Patrick Flannery Racist Judge

Racist Judge Flannery

The system in America is the biggest scam, the biggest lie ever told and the “WHITE RACE” is the most abusive, racist, murders, child molesters, and biggest criminals compared to people of color. Patrick Flannery Racist Judge of Orange County, Ca. and his friend Anderson are both in cahoots when targeting people of color. Collecting revenue in Orange County is the most corrupt act to target people of color all in the name of GREED and CORRUPTION. Do you ever notice when cops are sitting around on their motorcycles hiding in the bushes, they seek to target people of color the most? The majority of people in any courtroom with traffic violations are people of color. You might see one or two white people, but usually, it’s people of color that are the target.

Endorsing Racism

In the political arena which is set up to angle and target certain groups of people, white people choose to endorse “racism”, and “hate”. White people are the most abusive, racist, war-crazy, child molesters and war criminals that live on planet Earth. They are the true problem in society that pisses all over humanity. Hippocrates by nature and white women are the laziest whores and biggest cunts who support this patriarchy. Read the media, it exposes their true nature of violence and corruption. White people are the true cause of most of society’s problems. Now a few blacks that indulge in the corruption of politics are not any better like Obama, but he kisses the white man’s ass and the white man orders a black man to murder more people on a global scale than the Bush Administration did that’s because Bush was responsible. Once again murder and corruption.

Just read everyday media and you will see, white people commit the most heinous crimes and yet they only get a slap on the wrist. like Casy Lee Anthony and all the SICK FUCKED UP WHITE PEOPLE who choose to believe she was innocent. after murdering her own child. She wasn’t and her own parents knew it and so did her lawyer that’s why she was giving him blowjobs and running around naked in the office. Let’s not forget the WHITE WHORE who murdered her baby and walked FREE…  Yup, I have to say the white race is the most fucked up, abusive misogynist who should have been abortions and yet they walk free most of the time. Patrick Flannery is no exception to this social problem of racism with his Buddy Anderson the Cop who work together setting people of color up to fuck them out of money so Flannery can keep his shit job and Anderson can be viewed as an honorable cop. There is NOTHING HONORABLE about either one of them, they are racist pieces of shit, and thieves, lying in court to set people up.

Mocking People of Color

Patrick Flannery’s racist judge only dismisses people in any courtroom if  First, the cop doesn’t show up to court and Second if there is no evidence provided for him to convict. Cops have the burden of proof so the game is rigged from the start. Patrick Flannery is a liar and a RACIST PIG. I hope he dies in his sleep or catches a disease so his dick falls off. I’m going to worship Lucifer himself asking him to curse both these mother fuckers they deserve it. They deserve nothing good for the corruption they impose on people of color.

Rumor has it though cops are now paid to show up to court, so it’s a WIN-WIN for both judge and corrupt cops.  Internal Affairs needs to know of this abuse. However, they aren’t any better. I’m sure Internal Affairs is just s corrupt as the rest.

Flannery thought he was funny mocking all people of color in the courtroom for those few he dismissed saying to them, “NOW YOU CAN GO PLAY THAT LOTTERY”! He thinks it’s a harmless remark, but he knows people of color and poor people play the lottery the most. See traffic violations are not about Justice, it’s about money and how much money a crooked racist traffic judge can fuck people out of, so he can keep his shitty fucken job!!!  The city needs to rake up revenue and fatten the pockets of the elites.

Patrick Flannery racist judge who wasn’t supposed to be the judge that morning took over for Nguyen Lan Quoc.  It says so on the paperwork. Patrick is just a “pro temp douche bag”. The reason racist pricks do this is to fuck people out of money so he can keep his job. It’s about Revenue, this is why corrupt racist cops are friends and golf buddies with racist judges!!!! He welcomed the cops that morning and threw out the red carpet for each one of them, with a big “welcome back”!!!  Hey Flannery I have an idea get on your knees and suck your buddy’s dick too while you are at it! Anderson likes it when your his BITCH!!!

Corrupt Lying Cop Anderson of Anaheim
anderson racist cop

The crooked cop who lied was this asshole right here Officer Anderson of Anaheim Police. He lied saying I ran the red light, which I never ran anything. I was at the railroad waiting for the light to change and he was parked across the street with his buddy waiting to target people. So he decide to target me, then lied about the situation so he could screw me out of money. Patrick Flannery is his buddy and was welcoming him back because Anderson does a good job at targeting people of color as being RACIST and screwing them financially.

TIP OFF THE DAY: NEVER NEVER cooperate when a COP tells you to breathe the device or walk a line he can’t force you, you might be arrested regardless, but you will be released because they can’t prove anything if you don’t do it. Cooperating only gets you CONVICTED!!

Rig the Game for Money

Oh, I forgot to mention there was one white guy who looked like a hillbilly in the courtroom, out of 20 people of color. See the numbers are always off and the game is always rigged for the white man to benefit. You know we people of color have to keep those nice fucked white folks living well and living large at the expense of others. One thing about Anderson he acts like a “Billy badass” when walking over to the car. In the courtroom though he is all “BITCH” a total fag, wimping down to the judge.  Acting like the victim. Acting like he does no wrong, the nice guy, the fair white man, what a fucking joke! Liars and Thieves!!!!! 

OC Corrupt Cop Anderson – Corrupt Traffic Judge Flannery!!! LIE IN COURT FOR MONEY!

This is what Orange County is all about and what its surrounding areas are made up of. This county has no honest white people, hell most people are liars and thieves in this county. They don’t even help their own people it’s the reason why the homeless exist. !  TIP OF THE DAY; WHITE COPS ARE ON THAT SEX SITE ADULT FRIEND FINDER. Cheating on their wives and girlfriends. I also witnessed a white cop at a motel with a hooker and he wasn’t there to bust her, it was the regular girl he would see on his lunch break. No shame drove his undercover cop car to the front door, as he sat there looking at me he tells the employee, “Yeah I need a room for 30 minutes”. Start filming cops it’s time to bust them for all their crimes and abuse. It’s time to turn the tables on these PIGS!!!

In addition to Flannery and corrupt courtrooms. We have corrupt and bought judges.  Also, we have Trump who is no leader and a child molester as president. Third, we have racist cops who kill and rape women. Let’s not forget Fullerton PD they murdered people at train stations. In addition to that cops harass people who are homeless. Of course, it’s because of those greedy white people (elites) is why homelessness exists more than ever today.

Isn’t America great? The white man has corrupted our system all because of greed and now it’s falling just like the Roman Empire did centuries ago.