Prostitution In America Remains Illegal

Prostitution in America is common, more common than anyone wants to admit. Some women are condemned for it, others are praised and provided with great “pr”, such as Amy Taylor. High-Class Sex-Worker in New York.  Anyone can be a Model. Yet Los Angeles alone has over 300,00 thousand workers in prostitution. Now with Covid going on who knows how it will hurt their business? There are two main reasons why hooking is illegal, 1) men want to control the pussy and 2) the IRS can’t tax the PUSSY! Yeah, how does one do that? Are their separate filings, for blow jobs, straight fuck, cowgirl, missionary, and spoons?Amy Taylor New York Sex Worker

Overall men want to own PUSSY, but paying for it is just the start.  Eventually, they want you to be the girlfriend on the side who sucks and fucks for free. So many men really think in their minds it’s our duty as a woman to help your cock be happy. No, it’s not, it’s my job and it’s not FREE. Yeah, let’s drop everything and run to your dick because it’s so important. Hell, many women would love to be in a love relationship, but you morons can’t handle that either. This is where men believe in their deluded minds it’s an obligation of services to help them out. I don’t think so. If I choose to, I’ll give you a call. I enjoy being alone…until I don’t:-)

Yeah, help them be a man, what a joke, This is so stupid, how many times I’ve heard this bullshit. How ignorant a male thinks, if his wife doesn’t fuck him regularly, he’s not a man! No, your not a man because you refuse to grow up and women are sick of listening to your bullshit, STOP WHINING!!! Have some integrity and self-respect, and maybe women will care who you are, or maybe not! Real women seek confidence, not bullshit!

There are different kinds of whores, but no matter which category you fall in, it’s always about money, but then everything is. People marry every day for the wrong reasons, and divorce 6 mos. later after the delusion wears off, but before they do, they want to know what you do for work. How much money do you make? A person wants to investigate before committing if you are financially worth marrying. It’s amazing how fast people fall in and out of love. Relationships are like Dixie Cups, the minute you’re done, throw it away and get a new one.

1) the whore who depends on her husband to support the family
I can honestly say so many women I’ve known personally are guilty of this, especially when they have told me the only reason for getting married was to have a man support them. I really don’t mind working, but it has to be on my terms. I want to be happy with what I’m doing, not because I have to because I choose to. Maybe this is why I am now blogging. At least it would be a passive way to make a living at something I enjoy doing. Unless I can find a generous man to play with me and treat me like a princess, it’s writing for now. For a woman to place this kind of pressure on a man is unfair, 2) both people should work to provide for the home especially if you’ve had kids. It’s too hard on one person and adds stress to the family if the man does everything, 

2) the whore who is the trophy wife forgetting she will get old
How many white bitches are so guilty of this? Using your good looks and pussy to get a man of wealth to marry you. Okay, and what are you doing all day while your man is at work, fucking the gardener? Bitches who are too dumb and too lazy to work. Once you get old or hit menopause, you are bored and confused, “oh what to do with my life”? Some bitches are not good-looking at all, they just know how to go fishing, fuck and get pregnant on the first date, so a man will support them. I knew someone like this and was sick of dating him, realizing he will never stop supporting his ex-wife. Wow.. something must be wrong with me I never considered that, I just had kids too young and never remarried again after the divorce. Having a sugar daddy is less exhausting.

3) the whore who is an adult porn star
This is not so difficult for women of this caliber to marry a man to support them. Porn stars who are no longer famous anymore now broke after being used by their husband and dumped later Jenna Jameson is one, Gina Lynn is another. Jenna is a stupid white bitch, who took her life for granted. to have a man give her the world, she couldn’t handle being a mother and staying at home. Just a pill-popping whore only to be thrown out on her ass. Well, it’s Tito’s fault, for picking her tout o begin with. Now she’s shacked up with a lesbian. I guess she ran out of men to support her. Those bitches are such losers. Ugh…

Gina Lynn married again some dorky guy and had a child after Travis divorced her. She had to, she was broke, these bitches lie about having money, and a great life as porn actresses, which they depended too much on. To later have the husband who screwed them out of the business, is so obvious. Yet some idiot will eventually come along and marry them because they make him feel like he is the luckiest guy in the world! It’s not like they’re getting a job at Mcdonalds’. These bitches don’t work real jobs.

4) the whore who claims she is a “high-class model”.
I personally don’t care, It’s obvious to me that her reason for desperately showing her face and going on live video is that her sales must be down.  Back in the day when she first started her price for prostitution was $4000 with a 4-hour minimum. Now it’s $2000 Up to a 3-hour minimum.  Amy Taylor is getting older, but if she can keep up the hooker life, more power to you. Someone who never stopped hooking was one lady I came across who was 65 years old in Texas, still selling the pussy. I thought that was awesome, she wasn’t bad looking for her age. Go, Grandma!  Hey, whatever works at least your Independent.

5) the whore who gets pregnant to marry money, too lazy to work
A different kind of prostitute is Women Who Marry Wealth. This doesn’t take much skill (just time invested). It’s all about playing up to a man to make him believe he has a real catch. This kind of female is very good with lies and manipulation. Just about every white female who is trained as a small child is to marry well. Mommy and Daddy don’t want to keep supporting you. So get a job or Marry Money. This lazy bitch has been trying to get married to a known actor. Since she deliberately got pregnant and tried for child #2. The media calls her a socialite, but she is NOT, only a Social Slut trying to marry Benico Dela Toro who is none other than, Kimberly Stewart. Nothing special about this ugly bitch. I am curious how she has supported herself all these years and never worked. because her dad won’t give her any money!!   Another whore is Selma Hayek who capitalizes on her shitty career, by getting pregnant only to later marry a rich old white guy. Leverage, spread your legs, and get pregnant!!! white trash tries to marry money

I pray Bencio never marries this bitch. It’s a trap brother I promise, Don’t do it!!!  You marry ugly Kimberly Stewart and you will be FUCKED for LIFE!!!!  Changing gears, I once worked once at a brothel, frankly, it’s pointless and a waste of time. You make no money, and the club takes everything because the owner is a greedy whore and customers are cheap mother fuckers, who want a free ride. See what I mean, again they believe, it’s our obligation.

I totally support hooking, what I don’t support is all the skank cops, who are hypocrites, judges who pay for pussy all the fucken time, administrators to universities, politicians, rock stars, and all the scum of the earth who are nothing more than contradictive assholes. If hookers didn’t exist there would be a larger population of child molesters and fags!!!

Is there a difference between hookers, companions, and escorts? No there isn’t, what makes it appear as a different class is the advertising of services. and the appearance of the hooker. For example, someone like Amy Taylor claims to be a model and companion because she appeared in generic magazines unknown. Appears as an upscale companion, compared to sex workers on the street or in the Porn Biz.  Otherwise, she goes on Y Tube blatantly talking about prostitution in a sophisticated fashion that gives her “praise and approval” from the public. In the end, everyone sells their ass and their soul or both. Just take responsibility for yourself. You might as well use it until you lose it!

Hookers and Escorts of another kind who work in the Adult Biz. Women such as Pam Peaks or Mercedes Ashley are getting old, not a different breed or different standards. Just different marketing. It has me curious, how long can you keep selling your ass because everyone does get old?  I’ve actually met Pam Peaks and I have to say she looks worst in person. A true nightmare but if she wasn’t “pimping and pandering” she wouldn’t be able to financially survive. Mercedes I never met, but she also “pimps and panders” to financially survive. Rumor has it Mercedes has HIV which can impact her business. Why men would pay to have SEX with someone who has HIV? I don’t know. It’s lethal, but then men still want Pam Anderson and she has HEPATITIS.

Now like Pam, Amy Taylor also indicates “her friends” she too must be pimping. I assume Amy has never been busted crossing state lines because that in itself is a “FELONY”. I’m very surprised the police have made no effort to go after Amy, but if they did I’m confident her “attorney” is on standby. Of course, Pam has, but Pam has been busted numerous times only to add no taste and is common white trash. She has no class, but she will never cheat you on money. Mercedes works for herself with friends stripping and other prostitution services. She too has been on YTube blatantly admitting ALL PORNSTARS ARE HOOKERS. Most women in the adult biz are hookers. It’s the only way to capitalize on personal income. The Porn Biz is a very Dirty Biz I don’t advise it.

Parent’s Pimping out their daughters, like Bo Derek and all the females who were caught in the Epstein case. It’s also been known for girls to marry older men. Many parents allow this here in America. It is pimping out your own daughter to a man who is her Senior to be dominated and provide male children. Unfortunately, this might fall under many religions and cultures or just because he can afford a financial dowry. Yet abuse and being under a man’s thumb usually comes with this kind of commitment. Before you know it, the girl is either dead or in divorce court with her life ruined ten years later.  This is serious abuse.

I knew of a woman of Indian culture who was murdered by her husband in this marital prison. Let’s not forget this entire Trump, Weinstein, Cosby, and Epstein Bullshit, how many people are involved in all this prostitution and Sex Trafficking?  And of course, you know it’s the taxpayer’s money they’re using. Jeff Epstein was no businessman, it’s all a fat lie. Wake UP You Stupid people, these mother fuckers are so guilty, all the money they steal from everyday workers!!  Believe what you want, we live a FUCKEN LIE IN AMERICA, IT’S ALL BULLSHIT. There is so much illegal perversion, it makes it hard for regular folks to make a living.

Let’s not forget white women and some women of color who are just plain “HUSBAND HUNTERS”. This kind of woman makes marrying wealth an art form.  A not-so-new meaning of prostitution but it’s still prostitution just the same. Instead of several clients, you only have one. One man you seek out and manipulate, investing so much time, (that has to be exhausting). It just gives pimping yourself out to have a financially secure lifestyle because these kinds of women are too lazy to work, but some do work, but for those few who do, they sit on their fat asses behind a desk. The more security, the better off they are. Being a trophy wife is much more tangible. At least until you are so old your husband no longer cares who you are and is looking elsewhere.

Money is not the “root of evil” as it has been said, people are. Since society is driven by the means and statutes of how much money you have. The lifestyle you live, but never give a fucken dime to help anyone, which in reality is an illusion that most people don’t want to face. Having a false sense of identity is worth more than character, integrity, and self-worth. If these attributes meant anything to any human, the evil that broods in the WHITE HOUSE would think twice about human trafficking, drugs, prostitution, war, murder, and gang-banging in other countries. All this crime would NOT be a problem in everyday society. Prostitution is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle. Keep hooking girls, the cops can’t bust everyone and cops will never show their CDL. Why? I say this because it’s actually stamped on the back of their ID they are “law enforcement”. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

I endorse all illegal prostitution. Keep up the good work ladies, but for all you MoFo Bitches, well you’re just lazy!