Invading My Space and Sharing Personal Space with a Transgender is more than I bargained for. I will never understand the desire of male wanting to be woman.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you just have to put your foot down and say, “that’s it, I’ve had it”!! At moments in my life, I’ve experienced having to share my space with other heterosexual women and NO!!

It wasn’t at “Civil Bran Women’s Prison”.  And during this sharing of space it’s bad enough when it is with other heterosexual women, but having to share my space with “transgenders” is seriously crossing boundaries. This is invading my space and I don’t approve of it, but there was nothing I could do under the circumstances. I just wonder “why does the gender male feel he needs to be a woman”? I can’t answer this question?

I can’t even begin to understand the nature of why someone would want to change their sexual identity or gender.  I was born female and grew up with female parts. I am very much a heterosexual woman who loves and enjoys heterosexual men.

I’m turned on by the presence of masculinity when it walks into a room, a handsome face with some ruggedness to it. Strong arms and legs, a great ass especially if a man is a very tall and broad shoulder. That is the best physical attribute that attracts my attention towards men, well actually it could be pretty boys with big sticks:-)

Generally, I don’t consider myself homophobic, I guess I’m just perplexed at trying to understand why males want to dress like a woman, act like a woman, talk like a woman and behave like a woman, even to the point of having breasts. The realism is no matter how much effort and physical change a male (Caitlyn Jenner) makes they will never be a woman or be seen as a woman in society.

It’s a contradiction to say that I can socially accept female lesbians more than I can transgender or gay males and I do, I guess because when I see males behave with such flamboyance, it turns me off to see a male behave this way, it really bothers me.

However women being lesbians are great as long as they stay feminine and are viewed as women, anything opposite of that, such as becoming “butch” turns me off. I view it as a sell out (selling out women) or a trader since women really do hold the power in society.

Look at women like Melissa Etheridge, she’s not “butch” but a strong feminine who is still very much a woman and she is powerful. I can’t lie I guess that part of me will never fully accept women or men changing their sex/gender overall. It doesn’t personally concern me since it’s not my life, it’s theirs, I just find it annoying and very confusing.

The first time I ever saw a transgender I was in high school in the 10th grade. I was living in Colorado, on an Army base when again invading my space was an issue. My school was predominately made up of black Americans. The young boy I saw every day was Rodney, he was born a boy but would come to school every day dressed like a girl. He would wear dresses with jewelry, makeup, the works. I had no idea what to think of him.

No one ever explained it to me what transgender was all about and why it existed. As I observed her closely I noticed no one ever mocked Rodney or said anything to hurt him, maybe because he was black or maybe it’s because they simply ignored he existed, he had only one good friend. Invading my space continued with a transgender at school.

I guess one good friend is better than no friends at all especially in high school. I have to admire his courage though coming to school every day dressing like a girl, being the person he should have been all along, it takes courage especially during the 1980’s.

Now there are certain things I don’t have a problem with for example little boys playing with dolls, or other gender-specific toys. If small children play together they can learn to respect each other and work together. I don’t see anything wrong with children playing with different toys, children need to interact together freely and with toys that should not be considered gender specific.

Although most toys are viewed as gender specific and are geared toward defining the male and female role, such as “lego” toys, have you ever viewed these toys?  They are gender specific.

Why I bring this up is because if parents and outsiders don’t pressure children’s playtime about colors they wear, toys, games, and dress of what defines a male or female, then children will grow with greater confidence within their sexuality and self-identity.

Parent’s start labeling and defining gender from the minute a baby is born, I believe it causes confusion and insecurities right from the start.

Parent’s have no idea how to cope raising their kids they weren’t given the proper methods and tools, they only copy cat what society tells us is the way to raise children or from previous generations. My point is the child should have the freedom to exercise their personal choices while growing.

With that being said humans will have a clearer understanding of their own identity, especially their sexuality. Last, I don’t want to convey to people that gay’s and transgender don’t know who they are, but there are those who will do things to rebel, and some people have deeply rooted problems that could mislead the perception they have of themselves. Regardless we all need to learn to except and respect the “transgender community”.

I don’t know maybe I’m the one who is confused, hell… I just know that while I had to live at a dorm facility during this time in my life, it bothered me that my space was being invaded by transgenders. Invading my space this way I resented.

I’m selfish, what can I say, I just don’t like to share. I leave for work and there they are, many of them walking among us, everywhere I go I would see males of all ages identifying themselves as women, wearing wigs, dressing, talking, acting like women. It felt like a real put down, being a real woman myself. All I know is I have to keep in mind regardless of sex everyone is human with feelings and no one likes rejection.

I just need to make sure when I’m on the manhunt that I make sure he is a “real man” I’m hooking up with and not a woman wanting to be a man.