Octapharma Plasma Is Corrupt

In the last several years I have donated to Octapharma Plasma and it’s been a positive experience, until this last year I was blackballed twice, but I am not the only one. Let me explain what I’ve discovered about this corrupt corporation, founded by this man “Wolfgang Marguerre” born in 1941 another Greedy human of German Ancestry who knows the secret of how to take from people and give very little in compensation. Basically, he is a “cheap GREEDY PRICK WOLFGANG OWNER OF OCTAPHARMA PLASMAcocksucker”. Yet it’s really not a secret, it’s a formula to becoming successful in business and having little to no accountability. especially towards those who are putting their lives at risk.

These days every rich man likes to call himself a billionaire, but frankly, I’m sure it’s a slight exaggeration, however from April through August, maybe as far as September every location begins a blood test on every donor. And during this time all phone lines are rigged deliberately and re-routed to several call centers, so donors can’t get through. The longer the donor is out of commission the more money they are cheated out of when they finally do come back.

What management claims is we need to test for “protein levels” but they don’t tell anyone this until you find out you can’t come back. Within a donation, they will say we need to take an extra blood draw and claim it’s going out of state to a third party. I believe that is a lie, they have the testing abilities at the center. I think it’s because they begin to do this to everyone, so it’s going to take them seven to ten days to get your results back, if your protein is low you can’t come back until it goes back up. No one is given any paperwork on this proving the numbers, showing actual proof. I’m just supposed to take management’s word for it.  I personally had to do this twice, what management has NEVER told anyone is how donating plasma will decrease your protein regardless. It’s not in the video or any of the literature.

Adrianna one of the managers at the Santa Fe Springs locations told me this just recently which if I had known before I wouldn’t be so surprised. This is when I began to see the truth of corruption and financial sabotage. I find that to be very dishonest with the donors. Before I was tested in the month of April I noticed hardly anyone was in the center, it was 99.9 percent empty, and when I verbally asked why? The excuse is, “Oh it’s tax season”, I’ve heard that before, but now I know it’s a lie.  It’s because so many people had already been dismissed. Employees make numerous mistakes which I have experienced. 1) I was not given my Saline because the machine stopped 2) The setup was wrong and again my Saline was not given 3) An employee unhooked me stating my Saline was given it wasn’t and I collapsed in the bathroom.  Employees make mistakes all the time at the expense of donors, but if I complain I’m in the red, or I’m the problem. 

I’ve had a white man call me an “animal”, basically what he said was, “I hope you’re not going to claw me with your talons”? I have acrylic nails, this was during my vitals being taken from him. I reported this to management he was removed to another location. Another employee who is a young guy is always calling me DUDE, even after I asked him not to. He enjoys being a belligerent asshole to anyone he can, now I just ignore him. In time he will suffer in life I just won’t have a chance to witness it. Anytime an employee fucks up they are relocated to another location and never disciplined.my review of octapharma plasma

This is how the corruption is resolved, no discipline, just send them out to another location, there are so many changing faces only a few exceptions of those who stay and kiss ass. I had another employee tell me the reason why the center had very few bodies is because it’s the 1st of the month and everyone is collecting Welfare, really? I don’t know anyone living large on supplements, if anything that check would have them coming back on a regular weekly visit.  I asked management about this and she claims there is a decrease during this time, but she wouldn’t say why? I know now, she knew all along the real reason but wouldn’t admit to it. Don’t try and convince me 90% of the center is on welfare. It’s ignorant to assume with no facts or evidence.

What finally did it for me was a week later I was allowed to come back, but only because I had to do the physical from employees who lie and claim they are NURSES and DOCTORS, they are not. These 28-something kids are NOT LICENSED at all. Yet some young guy is telling me to lift my shirt so he can check my heart beating. Then he questioned why I had a swollen ankle, he calls in another employee and this 25-year-old girl thinks she is an expert in Human Anatomy. There are too many RED FLAGS, from illegal fingerprinting to kids who are not licensed falsely claiming to be nurses and giving physical exams. This company needs to be SUED AGAIN and PUT OUT OF BUSINESS FOR GOOD!!!  Yes, they have been sued before, just last year for violating the “fingerprinting act”. Octapharma was sued in 2022.

This corporation is global, all over the world and the corruption is high, so maybe this Greedy German prick is a billionaire especially since he is the one distributing that’s where the real money is.  With 99.9 percent of the people being dismissed at the same time and losing all that money, it’s a great strategy of how to “skin a cat” isn’t it Wolfgang?  There really are too many “greedy mother fuckers” in the world. As humans, we live in the most extreme corruption of all time, between the church and the state endorsing poverty and building shelters to push people in to. The corporations and evil politics with human trafficking and prostitution. Killing people in Africa with AIDS because their skin is dark, abuse of slavery, and greed is never-ending. Murdering people on a global scale is everyday life and all for money because the white man is the most dangerous animal. Let’s not forget hospitals they are some of the largest criminal enterprises.

Although the UNI BOMBER was a white man and most mass shootings are white people, maybe the message is greatly misunderstood. No matter if it’s war murdering people, pimping out kids, or cocaine being found in the white house (which is not the first time). This greedy German asshole stealing from people with Plasma donations, white people are the poison that pisses on humanity. And that is why those other white people who are blowing shit up because of the deep-rooted anger at the corruption and abuse all of us are subjected to on a daily basis, while the PIGS at the top are enjoying a rich and fulfilling lifestyle while shiting on people at the bottom because it fills up their EGO’S.  Let’s start another lawsuit against Wolfgang I need help in doing this please email me at angrygirl@angrygirlfeminist.com