Major of Los Angeles, Ca is a Liar

Just today I witnessed on the news how the Major of Los Angeles is going to waste billions of dollars on the population of people who are unhoused and living on the streets. First of all the ignorance of spending billions is highly exaggerated. Every news commentator uses the word “billions”. Yeah, I doubt that. The major is another political idiot who will do no such thing, let’s be mindful instead of adding to the ignorance. The politicians want the people living on the street, they don’t give a rat’s ass about ruining people’s lives. It’s been this way for centuries. We are Enslaved in America!!!MAJOR OF LOS ANGELES

The JOB was only created to ensure the RICH have the population by the BALLS in TAXATION for them to profit from. But now that jobs have changed drastically because those rich thriving businesses are online, the dynamics have changed in how people can find work to support themselves adding the high cost of living to rape people financially. Yes, people are going to fall and when you add other problems it’s hard to cope.  The PROBLEM will NEVER BE RESOLVED. It’s all a FAT LIE.

The corruption of corporations, land developers, and politics has been doing this for numerous years. Why am I the only person who sees this abuse? In a nutshell, Valerie Solonas explains the abuse and automation in SCUM MANIFESTO years ago. The only money this stupid Major of Los Angeles is going to spend is the Tax Payer money hiring more “law enforcers” that we don’t need to rape people of revenue and incarcerate more people because that is the real intention here.  Doesn’t anyone see that BALANCE is not hard to accomplish when it’s for the right reasons?  Corporations and Politics DON’T WANT BALANCE,  THEY WANT TO DESTROY US, OPEN YOUR FUCKEN EYES. “The Road” is a perfect example of where our society is headed. The corruption won’t STOP until we are all DEAD!

The more LIVES that corporations and politics ruin, the more end up on the street, and the more people to incarcerate, see how that works, and don’t think if you have a place to live now, don’t think the politics won’t jeopardize your life, because eventually, they will. This false Government knows the people of this nation will not take a stand against them. Why do you think “CONQUER and DIVIDE” work so well?  Why do you think distracting society with bullshit, such as the movie industry, sports, and the corruption of online platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter also works well? The problem with people in society is no one is willing to 1) Educate themselves enough to understand the truth 2) See Politics and Corporations for the Greedy pigs they are 3) The Destruction of the Human Race is in Progress. Wake the Fuck Up!


This Committee of 300 has been around for years and years, it all started with the Banking System, its everywhere, churches, non-profit organizations that rape the system, law enforcement and the military, and Tavistock Institute. The Committee of 300,  THEY ARE NOT THE OLYMPIANS, (that part is a lie) groups of organizations that claim people in powerful groups which was founded by the British Aristocracy in 1727 and rules the world. Proponents of the theory alleging the Committee’s existence believe it to be an international council that organizes politics, commerce, banking, media, and the military for centralized global efforts. The only purpose here is to keep us enslaved so the enemies stay rich and murder us when necessary as time moves on. Until the Human Race no longer exists, it was done in Rome in the past, and history is now repeated the same abuse of Humanity, in America. Why do you think the WHITE MAN, ran from his past and committed the same SINS killing Indigenous people on American Soil? Which in turn were my ancestors, The WHITE MAN is the problem with his crimes against Humanity. It will NEVER CHANGE Unless WE FIGHT!