Kardashians are Whores

 I’ve never understood why these people are admired by a young audience. Or anyone for that matter. These Kardashians are the WHORES OF BABYLON, they have never worked a real job, and they don’t hold any professional license other than marrying money. They are not college-educated or educated at all, (so Ignorance is a blessing) except for learning from mom how to catch a millionaire. The media lies about how they are businesswomen which is such a crock of shit, doing what exactly? Placing their name on cheap makeup products made in China? These bitches give “whore” a whole new meaning of relationships, marriage, kids, and bankrupting the husband all to end in divorce leaving the poor bastard broke. Let me just add I don’t care if a woman is a working girl at all, but these bitches leverage having children to financially benefit the relationship and that is just WRONG! 

Let’s begin with this mild history lesson and then I will move on with my personal cynical views of these women who believe in their diluted minds, their existence has meaning. In the Old Testament, the city of Babylon gave birth to an empire that ruled the known world and imposed a worldview upon all of the people that she conquered. Those she did not destroy, she subverted. She could be brutal; callous and proud and she believed that she would reign over the earth forever. She said in her heart: “I am, and there is no one besides me; I shall not sit as a widow or know the loss of children. She spoke as a god and she thought herself secure. Her destruction is announced in Isaiah 47. In response to her wickedness, arrogance, self-indulgence, and brutality towards the people of God the Lord announces sudden doom: You can read all of it here.The-Kardashians Whores of Babylon

The Kardashians are Whores and Kris Kardashian made it a point to hang around men who were famous and had money, it was her way of ranking herself as popular so she could catch a millionaire and she started young. Ceasar Sanudo. For a young girl that is impressive, she had the ambition to be a hunter of men. When you’re a young girl of 17 it’s easy to catch a man between your legs because older men of any age will do anything for that pussy, especially when it’s young.  Yet Ceasar made a fool of himself because something tells me Kris was always booking ahead. Kris met Robert Kardashian at a horse race in California five years prior, when Robert was 28 and Kris who was dating professional golfer Cesar Sanudo at the time – she was just 17. Isn’t it that interesting when the mice are away the cat will play?  Her man was out of town and here she is hanging out at the horse races in San Diego where men are.  Of course, she soon fled with Kardashian and was soon married with a bunch of kids which Kris taught her daughters well to be just like her.

Since Robert was a lawyer (which are whores too) he met all the important people and kept his wife happy with money and meeting moreCOCKE HEADS famous people with domestic problems, and drug problems as long as it all looked glamourous and she lived a good life of never working just have those kids to leverage the marriage and make sure you have plenty of cash when you divorce, it satisfied her. Kris is not a conventional woman, she is a hunter of money and men. Eventually, it all grew thin and she soon was bored and met Bruce Jenner (more money) Mr. Olympia himself, Now what could these two possibly have in common? Most of Jenner’s ex-wives were white with blonde hair. Kris a woman of color and moving up fast, it only took about 15 years to go from a few million to several million. Well, I’m sure it was all worth investing the time. In between her time of breaks ups, this slut always had another man lined up to keep her amused as she needed to, who else was going to pay the bills. Kris Jenner always has a man between her legs. Her track record for being a professional man-hunter should win the Nobel Prize.

It makes me curious how hard she had to work at Bruce Jenner, to land him between her legs and get him to marry her. This former man told the world that his ex-wives knew he had a flamboyant side of him. He never felt good being male. The only reason he held it in for so long is obvious. His career was riding on it.  Do you really think the people who are paying Bruce Jenner and investing in him are going to allow the world to know he has gone FAG???  No Fucken way, but many years later, no longer committed and had plenty of cash he could now unveil the truth, which is disgusting!  Yet it didn’t stop Kris Jenner from marrying a man gone FAG!transgender husband

Frankly all this homosexuality and trans bullshit stems from sexual abuse. Of course, Kris’s acting skills are not so convincing of “I didn’t know” Yeah sure you didn’t he only told his other ex-wives and now you want to pretend he never told you? Yet it didn’t stop her from leveraging the marriage with more kids. See with kids it’s more money when you get divorced and the extra child support is a real blessing.  Wow, maybe it’s not just the internet that promotes young girls to go after men and money as a common whore playing the schoolgirl act. It’s just a 24-carat ambition, with some influence in the mix and knowing exactly where to hang out. Well, this old hoe is not young anymore, but her last man gone all female certainly paid off. Especially now that she can help her daughters to appear as if they are important too and worth having a bullshit drama series that is a laughing gag of all time. People will do anything, and I mean anything for money, lie, sell their asses, kill their kids, sleep around, steal and pretend to be something their not just to keep fooling themselves of “false self-worth”.  Hey, whatever works, but how long can actually do it for?

I have no doubt the divorce settlement was financially paid well. I need to get a copy of that.  Now all the kids are grown only to add more drama bullshit with their false marriages based on lies and these BITCHES having some bullshit reality show, which is not reality at all. Paying them to promote themselves as if they have any real talent, which they don’t. People must really be bored in their lives to watch this crap. As for Kris Jenner, she is off with another cock in her mouth. Wasn’t Radar Online claiming she fucked O.J. Simpson too and he was the father to one of the kids? UPSIDE DOWN CROSS It’s probably true I can see her fucking a football team. I have no doubt all of them were coked out of their minds when partying together is what may have led up to the murders of Nicole Simpson. Then once the drugs become a problem arguing and insecurity and the mind running away with assumptions. I can see it all now. There is nothing innocent about this whore Kris Jenner and her slut daughters. All of these cunts are the biggest whores in mainstream media because her daughters are just like her!

Kim Kardashian regardless of all the drama that is said and the excuse of her so-called husband being bipolar (what an excuse) this whore is NO SOCIALITE. I am sick of the media exaggerating these bitches like they’re so special, but they’re NOT!! Women are vindictive cunts, it doesn’t matter what race a man is, these women know how to bring them to their knees. It wouldn’t surprise me if Kim is to blame for most of the marital problems and when she is all done wiping Kanye’s face on the floor she files for divorce and collects the cash only to move on. Let me just add these Kardashian hoes have too many young girls looking up to them and it’s all wrong. They are a very bad influence on the youth of today! Kim Kardashian has no integrity or self-worth, she has no real job and is as dumb as a light bulb! Only after two years, it’s over with four kids? This was an investment gone bad, not a real relationship. These numbers are highly exaggerated, but either way, the “Whore of Babylon” is still made out like the bandit she is. According to Forbes, TV personality turned business mogul Kim is estimated to be worth 900 million. The picture above indicates she is a straight-out hoe!

Some sisters stand out more than others this is my reason for only pointing out the two hoes including their whore of a mother. The other piglet of Babylon is Kylie Jenner (wow to have your dad turn FAG and become a woman, that is SICK!) Well, the show must go on, Kylie is right up there with her Queen Bee Whore of a mom and her big sister, popping out kids to leverage another poor investment. I can't get enough of myself KYLIE JENNER ANOTHER HOETravis Scott is another victim about to take a tumble, it’s only been a couple of years, and already here come the kids. Frankly, this young man looks like another Kanye West Novel, but at least he works for a living and that is why Kylie has her claws in his back. He seems to be doing okay, but I would watch your own back, if I were you Travis. Travis, these cunts are pros at reeling young men in with a nice cash flow and your own sneaker line with Nike you don’t want to jeopardize that, do you? Personally, I’m not into rap shit music, but whatever makes you happy and keeps a paycheck coming in, just invest it wisely and get your dick fixed, before you have too many kids. As you don’t want KYLIE JENNER taking every dime you make in child support as her big sister did, Kim might be giving tips on how to fuck a husband financially, because you will end up as another Kayne West Novel.

I know it’s hard to imagine the worst when you are young because we all live in this material world that is so full of bullshit but in the end, as you grow older, what will matter is your sanity and your health. This little piglet is not stupid to the ways of how her mother spooned her well, too real him in. After you read this don’t say I didn’t warn you. She looks like a real prize but the maturity isn’t there only the illusion. And with that being said is why when cunts like this spread their legs, the males come running fast to beat out any of the competition!!!!