Japanese Shyster

I don’t fucken care what people say or think. If those who are dumb and blind do not see the truth of how fucked up this country really is, then you better open your eyes to your future. As people grow old don’t think your life won’t change for the worst as the politics and elites crush the human race.  Since my life has changed after losing my man Todd Taylor including my employment I’m alone now, and it’s okay. I am tired and need to heal from everything I went through with Todd, but living in my car again is not something I planned for, but I look at the positive, I can travel and go where ever I want. I do have some income, but it’s going to take time to rebuild. The importance of life is your health and mental well-being. I do feel bad for those young kids, there is a far worst influence in society, and the corruption has many of them committing financial fraud.

I’m glad to get rid of my debt, which I did this way I don’t have obligations only to myself. There are nothing but crap employment existing. I’m better off employing myself. Speaking of which I was denied unemployment. Don’t you just love it when you bust your ass working for years only to get fucked by the state, which I am entitled to have my unemployment from taxes I paid into this corrupt system? Which in my mind is fucken FRAUD!!! The entire TAX is FRAUD!!! The white man is a natural thief, liar, and child molester, just look around.

Yesterday after my daily workout at Planet Fitness, which is a cool place to be. I usually feel better after my 30-minute workouts, I was heading to my car and this 30-something Japanese kid asked me for money. Wow, as if I grow 20 dollar bills out of my ass, so I gave him $5.  I couldn’t afford it, but this is the story he fed me. He admits it was easy coming into America as an International Student and graduating from UCLA in film, but couldn’t get a job and now was homeless, okay I’ll buy that. I was too, but I graduated from CSUN, and I am not male. Asian people seemed to be favored next to whites in this country. This kid should have some work really? He could do all this, but he couldn’t make any effort to obtain a Cali DL, which I’m finding hard to believe.

Now the part about being broke and without a place to go I can understand, as I was in the same situation, but this kid is young and male, as compared to me I am an older woman past 50 and had a BA in Women’s Studies. It wasn’t specific. When you go to school you are broke, but my situation changed because I opened my heart up to Todd, which led me down a different road. And being an older woman, jobs weren’t as generous to me. This kid has a big advantage compared to me.

So I gave this kid information on where to get good resources, but he was unwilling to accept it and claimed he didn’t qualify. How would you know you haven’t gone there? You can’t compare one place to another. Okay, I told him, I don’t know who you spoke to, but you can obtain a CDL here, anyone can and they will help with many resources. Then he tells me, how someone held him at gunpoint and shot him, then stole his passport. Geez really? It gets better, this kid is 110 pounds he would have been dead.

Gimme a break, but hey he lived and had no scars. Next thing I know he pulls out two cell phones and asked me to tape record how I helped him out as he needed the recording for the film industry. Yeah, I don’t think so, I said, good luck and left.

This shit Govt. gives international students more perks than anyone else, if you’re going to fly to another country with no one to rely on, you better have a fucken plan. Plan A and B, not to end up in a bad situation with nothing, no job, money, or a way to get back home. For the most part, he had me until he pulled out TWO cell phones. The immigration in this country is so fucked up with all these Chinese, Japanese, and Filipinos living here. So many of these young kids are driving around in 50,000-dollar cars, they’re just as stupid and spoiled as white kids. Hell, most of the Asians have taken over Hacienda Hts, Rowland Hts, and most of Los Angeles County. Our Govt gives students so many perks and opportunities with good jobs, that people who live will never get. The banking industry is left for many immigrant Asians, the Sciences, and all kinds of employment, but he was clueless. 

I can understand there are those who fall between the cracks, but seriously, if he said to me, it’s easy to get into America, Well then, it should be easy to get a Ca. DL? I do wonder how some of these people are making it. I can’t help but think they’re committing fraud, especially when they have a business. This is usually how Asians buy expensive cars. Self Employed and Gov’t Loans. For example, these gowk’s in Hac. Hts. own a crystal shop, nice stuff but, seriously overpriced, and yet the company doesn’t advertise the store at all. I can’t find them on the web. Isn’t that strange? So, it makes me curious how they stay in business. How do they pay expensive commercial rent? Especially when their store has no advertising and people hardly go in the store.

Another odd business is a lending company next door to the gym and all the windows are covered up. I never see anyone ever go in or out the door. And the lights are always on. I’ve been taken by Chinese in the past, they will steal just the same as anyone else if given the opportunity. These people are no better or smarter than anyone else. Many small businesses and individuals commit fraud within their own businesses.  It’s not unusual, this is why so many outsiders come to America because they know it’s easy to get away with, at least until you get caught.

Every day I see too many out-of-state license plates, even Euro plates. I know people are hurting and the only jobs that exist are low-wage shit jobs, but of course, those have always existed. It just pisses me off between the Asians and Pakistan’s buying up 7-Eleven, motels and hotels, and laundry mats, it’s fucken ridiculous I feel I am being pushed out. This Govt gives these people monies to start a business with no problem, they can get many advantages. We Mexicans don’t get as easily! Why because the White man is a double-faced racist asshole. Yes, my ancestors are indigenous from the basin of America, and my family is indigenous, but MEXICAN or Not we get fucked first! Gee, the shit Gov only gives EB visas to Euro-trash and Armenian who are not citizens of the country, they should be kicked out with the Russians.

Let me give you one example, this family I know was stealing from the IHSS program, which is to help those in need with caregiving, but it’s income-restricted!  This family owns a dental office, drives a BMW and the father was a lawyer, yet they expect the state to pay all expenses, as both sisters are cheap and don’t want to be inconvenienced caring for their parents. The mother does need help because she has cancer, but her daughters can take turns caring for her, they just don’t want to be inconvenienced.

So I reported her ass, especially after she calls me an immigrant and refuses to pay my rate of $17 an hour because she claims she can’t afford it. But she can afford the BMW she drives, no problem there.

My hairdresser is on ebt because she works on commission, but yet some 30-year-old Asians are driving a Maserati? Unbalanced Society. Every human should be well cared for, but is not, because of GREED from the US Govt.! I tried explaining to someone once the money is not real, it’s all a hoax, but of course, this ignorant moron couldn’t grasp money is a concept.

As humans none of us should have to struggle for a home and food, this land was created for us to play, flourish, love, and procreate. The earth gives us plenty of food that we can grow, pick off the trees and build our own homes, but the White Man is the problem, because of their evil heart and selfish greed that plagues the soul and murders, humans! Has now created the World’s Soul Unbalanced and for that natural disasters will kill the human race just as you are viewing now around the world.

It’s too hard to trust anyone, I thought I could trust people I knew all my life, but they turned out to be seriously Toxic and Abusive. Now I prefer to be alone, I just need to get back on the horse or become dedicated to myself. The Elites are brilliant with abuse on Humanity. Regardless of currency being a mere concept not the root of all evil. The root of all evil is SEPARATION.