Human Trafficking, Prison, Slavery

Ice Cube is on a Mission

Last night I found some very disturbing but not-so-surprising YouTube videos and articles about Jamie Foxx that he is dead. This was coming from Ice Cube. I’m going to dive deep into the subject of Human Trafficking and some bizarre situations that have occurred and speak about people who are called “GayeKeepers” who are rich people part of the pedo ring, prison systems, and murdering actors in Hollywood, let’s not forget the false Government. This is a sensitive subject but a subject that people need to stand together as a collective and start pushing back and demanding order from those who are destroying children’s lives and controlling the human population.

First, who are the “GateKeepers”?  Ice Cube mentioned they are those who control the prison systems. The GateKeepers subject actors to abuse by pressuring them into homosexual acts and COVID-19 vaccinations. If they don’t do what is expected, they will suffer the consequences of death or having their career blackballed. I’m going to name a few but they are so many at fault. Let me say too many actors refuse to be upfront and honest painting a false narrative of the sex abuse and human trafficking going on in this country and the Movie Industry, which I believe has strong ties to false government. In society, people are ignorant of the prison system and how bad it really is, it’s slavery against the abuse of humans. People don’t deserve solitary for life that is only based on drug charges, but there are child molesters running loose among the Elites and the Movie Industry.

  • George Zoley
    Another prison profiteer who presumably has no moral qualms about the business is George Zoley, the CEO of GEO Group and the second-biggest investor in the incarceration industry. In fact, he’s so proud of his business, which has committed a laundry list of human rights abuses, that he tried to get a college football stadium named after it.  There are hundreds of people guilty of crimes against humanity alive and dead, and the crimes are in plain sight
  • Henri Wedell
    The individual who’s invested the most in private prisons is Henri Wedell, who started serving on CCA’s board of directors in 2000 when the company was struggling with scandals related to prisoner abuse and mismanagement. He now owns more than 650,000 shares in the company, which is far more successful these days. Those shares are worth more than $25 million.
  • Retired People and Probably You
    The Vanguard Group and Fidelity Investments are America’s top two 401(k) providers. They are also two of the private prison industry’s biggest investors. Together, they own about 20 percent of both CCA and GEO. That means if you have a 401(k) plan, there’s a good chance you benefit financially from private prisons. And even if you don’t, there are many more mutual funds, brokerage firms, and banks that invest in private prisons—it being a growth industry and all—so if you have money somewhere other than your wallet or your mattress, it’s a good bet you’re involved in some way with companies that are locking up and probably abusing inmates.

Okay let’s get back to Jamie Foxx let me point something out people more than ever are filled with hate, and physical and sexual abuse of older people, against children, against other adults you can’t trust anyone. In the Hollywood Movie Industry, everyone is guilty of trafficking kids, sexual abuse, and homosexual behavior that is out of control. If you’re not directly at fault you’re guilty by association because you refuse to speak out. Let’s begin with Jamie when I first watched this video, I was saying to myself what the fuck, he looks really strange. This doesn’t look like Jamie Foxx, it does, but his skin, something is off.  Then Ice Cube goes on to say in many videos (he is not as blunt as he should have been) how Jamie is dead and cloned.

There are numerous videos with Ice Cube talking about this, so after watching all of this crap, I realized he is dead and all the fake footage is just that of him appearing like Jamie is out and about in good health now from the health scare he had. All of this is a prop to make the public think he is okay and that weird video is not Jamie Foxx. Maybe it is a clone that is the reason his skin looks so strange. At first, when I heard he was in the hospital I thought well maybe his skin looks so bleached because he was sick with no sunshine, but then as I got deeper into the video it was obvious to me it’s all a hoax.  Later on, as time goes by more bullshit lies will surface and confuse the public more as that is the art of the murders and homosexuals hunters at large who are the “GateKeepers”.OPRAH IS EXPOSED HUMAN TRAFFICKING CHILDREN FROM HER SCHOOL IN AFRICA

Remember the media lied so much, about Anne Heche, because they are bought and sold by those same people, It was expressed Jamie was pressured into taking a COVID vaccination which he was against, but we don’t know if he really did take it. Then the media say he did give in to the vaccination because of the threats and ended up sick in the hospital, anything could have happened at that point. Or this could be the beginning of the lies being told. Many videos go on to say how the “GateKeepers” (Quincy Jones) wanted him out or dead, just like Kat Williams who too has recently died, but then I looked at his website and it shows tons of tour dates. Rumoring these lies is fucked up about actors being dead. Either way, Kat Williams has been threatened many times when exposing the ugly shit that goes on in the movie industry. I’m still unclear if he is dead or not. It’s obvious to me that all these people have been murdered Whitney Houston, Christina (Whitney’s child), Michael Jackson, Anne Heche, and Paul Walker, Kobe Bryant. there are so many actors who have died and not from accidents only to appear like natural causes, suicide, or car accidents. These people are being killed if they go against the grain. Plus those same people enjoy media coverage of actors dying.

Ice Cube has a video stating Jamie has been cloned and another video I found where a commentator expressed bluntly Jamie is dead he has been cloned and was being threatened and pressured to have homosexual affairs. Supposedly Oprah Winfrey is behind all of it. There is so much homosexual abuse it’s out of control and it’s coming from the “GateKeepers”. The only way these actors are going to make money and stay in the spotlight is if they give in to homosexual behavior and allow their kids to be pimped out by the child molesters in the Industry, just as Heather Locklear did with her daughter and Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen is GUILTY of molesting numerous children.

Human Trafficking in the Movie Industry

These crimes against children and adults go far beyond the Jeffery Epstein scandal, that was only the beginning because you can’t lie to yourself, this shit runs deep. Don’t you notice how homosexuality is all over the media ads, being taught in the schools (you stupid parents need to pull your kids out of public schools)? All of this abuse has gone on for decades and only now parents are opening their eyes.  When you look back at the Cosby case when his son was murdered, interesting how no one was caught.MIKE KRUZEL IS A CHILD MOLESTER, AND RAPIST NEVER BEEN CHARGED BUT HE NEEDS TO BE!!! SEND TO PRISON HE IS OLDER NOW AND STILL LIVING IN CALIFORNIA It’s obvious his son being killed must have been a warning to Bill Cosby and then the case was closed you didn’t hear another word until Bill Cosby went to prison. Then you have Weinstein now in prison hopefully until he is dead, he should never get out. In his entire act of using a walker, he behaves like an old man. Nothing like playing the victim in hopes of gaining public sympathy. All these people are so disgusting allowing this ongoing abuse of sexual predators and turning a blind eye like it’s not happening.

You’re a rapist Weinstein I don’t feel sorry for you, your piece of shit, just like Michael Kruzel he’s a rapist too. He was not raised in Dallas Texas that is a lie, he was born and raised in Inglewood. This child molester lives in the valley and worked in the movie industry too, see everyone who works is guilty to some degree. The worst is yet to come Oprah Winfrey is now the new Target of a sexual predator who has made a living of being a handler to pimp out actors like Jamie Foxx taking him to Quincy Jones’s home only to leave him sexually assaulted.

It’s disgusting the sexual abuse that has surfaced, and more people who are guilty of being sexual predators are now exposed. I am glad people are speaking out against them. It’s time to line them up and send everyone to either the gas chamber or prison. The sexual abuse in the industry is so offensive, frankly, it’s worse than the Adult Biz only because that business knows it will be obliterated if any kind of child offenses are known as it’s an easy target. It’s the Movie Industry that is the lie people buy into thinking how glamorous it all is when it’s just the opposite. The Movie industry is filled with child molesters and homosexual predators. It’s the norm and now Oprah is selling these girls for money? This is really bad. Now we know how she got rich and it wasn’t from her shit show or magazine it’s Human Trafficking.