Mandatory Action Unit are Liars

MANDATORY ACTION UNIT ARE LIARS WHO REFUSE TO LEGALLY PURGE MY RECORD – FUCK THE GOVERNMENT this unit is like the Mother of DMV, they are supposed to legally allow the person to have the driving record purged, but no longer, instead they are allowing for the entire record to be publicly be shown. I also discovered that insurance companies are only supposed to go back three years when it comes to charging you according to your record. Now many of them are being allowed to go back five years, so if the ticket is not being held against you, the insurance company will hold it against you. This entire system is fucked allowing corporations to do what they fucken want!

Now the insurance company may see all of this before anything is expunged it’s being done deliberately to fuck with you. The insurance company will not provide you with insurance or if they do it will be extremely expensive. Let’s start from the beginning everyone has 4 points each year, these points are supposed to start over, not roll over. If you have points on your record and can get the record wiped out in the legal amount of time which is basically three years for general citations, then it will not affect your insurance nor can the police do anything about it, such as hold it against you. Nothing is supposed to show after it has been expunged, but when it comes to serious fractions I am not clear if it’s the same amount of time or not. I only have experience with minor citations. Sorry.

This is what I have come to understand since I have dealt with this twice in my life and had my record cleaned up. The Mandatory Action Unit has always been clear in telling me everything can be expunged within the three-year legal amount of time, wiped out like it was never there. The employee was nice enough to explain the codes and their meaning. Not anymore they don’t want to explain shit after today’s fiasco I know now it’s not true anymore, they refuse to help anyone!!! The DMV local office employees are a part of this problem they don’t have the authority to expunge anything, but are just as guilty and refusing to help as I have experienced at Fullerton DMV. 

I went to window 4 and spoke to some black bitch. I asked for a manger but this bitch didn’t bother saying who she was. Nothing new, she did listen to me but refused to help in any way and then said she could look at my record but didn’t bother to let me view it or discuss anything with me. She just keeps folding it in her hand, ready to throw it in the trash instead of shredding it. So I explained how it’s obvious to me this is now a setup to sabotage people!!MANDATORY ACTION UNIT ARE LIARS WHO REFUSE TO LEGALLY PURGE MY RECORD - FUCK THE GOVERNMENT

I called the MAU this morning and it was a real phone game with these people. First I called this number 916-657-8035 it only goes to the DMV customer service and the worker said all three points are showing. Previous to that I had an insurance agent tell me the same thing, so I couldn’t get insurance. So when I called MAU (916-657-6525) this white bitch refuse to allow me to expunge the point off my record that I am legally allowed to remove. This is being done deliberately!  This fucked up Fraud Corporation of the USA which calls itself a Government is deliberately allowing the insurance companies to see the entire driving record of everyone, and yet the DMV employees said, insurance are only allowed to see a part of the record they won’t see what has been dismissed. BULLSHIT!!!

Both of these CUNTS from DMV especially from MAU won’t let me expunge my record so they can continue to sabotage me and anyone else. It’s all a fucken setup, it is, so people won’t be able to get insurance because right now the insurance companies are being pressured by the State of California. Not as much as the public, but it’s all “blackballing shit”. Do you know how you see SCAM and FRAUD reported it, yeah I encourage everyone to call the Governor’s office and report the USA IS FRAUD and a FUCKEN SCAM!!

Let me say this how corrupt and rotten this entire system really is because this entire False Government is going to kill us in any way it can, it starts off small, and with something like this, it will grow into a larger situation, especially if MAU is refusing to allow people to purge their record. All the number of people who won’t be able to buy insurance or can’t afford it. Eventually, it will ruin your life and could turn into bigger problems down the line. I am going to keep fighting this, but I know now it’s all a setup!! And FUCK the Governor he is a piece of SHIT, who doesn’t give a FUCK about Democracy like he claims on Twitter!