Misogynistic America

Misogynistic America Inventing and Spreading Aids and Corona Virus. When the AIDS virus was unleashed upon the public, automatic fright was in play. It took many years before it would calm down. Not to say it ever really did, because the “gay community” was a target to this evil plague.  Yet many innocent people died from blood transfusions because of various hospitals purposely being negligent. The excuse was “we weren’t checking the blood”. Of course not and why should you? It’s so much easier to be stupid and ignorant and blame someone else.

Now it’s the CORONA-VIRUS another virus that none of us know what it really is or how it’s actually contracted?  Yet who is now being targeted?  The Chinese. People open your fucken eyes, American, you know these “evil” people are killing us. You know who I am referring too. It could be in our food, water, the air we breathe, anywhere, social distancing won’t make a difference, because you do NOT know where it’s coming from. How stupid are you people?

It was spreading literally all over the world at the same time in a matter of minutes, turning into days?  How can that happen naturally? It can’t!!!  It was being dumped on us and spread through out the world on everything.

The Elites are the problem and plague to any country. They want to kill people.  Nothing in this world “justifies” murder. Everything in life is in illusion of “thinking” we have “freedom” we have “choice”.  In reality their shit, pigs, child molesters, rapist, murders, and war criminals.  Due to their low self esteem, and desperate need for approval has filtered into corruption and financially ruining the entire system and the killing of the human race.

There is no good in the “elites” especially the “white race” being good is the lie they tell themselves.  Being a Christian Country is a lie, especially since they are actually “OCCULTIST” evil of the worst kind”. Who are inherently evil and here to eliminate the human race. Yet these “elites” view us as a nation  of “useless eaters”.

The problem of rotten racists thinking is it spreads just as fast and as dangerous as any virus, the evil elites have conjured up.

Did you notice that what took place first? It’s the scam of the “REAL ID”, none of us knowing what is behind that? Not even DMV is entirely sure because those in charge are not going to tell them. Frankly, my opinion it’s to prevent us from leaving this country once we are held captive in cages. (walmart)

What was next, oh Trump and his prostitute he paid 100,00 for. I’m surprised it wasn’t Amy TaylorOf course all those stupid white people just blow it off like it means nothing. Trump kidnapping and killing children, placing them in cages away from their mothers.  God is going to get you for that Trump.  Then the murder of Epstein and Ghislane Maxwell. Both of those PIMPS a Front for the “elites” sex trafficking. Please, this asshole was no “financier. Its all bullshit. 

Trying to convince the world of his wealth, yeah right. It’s more likely the tax payers money and he was the front man until his under age girls got away. I think they wanted to be caught. Those girls are no victims, they were paid for prostitution and so were the parents.  See white people always the problem to society common filth. Just like “Weinstein”. Those stupid actress and everyone involved who knew of the predators in music and movies, ARE GUILTY!!!

sodom and gomorrah

People sell their soul, have sex, do drugs and rape their own kids and pimp them out. They will do anything to gain recognition and wealth. These are the days of Sodam and Gomorrah. No one will be forgiven for any crimes against God!!!!!