Jenny Carmena Violates Rights

Jenny Carmena is a meddling Property manager Violating the Tenant’s Rights by consorting with the Tenant Rat Patti who intentionally lies she is a Manager and also meddles in tenants’ affairs. Jenny spends her days in the office causing havoc for tenants, She bullies the janitor to provide information and her pet Rat Pattie (who is ONLY a Tenant) is her main informant. They both go into apartments without permission stealing and violating privacy.


Jenny violated the rights of the tenants by allowing her personal “rats” to walk the grounds looking in tenants’ windows, and checking out the cars in the parking lots (I witnessed Pattie with her clipboard writing down license numbers to cars parked). This Korean man who still lives on the property sits with the women gossiping in the community room about people he discriminates against.RAT NEIGHBOR


He makes it his duty to walk around the grounds with a golf club in his hands like he wants to hit somebody with it. This complex does not have a golf area nor is there a golfing area in the neighborhood. Carrying a golf club is a threat to everyone living here (violation 4402).

I do not know him by name only by face but he is Jenny’s personal “rat” He reports back to her anything he discriminates against or people he doesn’t personally like. He is a threat to the entire community.  This Gouk enjoys talking shit about people, it fills up his day to cause trouble. See how the sword cuts both ways? He still lives there.


Let me share this about the “wait list” it’s created and it’s bullshit to appear as if the community is in demand. No one is ever called. Jenny advertises the units on the Internet and lies about them. How do you think I found the unit?  Told you she was stupid, she lies and says we don’t advertise, but that’s exactly what the company does. It’s all DECEPTION! The people on the “wait list” are never called. Huge turnover at this complex. I witnessed well over 20 new people move in and out from ads on the internet.  The ads on the net are misleading because they will show an apartment for $750 dollars but, Jim Lippman the owner raises all units by 4% to 7% every year.

So what Jenny does is 6 months later she forces you to sign a new lease before the old lease is up!!!!   The rent is very misleading and overpriced for a Senior Complex. Oh, and this complex will only allow a renter to live on $18,000 a year of income. It’s restricted, maybe Jenny, Lippman, and his daughter should try living off of $18,000 a year! How scandalous is that? The Housing Authority limit is 43,000 a year. DON’T SIGN THE LEASE JENNY FORCES ON YOU, BY LAW YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SIGN IT, it’s A TRAP TO KEEP YOU LOCKED, IT’S ILLEGAL TO FORCE PEOPLE TO SIGN A LEASE 6 months before the current lease is UP!!! She tried to pull that crap on me, I just threw it in the trash! 

Legally you are allowed a month-to-month AFTER YOUR LEASE EXPIRES IF YOU stay there a small increase in rent might happen, regardless.  It stipulates this in the contract. Check with city and county officials if the zone is “rent control”. If Lippman is breaking the law you can sue him, if he is charging more than he is legally allowed in a rent-controlled area.  You can also contact “consumer affairs”, for tenants’ rights.


Lippman is allowing his office employees (Jessica) on Wilshire to be rude and verbally abusive when calling to complain. I called several times and she would hang up! I recall there was this fat girl with dark hair who was substituting for Jenny while on vacation, she would shut off the phone and sit on her fat ass refusing to answer. I walked to the office and questioned her why she was not answering the phone, she looked away and turned the phone on. Trying to pay the rent and I am having to deal with stupid people, who are lazy to answer the phone.

Now let’s think about this. If you need 3 times the income to move in and every year the rent goes up 7% which is a lot of money. Then how does a person continue to qualify for such high rent? If you have lived here for several years, but your income never goes up. See where the DECEPTIONS FALLS? Eventually, you have to leave because you can’t afford it anymore. Social Security doesn’t give a shit, they don’t give raises. If anything they find scrupulous ways to cut people off. The only way to fight these corporate criminals is in court if you have the time and energy. This is ABUSE!! Read YELP REVIEWS…You will see in the following photo this little skank is a liar. Somerset is a Senior Complex this hood rat is in high school and is Jenny’s daughter’s friend. It’s a fake review, many of the 4 to 5 stars are fake reviews of neighbors and ass-kissers.  Old heifers who are very insecure stick together because they have no life!!



The first day I moved in I was in the office signing the contract and during this time is when I realized what a total bitch this manager really is.  Jenny is immature and lacks respect for people thinking it’s allowed to mock tenants in their faces. Jenny Carmena is immature and abusive. Fake reviews on Yelp of Jenny’s daughter having her friend write “fake reviews”. The end result was Jenny was fired!! I am so glad to know that.FLOODING AND TOILETS ARE A PROBLEM

“Oh, do you have a bed”? hahaha.  I should have not said that so loud hahaha. This is what I experienced straight from the bitch’s mouth!! Why? Do you care what I have?  It’s none of your business!!! In the following image, the maintenance left the wall this way for over 6mos. There were ongoing plumbing problems and the toilets were continuously backed up and flooding. The sink was flooded with mud and water in my kitchen sink. Three different plumbers were called each one couldn’t fix the problem and would leave only to never return. Jenny took two weeks to fix these problems, and by the time I moved out, the problem still lingered I was glad to leave this fucked up toxic property with oo many Koreans and Meddlers.


Since I have lived here these are just some of the violations I have endured. Which I find to be a threat and unsafe to live here.

  • Threatening me with false accusations.
  • Many Koreans who live here are abusive and racist!!
  • Jenny lies, stating she knows people at the housing authority, but she doesn’t know anyone. She uses that to threaten you.
  • She bothered me too much to call HA and ask for money, nagging me to give her money.  I said to her, call them yourself, you claim you know people.  This is financial abuse from a property manager!!
  • Refused to provide me with a laundry card. Now she blocks me from accessing the machine to load my card.
  • My car was tampered with by Korean tenants.
  • A Korean man bangs on my door threatening me.
  • Korean couple upstairs above me, her husband would walk into my unit (he too has dementia).
  • Allows her rat friend Patti to access units, the front office, and the files of tenants. Provides all keys to Patti.
  • Manager and Patti (tenant) accessing finances of other tenants.
  • Jenny was also blocking me from the laundry machine locking up the office doors.
  • The manager has her underage kids doing her job at night placing notices on tenants’ doors about income.
  • Entering my unit without permission and I noticed my furniture was moved and small items were stolen.
  • The manager mocked and patronized me. Jenny lies a lot to cover her ass.
  • Disrespectful behavior, yelling at certain tenants when she is in a bad mood. Jenny lies to the Housing Authority with NO evidence to back it up (I have a copy of what she gave them).
  • Jenny lied stating my partner yelled at her staff (this bitch has no staff) and he has never been in her office alone. NEVER! My husband has Dementia if anything she was abusing us verbally and emotionally!!!
  • Also threatened a care provider towing their car who was helping me with my partner. I won’t pay MONEY to have a fucken visitor park their car!!!  That is a scam!!

Another incident I witnessed the morning I signed the contract. Jenny was arguing with this Korean man. When he walked in he was furious with her for something she did to him.  I heard Jenny threaten the tenant she would call the “Housing Authority” and throw him and his family out. She verbally threatened him, very unprofessional. The contract has so much petty bullshit in it, it’s a book long, and 90% of repeats are being phrased differently to trip up the tenant with intent!!! During the morning of the feud, some fat heifer starts with her accusations and lies by stating “He’s hitting her”.

In regard to the argument that took place with the Korean man. She is a lying BITCH, that man did no such thing! I didn’t need this abuse and stress when caring for Todd while he was extremely ill, two years later he died and you Jenny can burn in hell you bitch, and your rat friend!! She had fucked up behavior. I once opened the door only to find her standing there like a weirdo, I asked her, “What are you doing? No answer she just walked away.

Jenny is so stupid and very insecure woman who behaves like she’s in high school.  She lacks respect for tenants’ privacy. She threatens people and lies to cover her ass with, “I’M SCARED, I’M SCARED!!! Her daughter is snot nose bitch like her mother!!

Don’t forget those RACIST KOREANS! Who has NO BUSINESS IN AMERICA? This place houses 95% percent Koreans, too many!  Too many of anything causes problems. I can’t believe how stupid the manager Jenny is volunteering information to me about how many people are on housing vouchers. (violation, no manager should be discussing other tenants’ business with another tenant or with anyone).  I hope a giant earthquake takes down the entire building because you deserve it Lippman for being lazy!

Jim Lippman allows this kind of abuse, he does nothing nor will the Corporate Office on Wilshire do anything about her abusive behavior! Hell, the staff hangs up on people at least Jessica does, she doesn’t give a fuck to listen to anyone. A civil lawsuit needs to take place in collaboration with all tenants who have been violated!

So during this entire time, I have lived here I was dealing with my partner who had severe medical problems that were not being diagnosed correctly. He tends to be loud-spoken and vocal which didn’t help. So there is Patti poking her face in my windows, walking around my apartment where she shouldn’t be, considering she lives on the other side. Gossiping with other tenants at my back door was a daily habit. Then she goes over to Jenny with her third party gossiping about her version of what she assumes to be true. Stay out of people’s personal lives bitch! Patti who lives in unit 102 at 13350 is a meddling bitch! Jenny tells her all kinds of confidential information about tenants. I know she does many of us women discussed what Patti is doing, which in turn has convinced many tenants Jenny is sharing information about tenants with Patti. (this cunt is NOT an EMPLOYEE) of Jim Lippman!

Lippman is another corporate criminal who lives in Brentwood I found his home and mailed a certified letter telling him everything. He needs to check on employees since they seem to allow managers to violate tenants’ rights and abuse those who pay to live on his property!  His daughter collects a phat check and sits on her ass doing nothing. Your not special Bitch! Alexandria Lippman!GREEDY JEW LIPPMAN

Now all this time Jenny is meddling in my personal affairs with her “rat” Patti who lives in apt #102 at 13350 building, She goes around talking to all the women gossiping getting the scoop, and playing telephone. Patti is a loser the kind of cunt that will say and do anything to keep what little she has. Jenny gives her “free perks! What is it about some people who need to be the RAT, the problem?

Patti is only a tenant, she lies and tells everybody she is a manager, but she is NOT!  She is NOT EMPLOYED BY JIM LIPPMAN!!!  Jenny Carmena gives the keys to Patti who lives here (#102 building 13350) so she can access units and the office where the files of tenants are kept. She also makes it a habit to get into my financial affairs. Did I mention Patti is only a tenant!!!  Not a manager! Violation!!!

The reason I know this is that Patti went to Jenny talking shit and making accusations because she knows I care for my husband’s needs, someone told her. In turn, Jenny started harassing me about my income several times. She also had her daughter and son who are underage place income paperwork on my door. It’s not for your kids to do your fucking  job you lazy bitch!

“Oh, I am scared” I’m scared, is her favorite line she uses to make excuses for herself. “Oh, I am scared”, if you’re so scared go work elsewhere!!! Jenny is a Christian snake with a swag of DEVIL 😈inside of her. You know the kind that brags about the church!

VIOLATION!!  Underage kids have no business at tenants’ doors!!! You have time in the day from 9 am to 6 pm when you are here. Jenny is a lying snake and thinks she is smart by allowing her kids to do her job late at night. More than likely she got picked on as a kid and now it’s “payback” taking her abuse on tenants. Patti also goes around writing down the plate license car numbers on a piece of paper to keep for her own personal use. Jenny Carmena verbally shared confidential information about tenants to another tenant Pattie #102 at 13350 (WHO IS NOT AN EMPLOYEE) of Jim Lippman and it is a VIOLATION!!!!!!

I have seen her do this with my own eyes!! Oh, she will do anything for Jenny, you know the “rat” type? Those perks must be really good. So then Jenny ignorantly confesses to me how she is calling the state controller to gain info on my paychecks. VIOLATION!! Hey dumb ass you’re wasting your time, they won’t tell you to shit anyways!!  If they did it’s breaking the law!!!  Her job is not that important to her.

Jenny Carmena enjoys bullying and threatening tenants all the time.  Also talking to Patti about my personal finances is breaking the law and a violation of tenants’ rights! When the courts open, I am filing a restraining order and if anyone wants to collaborate with a civil suit against Mr. Jim Lippman contact me. It’s time to stand up for ourselves and hold him responsible for the violations and abuse of his manager Jenny Carmena. Her abuse and unprofessional manner with so many violations need to be addressed and held accountable!


As for Patricia who lives at 13350 Hillsborough Dr. LaMirada, CA #apt 102.  NEEDS TO BE EVICTED!!!!  EVERY DAY PATTIE WOULD WALK HER STUPID DOG AND STAND BY MY APARTMENT GOSSIPING!!!!