Michael Acosta-Narcissistic Abuser

 Michael Steven Acosta – Narcissistic Abuser

I’ve never known somebody so mentally damaged and fucked up in all my life. I knew Michael had problems, but at some point you would think people would try and fix what they don’t like about themselves or they’re family life.

Michael Acosta used to be a sweet nice person long ago, now he walks in the shadow of his abusive father Tom Acosta, with rot and regret he now lives with his abusive alcoholic mother. Michael resents his mother and feels guilty at the same time. Sylvia and Michael (mother and son) behave like they’re married to each other. This relationship is insidious and disgusting. Sylvia and Tom Acosta are to blame for destroying their own family. Their boys are dead because of the drug and alcohol abuse that plagued this family. Sylvia never placed her kids first, she is to blame for not protecting her sons from addiction.

If people wonder why The Acosta brothers are dead, its because of their parents. Both were irresponsible for the destruction of their own family with drugs and alcohol, its no surprise. So don’t feel sorry for Sylvia Acosta (mike’s mom), she lives with her guilt! Sylvia is not the victim everyone thinks she is, so don’t feel sorry for this bitch, she’s a rotten excuse for a human being.

Frankly this sweet young boy I knew as a child, that I adored so is now DEAD (spiritually) along with his brothers. The older man he is today (which in my opinion he is NO MAN) I have no fucken idea who that person is.  Michael Acosta born August 13 1964 chooses to now walk in the shadow of the very person he grew up to resent the most, his father Tom Acosta.

After yesterday Michael started a verbal battle with me with his verbal abuse. I ripped into him and I don’t give a fuck if he kills himself. I doubt he would, his big FAT EGO might get in the way. Michael is a violator, liar, manipulator, immature, Dr.Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, back stabber and his mother is a CUNT! Mike and Sylvia behave as if they are married to each other, that’s how INSIDIOUS, they have become!!! 

They enjoy fighting with people and subjecting certain people with abuse. Mike feeds the fire, to his mother, then she turns on the person Mike is talking shit about ad starts fighting. They expect FREEBIES, from people, do this for me, do that for me, the they lie and say, “oh I’ll pay you”, then skate all over that person with “oh I thought you said you do it for free”?

After all the Trauma that has happened with the Acosta family you would think at some point people would create positive change in their lives. Not these two, it only got worse and became extremely Toxic!!!  Sylvia lives with her rot and regret because both Tom and Sylvia damaged their own family at the cost of the boys lives.  Drugs and Alcohol were the primary culprit, its bad enough when one parent has these problems, but when two parents are guilty, well….this is why all their sons are dead and Michael is mentally and emotionally is fucked for life!  He has never been emotionally independent and all his relationships ended in the raw! Michael doesn’t know how to treat women, his an emotional cripple and emotionally detached from women.

Michael has a way of being insensitive to another persons feelings when spoken out loud. He’s verbally abusive and has narcissistic traits. I was turned off, with his abusive behavior as my feelings took a turn for the worst, I began to withdraw. I had the chance to explain this to Michael, so the communication would be clear. He never responded with a thought.  It’s not ok, but whatever, in the end I walked away!

Mike is a narcissistic male, who tried very hard to control and dominate women. He told me “he was going to use me” and if I loved him, I should let him violate my “ass with his dick”!!!   I don’t think so PIG…You know I am convinced “Lorena Bobbit” is very much misunderstood.  There are layers upon layers of confusion he will cause on any female.  He is emotionally disconnected from women and his mother is the main reason, as I expressed to Mike she also controls him emotionally. I am confident now, we are not Twin Flames, Mike is TOXIC! Understanding what a “Twin Flame” is you can, check out the video.

When men are emotionally disconnected from women, it’s time to run out the door!!  Emotionally Unavailable Man.

I never thought about “TWIN FLAMES” in my life, but many clues were transparent and relevant after doing some research. It’s a hard journey but, most people don’t succeed from forming as a power couple. One Tarot Reader who is very good, stated, if they’re is abuse or toxic vibes, this is not a twin flame, how she knows that I am not sure. ALL I know is I can’t stick around, it was too much so I went into HERMIT MODE!  We are not Twin Flames, because of the abusive and toxicity.

Michael Steven Acosta from Hacienda Heights

After all the words being said, communication going south, his mother getting in the middle of the situation and me trying to  hide it, fuck it, it’s to much work. I am not a kid anymore.  I just want to feel good and laugh. I want a man who is confident and who will take me to pound town!! Spoil me financially like  princess and take trips together. I want to have a good time!!! I want to be spoiled.

Our ruling planets are incompatible, we are both self aware, strong willed people, but I can’t and won’t compete with his mother.  Nor can I fix a man, the last time I did that, it took a toll on my life and ended his. I am not about to support another, even emotional support. Mike will tear a woman apart. You can’t invest in a damaged man who can not be trusted. This is why every woman has left him. Trust me, the SON OF BITCH did you a FAVOR!!!

So for all you women who know this man, trust me, he did you a favor. He would have made you miserable in the end and would have chosen his mother over you.  As I told Mike, yeah Sylvia Acosta is the only BITCH who will tolerate your bullshit. I hope the CUNT DIES SOON!!! One thing is Mike doesn’t have to compete for his mommies love, now that his brothers are dead! His parents had a volatile marriage, so why would Mike know how to have a healthy relationship with a woman? The entire ACOSTA FAMILY NEEDS TO EXTINGUISHED and the world will be a better place to live.

Fuck it, I am too old and too tired for this toxic shit. I need to heal my own wounds right now.  Self Improvement is a prerequisite for this SCUM MANIFESTO!! You need to work for my affection, this is not about your fucken Ego,  I matter too. Oh that was something, he plays tricks, sending music video links like this, to get attention for an “ego boost”.  He really is sick in the games he plays.  Bonnie Raitt.

Pro’s and Con’s of why a woman would give Michael their time to begin with? His charisma, he is sweet and will show his true self which is very attractive, but short lived. He can be a leader by nature, When he lets his guard down, he will show his sensitive side and that is the part a woman can fall in love with. But watch out, “Mr. Hyde” is close by.

This is the part of him that is damaging and abusive. Michael will ghost you, tell you things like, “I’m going to marry you”. He is hot n cold, childish pranks, then he ignores you and starts mind fucking to get an ego boost. He will fuck anybody – anywhere as I discovered. He doesn’t care about protection only anal sex. He’s a fucken PIG!!!!  He engages with his buddies at work in images of transexuals. Homie I don’t play that!

There are many wonderful qualities about him, but he is not worth investing as a soulmate. He is too damaged emotionally and mentally from his upbringing and his mother interferes a lot, she emotionally controls him. He contributes to his parents Toxic ways.  Now he walks in the shadow of his father, the one person he had conflict with his whole life and Sylvia nothing but resentment and guilt towards his mother, the twisted part, he defends her at the same time. It’s so fucken SICK BEWARE!!!

I hope you one day read this Michael, as I never asked you for anything, you called me remember ? Only to ghost me and behave like a spoiled child when you don’t get your way. Or run and hide when being confronted!

You men should be grateful any woman would give you the time of fucken day.  Especially as all of us are getting older, time is not on our side. When a person is young in their 30’s the selection is wider, but not pass 50, it changes.  My energy level has changed and I am to tired. I won’t chase anyone! Especially a fucken man, I will compromise, but I won’t chase you. Michael stabbed me in the back, used me to clean his mothers house, verbal abuse and emotional mistreatment. GO FUCK YOUR MOTHER!!!! TELL THAT FAT PIG OLGA TO CLEAN THE HOUSE ASS-HOLE!!!

I expressed my observations boldly of what I saw as in appropriate behavior between Michael and Sylvia of how she emotionally controls him and yet Michael tells his mommy of his dates. Then the bitch is calling me to harass me with bad behavior.  I was disturbed by this from his mother who I have known since a child.

In the end I came to realize, our encounter was a lesson from the universe for both of us to understand, not to stay together, now the universe is blocking and protecting me, so I can move on. I recently described a dream I had that was not pleasant and the point of it was anal sex, which in my opinion is a human violation. Michael is very guilty of this act, only to dominate a woman, so he can empower himself as a man. It didn’t happen, we had a fight, it’s over!


He is emotionally damaged and until he fixes his problems, every relationship will be the same. This is why he is alone, his parents and upbringing had everything to do with it. It’s not worth dealing with him, he will only bring you chaos, confusion and mixed messages, only to later play games and place the blame on the woman. Once he knows he can’t control the situation, he plays the disappearing act.

I’m not worried you did me a favor, Hell Your not even In my League!!!

Only Mike and his mother Sylvia are left who fight regularly and cause chaos among so many people, it’s not worth visiting or investing your time with these people, they might have their neighbor Olga perform “witchcraft” on you, as they did me, unfortunately it back fired. It usually does when the other party knows more than the poser:-)

Now I understand why Mike was trying to obtain my pedigree information and money sources. A news flash be grateful I haven’t fully exposed your father Tom Sr. and some of his malicious behavior patterns I know about from the past. You Fucked Up!Michael Acosta's Future wife, she is just like Mom, Sylvia Acosta

My last words, thank you that I was able to open my eyes to the truth of the Acosta Family. Let me share with you, the woman in the photo, is Sylvia’s friend, she can’t speak a word of English, but every week she comes over and the three of them get drunk together. Her boyfriend beats her up and numerous times Mike told me she steals money from his mother Sylvia (or at least tries to).  Sylvia once played a dirty trick on me, her and Mike set me up because she wanted me to beat this woman up in her house.  I walked into a trap and walked right back out.  Sylvia apologized but didn’t mean a word of it. As she continued to tell me how she wanted me to beat up her friend, she would have let me.  This is how fucked up and depraved these people are. Hey Sylvia, news flash!!! Tell Olga (that buffalo) to do it and have her clean your house! Okay Bitch!

Michael told me he is marrying this immigrant woman with no USA citizenship, gee I hope the INS doesn’t find out. Isn’t that a prison term marrying an illegal alien for status?  Hey, are you going to invite her boyfriend to the wedding? You know the one who beats her up? Well, he might know after reading this article.  The end is almost near, Sylvia with one foot in the grave and Michael with medical problems, it won’t be long before they both kick the bucket.  Anthony Acosta Jr., stand by and get a LAWYER, to collect your inheritance when these two kill over.

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