Narcissism and Male Manipulation

Narcissism and male manipulation are common, for a man to get his way. He will be either agreeable with you or give you the material world, in turn, you owe him.

A young woman riding a train every day from Manhattan to the country sees the house she once lived in. Her husband, the man she thought she knew with his new wife and child; her heart is broken and rid of guilt. She can’t stop drinking and crying.  Every day she goes through this ritual of confronting the new wife and calling the husband. Yet her blackouts have her confused, but later her memories begin to reveal a truth that is hidden, even to her.

Rachel’s friend is patient and kind and lets her move in, but after two years gone by, the friend finds out she has no job and her drinking is out of control. Rachel’s scattered memories have her confused, all she can think of, is that it’s her fault, her marriage is over, but is it?

This narcissistic fucker had this young woman thinking all along her behavior was out of control. He once was married to her and had convinced her she was the violent abuser and had embarrassed him at his boss’s house which led to him losing his job. Yet he would never call the police or report her, he would just tell her, “I can’t protect you anymore”. At one point he even defended her.  It was all a lie. girl on the train

In the end, this man manipulated her mind and he was the abuser and lost his job because he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. He was fucking every woman at the office including the neighbor (she was the one who was always calling him) and later he killed her because she was pregnant.

Both this young woman and his wife (who found out) confronted this man about his sexual behavior and lies. He was killed by his ex-wife in self-defense after attacking her at the home they once shared with both women.

After all this, both women confessed the same story to the authorities, of what really happened. Later the woman was released and continued to ride the train, but she never sat in the same car again. This story is from the movie “the girl on the train”. It had me thinking of all the men I have known and crossed, remembering all the lies they tell, the narcissistic behavior, the dominance towards a woman of color, and the abuse. Their mental thinking is “rape is allowed”. The time males have screamed at me because they are naturally intimidated by me. Good You Should Be Fucker! Men are usually the problem.

Men (all males) will manipulate their wives to do what they want because they are selfish because their needs are more important and because they are highly insecure with themselves. Let me tell you a story, a true story about a husband and his narcissistic behavior of what this piece of shit did to his wife. I was riding the train one day and a white man and his two Asian children (half breeds) sat next to me because it was a 6-seater. I didn’t mind, but he decide to confess his sins to me that day.

He openly confesses to me, that he met his wife at work, in the same department. They were engineers, so after dating and fucking her and then marrying her he couldn’t stand seeing her every day at work. He remembers she told him she never wanted to work in the medical field because all of her family did.  She wanted something different for herself, but unfortunately, she fell for her husband’s narcissism and male manipulation of convincing her to leave her job and go work elsewhere.

He used that against her, he manipulated her to leave her job to go back to school and work in the medical field. Does anyone understand how much time that takes to go back to school to work in another field?  She did, he got his way and he was happy. I just looked at him and thought, “you’re a big piece of shit”!!! Narcissism and male manipulation are common, for a man to get his way. He will be either agreeable with you or give you the material world, in turn, you owe him.

I have a cousin who is a cop, her scumbag husband did something very similar, he convinced her to transfer and move out of California to Seattle. His family was there and it’s what he needed. Narcissism and male manipulation are common, for a man to get his way. The guy is a douchebag, she admitted to me how she could smell his desperation, as he was seeking a wife. This happened when she met him. I was like, okay, but you married this asshole anyway? Why?

Every man I have crossed tried so hard to play their sick twisted mind games, but it didn’t go far with me, eventually they would feel my foot in their ass. “take the L out of Lover and it’s FUCKING OVER!!!!! Beware of riding the Train! Beware of males, especially if you are a young woman. Everyone has an agenda. Men will always do their best to convince you how wonderful they are, deep inside their shit and they know their shit, the problem is they don’t like being alone, they need validation.