Keith Weinstein was a Coke Head

Keith Weinstein was a cokehead and my former employer when I use to work in the downtown Jewelry Industry. Frankly, I hated that entire area it was disgusting and dirty. How I ended up there was through someone I knew his friend needed an assistant, so he asked me to work for him, but all those loser men were cheap in pay. Eventually, I left one ass-wad to work for another and that’s how I worked with Keith as he was a customer of the first ass-wad. Let me try and describe this Jewish fuck, first, he was not a traditional Jew, he never attended service or spoke Hebrew. Keith appeared as an old Hippie stuck in the Ice Age of the 70s. He was a self-made millionaire about 3 to 4 million a year, and dressed like a bump all of the time in loud colorful shirts and sloppy wrinkled pants. He drove a classic Mercedes convertible, as a matter of fact, his cunt of a wife had the same name. She was Mexican and began working for Keith around 17 years of age, then she started fucking him soon after, in hopes he would marry her and rescue Mercedes from her demise.KEITH WEINSTEIN WAS MY FORMER BOSS AND A COKHEAD

Eventually, he did marry her once she popped out two kids, he expressed if he didn’t he might end up in prison for statutory rape. It was a dream come true for Mercedes now the bitch is rich and never has to work again. Something tells me though she is just as miserable and unhappy as the day I met her. Now she has plenty of cash for plastic surgery to get that big nose fixed. Let’s get back to her later, since I delivered gold to Keith I asked him if he needed help because I was leaving Claude as I was sick of his shit. Keith said he didn’t but he’d keep me in mind. He only employed 10 people, which was all he needed to keep his payroll at a minimum for the IRS. 

A week later he called me and asked if I’d come to work for him because Edena was out and Keith was freaking out that she may not return. He came to depend on Edena a lot especially since she was good with accounting and Michael who was supposed to keep his books straight was a major fuck up because Eden was the one correcting all of the mistakes he made on Keith’s books. (Michael was a paid accountant). I showed up and did the job interview with just a few questions, he wanted to know how much Claude paid me, so he could top it off by a few lousy dollars and he paid for my parking because I refused which at that time was only $150 a month. The question that stood out to me the most was if I snorted cocaine, which was to my surprise and I choose not to answer that question.

However, Keith boldly stated that we all do, except for Edna. He wasn’t kidding, yup cocaine was the big drug back then everyone was partying with it including the President of the US. Of course, I took the job since I had a family to care for I couldn’t waste time looking but it was a big waste of my time as I should have focused on employment that was beneficial and closer to home. Hell, if I would have beaten Mercedes to the punch I could have married Keith and kept his money. I’d be a millionaire today.

Let me describe Mr. Weinstein’s daily routine five days a week and 50 weeks a year minus the Christmas holiday. Now Keith lived in Marina Del Rey he purchased his condo in cash since he never liked owing anybody money, but he was very good at stealing from his customers until he wasn’t. However, he would drive to work and arrive at 10 am in the morning. He had his big chair and desk he sat at where he looked out a large window down at everyone on the street. He would open his laptop and watch porn until he left. Snorted some coke with a shot of vodka and talk shit about everyone he hated, Keith loved the gossip. For lunch at 12:30 he would snack on his salami and crackers and leave back home at 3:30 in the afternoon, is this a hard day at work or what? Once in a while, he would brag about his big dick and if he should hire a hooker to fuck him because Mercedes wasn’t giving him any pussy now that she had the kids. I don’t think he ever hired anyone to ride him, only because he was such an ignorant loser he thought if he did he would catch something. Keith was overconfident and not that good-looking as you can see. Hooking on the net was booming, but even call girls have their standards and Keith was a cheap cock sucker. hell, he could of had an entire entourage of bitches, but he was too cheap.

Keith thought he was funny blabbing his big mouth about me behind my back to Michael (his accountant) as he noticed me online. He too once approached me and called me by my stage name, now I am pissed. I warned him if he didn’t stay out of my business I was going to let the customers know how he steals from them. 1) top off the shipping charges (I ran the shipping of the products being mailed out) which were gold, platinum, all wires, and sauders which Keith actually invented himself. The reason he knew this was because his father taught him. His dad was in the same business back east in Buffalo where he was born and raised. Of course, Keith paints a different picture of sympathy how no one gave him anything. Yeah right, his father gave him 10,000 or 20,000 grand in cash and told him to start his own business and move on. This is why he left and came to California.

The 2nd was stealing products where he could as the saying goes “finders keepers, losers weepers”. That’s right a bum would go through the garbage and one day got lucky and found $6500 dollars of gold in the garbage. Let’s back up for a moment, when I worked for Claude he had a customer name Irene who worked for her dad. I went to the office and she was hysterical because she just misplaced $6500 dollars of gold that needed to be mailed out overnight. She was crying and yelling that she couldn’t find it. Fast forward one year later, Daniel Ballard sales guy for Keith blabs his big mouth to me how the bump found it and Keith meltdown all the gold, gave Daniel $500 and the bum and Keith kept 90 percent of it. Keith knew exactly who the gold belong to, he didn’t fucken care. Keith only cares if you steal from him. So one night I take my kids out to see a movie and I get a strange call on my cell, its Michael, Keith gave him my number without my permission. Now I am very angry!!  I warned you Keith and you didn’t listen.

Once I confronted Keith he denied it. I yelled at him about giving out my information because Michael couldn’t have gotten my number from anyone else. Keith Weinstein was a piece of shit he couldn’t even look me in the face, coward. So I decided to inform the customers of theft from the shipping which Keith made an additional $1500 a month cheating the customers. Of course, it all came back on him. Once a year he would have a show in Pomona of his manufacturing the other half of us worked in the office. People would spend a lot of money on airfare and hotel to come out to California only to have “subway sandwiches” for lunch because Keith was too cheap to have a nice catered lunch for his guests. Little by little people and customers were falling off the radar. He began to lose very big accounts so that meant he was losing money and fast. He was pissed at Daniel being the sales rep and not paying attention to what was going on. I just sat back and watched. never fuck with a woman who has leverage and think twice before you consider betraying me.

I was so fed up with Keith Weinstein getting into my affairs which were none of his fucken business and that whore of a wife he kept.  Mercedes kept calling me to talk shit I would just hang up on her. I never spoke about myself or let anyone know where I lived. Daniel was a fucken idiot and his stupid wife Donna that bitch was lazy and could never keep a job. Keith was always trying to find out where I lived. I changed my cell and never gave my social security number either.

I was close to calling the IRS since Keith knew how to cheat on his taxes (which reminds me, he would cheat Edna and Robert on their paychecks every week and then say, “Oh I’m sorry” and pay them in cash, so he would have less to report. It was time to spread the news of his paid prostitution and cocaine habits to all those he hated and who hated Keith. His nose bleeds were regular and he needed a taste of his own medicine. Oh and the IRS!  Yes, they did eventually knock on his door with a big FAT audit!!

I soon walked out and was glad to do it, I took a few hundred dollars from his petty cash which was nothing considering the thousands he had stolen from people over the number of years he was in business. I also warned Daniel if he hit Cheyenne one more time I would call the police and children’s services (Keith’s daughter, Daniel would teach her karate) not that Daniel was an expert it was just his way of getting more money from Keith. I had something on everybody. Michael too since he could be arrested for his illegal practices of Tax Fraud.

Keith had another friend named Michael who was a bigger cocaine-addicted, he once took $300 from Keith to score and never came back, well he did a few months later with his tail between his legs. He had to pay Keith back because he partied with the goods which I’m sure Keith knew he would do. I mean how stupid can a person be?  You know this loser takes it up the nose with every dime he makes and you’re going to trust him to score for you? Well, maybe Keith wasn’t too bright. His cunt of a wife and her big-dick husband were mentally fucked up always complaining of their terrible childhood. Shut the fuck up, you had it good compared to many children all over the world who were killed and starved by their parents, or pimped out. See people don’t have to be the same race to have the same fucked up mindset, these two were meant for each other.

Keith was very resentful towards me for leaving because his abandonment issues kicked in since his mother did the same to the family. Well really she walked out on her husband, and the kids just happen to stay behind. Either way, I didn’t fucken care, your problems are your own, you should have stayed out of my fucken affairs. Keith Weinstein was a loser and had no respect for anyone, plus I was missing my kids and fed up with the cheap pay and the headache of driving to that hell hole every day. My only regret I should have taken all $3000 grand of the petty cash! Rest In Hell!

Keith Weinstein, I hope you rot in hell and soon your  cunt a wife will join you. Nice knowing you!