Jenny Carmena I’M Scared, I’M Scared

Jenny Carmena I’m Scared I’m Scared I’m Scared. Endorsing victim status is the act of an insecure, backstabbing, two-faced Christian. You know the type, the kind of insecure female who kisses ass to the boss to keep her job. Lies to cover her ass when she is busted for wrongdoing or violating tenants’ rights.

She is the meddler in everyone’s personal affairs because her own life is so empty. Of course, she needs a “rat” friend, to keep her up to date as there are so many people to keep up with when imposing in neighbors’ personal lives.

The excuse is “Oh we look out for everyone”.  Right, good-looking out, meddling, lying, and causing chaos. Fuck You, Jenny, you ugly malicious Bitch, I so pray GOD takes your sorry ass out. No one gets away with SIN BITCH!!!

Of course, the “rat” goes around lying to people pretending to be in authority when making decisions. Towing cars, walking around with her clipboard, writing license numbers down, snooping in windows, looking in cars, and gossiping with neighbors. Befriending people who are too stupid to know better. Jenny Carmena and Pattie the Cunt!

The reason these two allies have a strong connection is that they both share the same “insecure” mindset. They both lie to cover each other in the lies. They’re both bullies until confronted with their own dishonesty. I’m disgusted with a two-faced snake who walks around with smug insecure behavior. Allows her underage kids to do her job at night.

I am sickened by liars, two-face snakes, harassing, bullying, and threatening. Yet the excuse is “nothing” There is NO LOGICAL reason for snake behavior who mocks and bad-mouths people under contract.

Speaking of contracts, this is a subject all its own, to know your legal rights and what evidence stands up in court is very important. Restraining orders can be executed when needed.  Never hesitate to defend yourself from problem people. As they are everywhere.

These types of bitches and male assholes exist everywhere. They are the biggest problem makers, rats in jobs, and lack integrity and character. Big Losers! She needs a second job to fill up her day. I’m so glad Jenny is now FIRED! I GUESS Mr. Lippman took me seriously when I mailed that certified letter to his home and reported everything his property manager did to violate my rights.