Health Care is the Worst!

In America the only thing that matters is the rich, it’s not enough to watch assholes with too much money brag about their lifestyles as if to throw it everyone’s face. It’s worst when compromising our lives because of the corporations that make up what this shit country basis it’s existence on. Yes, my friends the corporations, because that is the New Roman Empire. Health Care In America is the worst throughout the entire world. As the Human Race, we the people do not have Universal Health Care, we never have, nor will we ever. It’s all shit, the medical profession is in the toilet. St. Jude Medical Center only cares about money, doctors only care about their pay check, they lack professionalism and medical concern of patients.

Doctors don’t give a shit about patients, their lack of concern is of NO CONCERN, just yesterday I was at St Jude Medical in Fullerton, Ca it’s one out of the two shit hospitals in the area.  I spent at three hours waiting only for the doctor to disregard most of my concerns. He was a young Asian doctor who had me waiting to get my results, he never went over my results with me, nor did he bother to examine my ear for the arthritis in my canal.  Had no solutions that my legs are swelling and what I can do as its becoming very discomforting for me to walk and stand.  In this country it’s all about GREED, not concern of people. This is why the human race is dying because of toxins, man made viruses, lack of care from doctors. These people are not medical professionals at all. Nothing has changed, it’s as abusive and rotten as ever when services need to be provided to the people.

Every time I have to deal with negligence I am going full throttle to expose the medical profession, as I still need to fully expose all those negligent doctors did not diagnosis my man when he took ill, they were lazy, negligent and arrogant. Dr. Erwin K Song, MD is the medical physician in the ER at St. Jude that I dealt with. I went into the ER because my legs are swelled really bad and I can’t the swelling down, this guy gave no remedies or solution, was ignorant to tell me, “well some people just get swelling that’s all”. How caviler can you be?

I had a urinary tract infection and he never went over my test results with me, only to say “everything looks fine”, yeah then why do I have a tract infection asshole? Since 2010 I was diagnosed with arthritis in my ear canal, every now and then extreme pain is caused and I have to suffer with it, extremely sharp pain. I will take Advil but there is not much I can do. I told this idiot I need it through check out, he didn’t bother. Serious negligence.  Is it any wonder he has negative reviews!!!

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