!

But her defense filed a new motion to have the murder charges dismissed. On Wednesday, Superior Court Judge Joseph Brandolino denied that motion. In his court filing opposing the defense’s motion, Deputy District Attorney Ryan Gould wrote that “the defendant clearly drove in a reckless and dangerous manner.”  NO SHIT ASSHOLE AND YOUR EXCUSE IS??

Data from the “black box” in Grossman’s white SUV indicated she was traveling at 73 mph five seconds before the collision, up to 81 mph two seconds before the collision, and then 73 mph at the time of the collision, according to the prosecutor’s filing. Grossman, who is now 59, was charged in December 2020 with two felony counts each of murder and vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence, along with one felony count of hit-and-run driving resulting in death. Prosecutors allege that Grossman drove at excessive speeds on Triunfo Canyon Road and struck the two boys as they were crossing the street with their parents in a marked crosswalk on Sept. 29, 2020.  FIRST-DEGREE MURDER SHOULD BE ON THE TABLE AND LETHAL INJECTION IS THE SOLUTION!!rebecca-grossman-peter-grossman

Sheriff’s officials said six family members were crossing the three-way intersection – which does not have a stoplight – in the crosswalk when the mother heard a car speeding toward them both parents reached out to protect two of their children, but the two boys were too far out in the intersection and were struck. The older boy died at the scene and his 8-year-old sibling died at a hospital. Grossman allegedly continued driving after striking the boys, eventually stopping about a quarter-mile away from the scene when her car engine stopped running, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. HER CAR STOPPED RUNNING SO IT WAS A HIT-AND-RUN, SHE NEVER MEANT TO STOP KNOWING THIS BITCH JUST KILLED TWO KIDS?

In a conversation with an operator through a Mercedes-Benz service following the crash, Grossman said she didn’t know if she had hit anyone and that she was driving down the road when her airbag exploded.  SHE DIDN’T KNOW, HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU NOT KNOW THIS YOU STUPID BITCH, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. IT FUCKED UP WHITE PEOPLE LIKE THIS WHO ARE THE PROBLEM IN SOCIETY ALL THE TIME, GIVE HER LETHAL INJECTION!!!!

“I don’t know what I hit,” Grossman said in the recording when a 911 operator was patched in and asked if she had hit a person. This BITCH doesn’t know what she hit? This is what Grossman said, was this BITCH DRUNK!Grossman Foundation GROSS IS RIGHT YOU MURDERING BITCH!!

At the hearing in May, the prosecutor said Grossman had received two speeding tickets — including one in May 2020 and another in March 2013. The CHP officer who made the 2013 traffic stop told investigators that radar indicated Grossman had been driving approximately 92 mph on the 101 Freeway, and that he warned the woman that traveling at such a speed could kill or injure someone, Los Angeles County sheriff’s Detective Scott Shean testified at that hearing. The CHP officer said he remembered the stop because the woman told him he’d better hope he never needs to go to the Grossman Burn Center, according to Shean, adding that the CHP officer said he thought he’d be denied services at the facility if he ever needed them.  I PRAY SHE BURNS IN HELL.

The sheriff’s detective testified that a blood-alcohol sample taken from Grossman after she struck the boys showed that her blood-alcohol level was 0.08% — the amount considered unlawful. Testing done by the Orange County crime lab showed a lower amount below the legal limit, according to a witness called by the defense. Of the deadly crash, Hobson said in May, “The evidence supports that we have a tragic accident at this twilight time.” He said Grossman repeatedly expressed concern about the children once she learned they had been struck. Grossman was arrested by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies on the day of the crash and subsequently released on Oct. 1, 2020, on bond. NEGLIGENCE, ABUSE, AND MURDER.

She was given permission earlier this year to drive after having been barred from driving for more than a year. Grossman could face a maximum of 34 years to life in prison if convicted as charged, according to the District Attorney’s Office. The DA OFFICE IS A FUCKEN ASSHOLE and NEGLIGENT TOO, ALLOWING THIS BITCH TO DRIVER A CAR AFTER MURDERING THOSE KIDS!!!

Todd Spitzer is NO CHAMPION!