Irving Rosenfeld

People like Tony Robbins would say viewing a movie more than once is like living in the past. Maybe and yes this movie is an older film, but as I mentioned I never viewed Christian Bales’s work other than the movie “Little Women”, but that was not because he was in the film since he wasn’t recognized back then. It was based on the women in the movie and the family. I’ve glanced at some of his other work, but it never caught my attention until now. No matter how many times I cancel my Netflix account, it’s like a bad habit I eventually come back to it and this time I was glad I did because I never watched “AMERICAN HUSTLE” before, until now. I just couldn’t get enough of Irving Rosenfeld I must have viewed those clips 20 times when he first meets Sydney.Irving looking at Sydney I love it when both of them are standing together at the cleaners and the clothes are spinning around in a circle and she removes his glasses to kiss him.

I zoomed in on Christians’ body language and every motion was sincere. I’m watching his eyes because a man’s eyes say everything, he was actually at that moment shy to look at her. Regardless of AMY ADAMS’s role, she was very attracted to Christian Bale and his character (I know I am) I could tell because body language speaks volumes whether you are acting or not. This is why casting people is important especially if they have to play a love role with each other.

Irving Rosenfeld at the Pool Party

Let’s start from the beginning when they meet, he looks at her with amazement and she just happens to turn around sensing him. How many times have you (the reader) experienced this?  I met someone years ago and both of us felt a strong connection, it was scary and I don’t know why instead of going with it I actually ran away from it. My guard went up and I  walked. I don’t know what happened to that guy, but he did confess to me he felt the same strong attraction, and this is what both characters felt the moment they met. In addition to having a love for Duke Ellington that was the main connection. I once read about how we feel about ourselves is what we attract in our lives, and I believe it. It just seems easier when you’re younger than later when you’re older to find that one person you can spend your life with.We Have a Secret When you’re younger you will go through changes and it can be hard to hold on to that relationship because people do change. And when growing older your eyes will wander when meeting other people. It’s not often though Christian Bale will play roles with women on screen he is romantically involved in. This is the first time I’ve noticed him play a love scene. Maybe staying away from the love scenes, is what he prefers because he is married, who knows? Humans are humans and married or not, feelings can spark up when two people are attracted to each other. And men don’t like to admit this, but they want to fuck around with different women all the time. Bale being married and in love is the reason a man like Christian won’t cheat unless his wife gives him a reason not to be at home with the family.

As for Christian Bale, he is an Aquarius and when a man under this zodiac falls in love, it’s for life. A man like this makes the best husband, he won’t cheat, his family is everything and he is generous by nature.  So back to Irving Rosenfeld the con artist well, at least he was employed. Irving’s character reminded me of Todd Taylor he was my man until he passed away last February 14th before his 62nd birthday. Todd was also an Aquarius, so much of Irving’s character and body language reminded me of Todd, this could be partially the reason I fell in love with his character. Aquarian men are all HEART by nature and those moments of shyness are very sexy but Irving is the kind of man you want to hug and you can feel safe when love is raw and true.

You must let him be himself don’t try and control him, that will be a mistake. Aquarian men need to feel leadership. the kissIt’s like he said when they were spinning under the clothes, he could be himself, with no shame or embarrassment. When people feel this secure in a relationship they know it’s real, with no judgment. And all of us want that and yes it takes work from both parties, one can’t carry the other. Nor should one lean on the other in a co-dependent way, both have to trust in each other for the relationship to grow.

Everything about Irving Rosenfeld I fell in love with, his body, his confidence which made him so much more attractive, and the way he spoke with a back East accent. His body gestures as he listens to Duke Ellington. Frankly, it’s the best work Christian Bale ever did, forget about all the rest because Irving Rosenfeld was brought to life and Christian Bale allowed much of who he really is to be Irving and as Edith Greensly expressed, he was who he was, and didn’t care. It was that “air” of confidence about this man that made him so amazing, so true. Someone you just want to be with all the time. A man every woman seeks and she is a woman every man hopes to find. TRUE LOVE IS HARD TO FIND!