Ignorance and the Church

Ignorance and the church which is the same as the church and the State are two of the most corrupt businesses in bed with each other, Maybe not news to some, but its transparency of corruption is worse than ever. Over the last few years, I’ve noticed in Orange County the church has the excuse “We have little funding because the community donations have gone down” since Covid. Everyone’s excuse is COVID-19, but it doesn’t stop the preacher man from getting his paycheck of about 100,000 a year and all the freebies his heart desires.

Sure they have and I’ve lost twenty – five pounds in a day. I have no doubt their endorsements and private school are more than helping them to stay in business or they wouldn’t be standing at all. Do you notice how the number of churches is overflowing on every street corner, all over the world more than your average 7’11?

So therefore I am not convinced the money is down, they just don’t care to help the people in the way they should and when they do, it’s a harsh experience of verbal abuse and judgment. Sounds like the Social Security office doesn’t it?

People do fester off of ignorance, don’t they? Just as when something horrible is staring them in the face, it’s more reasonable to turn a blind eye than resolve the problem. Speaking of which the way people resolve problems today is one of two ways 1) ignore you and 2) hang up the phone. No point in resolving problems let’s keep things a mess.

Yesterday I stopped at a church to speak to someone about something personal There is a school on the property, but the parish office sits on the opposite side, and here comes some white female needing to know how she can help. I didn’t ask for your help, I responded but she is one of those bitches who feels the need that just because she works here at school with all the brats, it’s her business to know your business. Why don’t you mind your own business and stay out of mine? Yet she seems to know the Deacon’s personal schedule since she mentioned he wasn’t there. gee, I wonder why?

She didn’t like my response but I don’t care, white people seem to think they own everything, all monies and endorsements belong to them just because people of color don’t deserve it. She felt the need to stick her nose in my affairs instead of tending to the brats at the school, I straight out said you white people think you own everything, you don’t own the school or the church, so mind your own business. Excuse me, what? That’s right, that’s what I said. Ignorance and a nosey white bitch. Isn’t it bad enough that all white people are working in the churches and top office positions, universities, you understand what I mean?

I mean hell, the country is run by primarily the white man and he has done a horrible job, I mean what is the reason for war, murdering people? Yet those same hypocrites call America a Christian country, based on what? Racism, Abuse, Murder, and Human Trafficking?

Let’s not forget the gender wage gap still exists since people who are paid for the same job the white individual get paid more money and more social security when they retire compared to people of color. Regardless of popular opinion “white privilege” is a lie, an illusion that has been set up for the white race to believe, This country is theirs by birthright and everything it in, but when their crimes are thrown in their face of theft and murder they start crying a different tune.

Let’s make excuses, let’s get the attorney to defend my good reputation or pretend I am sick and can barely walk, whatever excuse they can pull off to get away with their crimes which are 3 times the amount compared to people of color. Just look at Martha Stewart and Elizabeth Holmes, common criminals, or Weinstein a rapist, and Oprah.

Okay she doesn’t fit into my equation of the white race and the church, but her hands are very dirty of Human Trafficking, but she is not the only one. However, that’s a blog for a later time.

Let me provide an example, of the lie white people claim. There is a museum in LaHabra, there is a painting I would love to own it’s of my ancestors on the land within the basin, that reaches from now Los Angeles throughout Orange County as I was in “awe” of it. So here comes this white woman with her bullshit and says’s “They were NEVER here”. Oh really?  What she said next was so incredibly STUPID, I had to throw it in her face. Some ridiculous stories of Armenian people who were stealing but didn’t understand what they were doing, then continued with other nonsense. I’m looking at her like, would you please shut up?  She was so STUPID with her lies and yet denied my ancestors ever existed. Ah, no Bitch we do belong here, it’s you who should leave.

I am so sick of this IGNORANT mentality and that is exactly what I see in the church as yesterday my emotions were on a rampage I never did speak to the Deacon at the Prespertayin church on Euclid in Fullerton, but I will be sharing this article with Luann. (So thanks for nothing and ignoring my calls). However, I spoke to a priest at St Vincent Depaul in Huntington Beach because it’s time to exploit the crap out of everyone for laziness, nasty behavior, and STUPIDITY!  The man was very patient and very kind, maybe it was just an act, but he seemed sincere, at least enough to listen. The volunteers at St. Vincent DePaul are being coached (or not) to be very abusive in the most silent manner. Body language expresses volumes, dirty looks, taking my pedigree information, taking photos of car plate and what is this for exactly?  Law Enforcement no doubt.

A woman named Lisa  Roberts (who claims she is a case manager) at HB Police station knows the volunteers (an Irish couple who refuses to say their name) in HB Saint Simon Church. They’re in cahoots together and I strongly believe it is all about Marital Law as the church helps the people with very few resources, they take all your pedigree information and give it to the police. In turn, the attitude toward you when seeing them as I have done 3 times is why they are so abusive and this is what I experienced and told the priest who is a manager of the church down the street St. Vincent DePaul.  He claimed there was no connection, but there is. Huntington Police was sued by the State.

The Irish couple is rude from the moment they approach you, the wife would question you about everything in your life, and the husband is no better, these white people are so racist and when I turned the tables on them they couldn’t look me in the face. Their hypocrites and liars. Oh and let me not forget Michelle’s husband he told me I should leave California. I have a better idea you racist shit maybe you should, because the white man is not INDIGENOUS TO AMERICA! I know white people including those in the church are convinced this land is theirs, but it’s not. However, white people are the poison that pisses on humanity in my mind. American history is proof of that.

Once I ended my call with this man I thanked him, again for his patience which set the stage he listened carefully to everything I had to say, and I respected him for that. He then asked if he could pray for me, I said no as I am spiritual, not religious, but I do not deny the power of the Divine spirit. The call ended.

I have no idea who hires these ass-wads or why they think in their small minds they serve a purpose, behaving this way. Or are you getting paid, so you can stay above the poverty line yourself because your social security check doesn’t cover your needs? Maybe that’s it. I know Bob and Barbra do and they too are St. Vincent DePaul volunteers.

It must pay well to be a volunteer since they can afford a new car and go to Hawaii a couple of times a year. One fact I shared with the priest about St. Vincent DePaul is that only “white people are hired” to be volunteers, especially in Orange County. Don’t think for one minute these churches are not self-serving they are, they are as corrupt as the State and the people who believe they are better than others because of money.

However, it’s not money that is the root of all evil, it’s “separation”. Let me end with this, the States in this country have no intention of solving problems they created and the fall of man is one of them.  The state of California is funding numerous nonprofits to shove people in shelters and giving millions to organizations and churches paying them for resources they should provide to the people and don’t.

It’s no different when we hear how Africa is given millions to help the people and their very own Government is a sell-out stealing most of the monies and resources, then handing over a few leftovers to the people. It’s the same thing here. Problems will never be resolved, it’s all a lie, and people will continue to be squeezed until YOU end up in a compromising position where you can no longer support yourself and yes the Committee of 300 is responsible for it all including breaking families apart. Put that in your mental Rolodex white man running the churches and the state!