Identity Theft Is to Common

Do you notice these days everywhere you go people want to take your identity? Especially online. I went to the Only Fans Platform and like so many others the owner wanted my State License, so I deleted the account. In addition to that the owner whoever they are expects me to have already a following on social media. WTF, I do have other things in my day that are important, other than sitting on my ass with social media crap which frankly I can’t stand. Let me describe how scandalous the owner is, as I’m writing this upon deleting the account the email they sent me is now gone from my Gmail account. See what I mean by how cunning these people hiding behind their platforms are and yet he or she wants my pedigree information?

Now if it’s one platform such as Pinterest or Instagram maybe but no I am not going to sit around all day with social media that is ridiculous. There are ways to gain a following without being a sheep. One problem with society is too many followers instead of leaders, but then how can people lead if they don’t know who they are?IDENTITY THEFT, DON'T GIVE YOUR STATE LICENSE TO ONLINE PLATFORMS

Let me cut in here with other thoughts about Facebook, the worst and most vile platform millions of stupid people gravitate to. Yet the owner is brilliant in how to exploit people, track people where they live, and all their personal information because Zuckerberg is in cahoots with Bill Gates maybe? Is this the real reason to funnel hate throughout society, so they can track it, and maybe arrest a few idiots who get into trouble? Or is it to just monitor those obvious knuckleheads because in time shit will occur and they can be the ones to point their finger at everyday criminals when those people at the top are committing large crimes? Is this the reason Walmart is closing stores down in rural areas and turning them into concentration camps? The Elites are getting ready?

I’m not that desperate that I need to be on your platform. I don’t know this person yet, they want me to give up my pedigree information? Yeah I don’t think so, it makes “Identity Theft” far too easy the more we give up this information that person or other employees could easily steal it.  Using it for their own benefit. Especially online I have no reason to trust people I have never seen nor will I ever see or meet that I should do this.  Far too many online companies of people hiding behind the internet asking for pedigree information.

I’ve had my information stolen before and was a mess on check systems if it wasn’t for the asshole at the bank I would have never found out, since I don’t write checks, who needs to since debit transactions have taken over, but my name and information was used.  I’ve been robbed too many times in the past, People don’t have the balls to steal from the rich, that is far too challenging, but they will steal from everyday citizens, Just ask the corporations and politicians, they’re brilliant at theft. Another site asking me for state License information was an escort site called, I guess.

The more vulnerable people become the more exposed they are to “Identity Theft” It’s not worth having your information stolen and used and you won’t know where it’s coming from since thousands of people purchase online, have social media online, and want personal profiles online to have a following. Somebody at some point is going to steal your information and misuse it. I don’t need to prove I am over the age of 21, hell I wish I was twenty-one because when you are older people start treating you differently. One good thing that comes from age is wisdom, stupid I am not! Nor am I law enforcement either, now Those ass-wads will never show their license to anyone especially an escort because the DMV has it written on the back of their state license they are a cop. So ladies for all of you providers out there just ask for a license, less of a risk of getting busted!

Frankly, I’m not sure how the law plays into this demand for providing a state license to people you don’t know or will never meet who own an online business. It may be illegal depending on the state they’re in, but if you’re giving up information “you’re doing it willingly”. However it’s a touchy situation, Look at the plasma centers “fingerprinting” people donating plasma, that was illegal and they’re still doing it.