Psycho White Bitch on Craigslist

Watch out for the Craigslist Psycho Bitch who claims she is affluent living in Diamond Bar, she will harass you online and via text messaging once she has your number. Do Not bother working for her, she is a lazy hoarder who is taking advantage of people. Something tells me she is a slob and needs her house cleaned.

A week ago I started a new hustle of seeking outside gigs to make extra cash, which is not unusual for most people these days since the politics and corporations are raping society financially, but of course, everyone complains, just no one wants to do anything about it.  Evidently, I went on Craigslist to see what was going on and frankly, I hate Craigslist but it just so happens I run into some “psycho” who enjoys stalking people, being an antagonist shit talker because she has too much time on her hands, so let me show you a copy of the ad which I have flagged many times. This ad is under “gig” domestic. Now first let me say, that there are tons of agencies that provide “housekeeping” but many people who lie and claim they are affluent or living in affluent neighborhoods, are either lying or just cheap because if they really need a housekeeper, they would call the agency. Of course, they will cost you some dollars. Labor is not free and especially not cheap. Now that I read the ad this Psycho Bitch is taking advantage of people big time, so BEWARE OF HER. There is a trick to someone who runs their own ad and is only willing to pay $120 dollars for everything they want you to do.  READ THIS AD CAREFULLY: The labor is a lot.Psycho in Diamond Bar

Nobody is a slave and shouldn’t have to work like one for a lousy $120 dollars, so frankly I’m glad it all blew up and I never bothered with this psycho bitch after she wouldn’t stop harassing me, we ended on a sour note but she is taking advantage of people with the demands of what she wants doesn’t compare or equal to the money she offers. The ad you see is linked to the original Craigslist ad on the internet.  

Basically what happened was I called her at this number 909-815-6528 she lies and say, I’m in a meeting, yeah right, it sounded to me like she was at home sitting on her fat ass. I got the impression later she is a hoarder, who is too lazy to clean her own house and this is the reason for the demand. So after she tells me this I hang up and don’t bother, then she continues to keep texting me asking about my experience. I emailed her a resume I know how to clean a fucken house, but this dumb bitch doesn’t know me at all. 

I informed her I emailed the resume which she ignored, but still keeps asking about my experience. I am done at this point but tell her off because now I am irritated with this moron, we argue back and forth and I told this CUNT to get off her FAT LAZY ASS and clean her own house. She lies and says that she owns 58 houses. I couldn’t stop laughing. Sure you do, this is why you live supposedly in Diamond Bar which is a working-class neighborhood. First people who have real money don’t live in Diamond Bar and they sure as FUCK don’t list ads on Craigslist. People who are affluent have others do everything for them. They’re not lazy ass-wads who are hoarders trying to pretend to be something their not. People with real money don’t have to lie especially if they are a public figure. So as the harassment continued I was finally able to block her from my cell phone. And then flag her, report her to the owner, and give a report to the Sheriffs. The Bitch is a Psycho this is why NO ONE wants to deal with her. Her ad has been running for a long time as I noticed over a month ago in addition to so many other ads from people. People these days are so demanding they want a lot for nothing or for free and don’t want to pay. Just try and avoid the Psycho Bitch in Diamond Bar, it’s not worth the headache.  Another Psycho to watch out for in Fullerton is Renee