Melania Tramp Go Back!

Melania Tramp Go Back, Go Back Bitch where you came from. Get back on the banana boat and crawl back you stupid Immigrant. Or better yet maybe the Coyotes will carry you back, you nasty bitch. After listening to this ridiculous audio of Trumps bitch talking crap about children being held hostage in shelters, this bitch has the nerve to criticize these innocent kids and comment how they are being treated better in the shelter than in Mexico?

My response, Your No Lady Melanie your just another one of Trump bitch’s on the list of getting paid for ass! You have no idea about a fucking thing about Mexico or how people live and you don’t give a shit, you tramp. You sold your ass for the “brass ring” that is what you did. Like a common whore. That scum bag of a husband is incapable of “unconditional love” and so are you. White people are the biggest problem and the poison of the world! You shit on everyone, your nothing I pray your death is painful.

You fucked up people don’t know the true meaning of any kind of love and you never will. Your both rotten and evil as can be. I pray you both get a disease and suffer until you die. White people don’t own this FUCKING LAND!! White people are just rotten scum of the earth who kill and abuse everything in their way. You Melanie are shit..  uneducated bitch. Why Anderson and this stupid Advisor are making pathetic excuses for this bitch is retarded! ELIMINATE WHORES LIE MELANIA AND THE WHITE RACE, THE WORLD WILL BE A BETTER PLACE. RID ALL THE EVIL AND SHIT IN THE WHITE HOUSE.  IT SHOULD BE CALLED THE BLACK HOUSE!


I am fed up with listening to everybody picking on Mexican people, hurting people who go across the border. The white man created these fucking borders, the elites create hate, spread disease, rape and murder. I have news for you, the white man didn’t create the universe or the ocean or the land for humans to live!! God did, the creator and when he is done with shit like you,  all will be destroyed, that will be a day of celebration.