Growing Up as A Chicana

The first time I heard that fucken scum bag Trump, ignorantly state, “that Mexicans are not doing their best”, I just wanted to smack his face. This is coming from a pig who hurts children, by locking them up in cages, which are now dead? I really pray the DEVIL gets you for that.  Really? No Mother Fucker you WHITE TRASH of the US are NOT DOING YOUR BEST!!! You Trump are  a PIG !!! You are NO MAN, AND NO PRESIDENT. YOUR A JOKE TO AMERICA!! The Mexican people are indigenous, you white people are the problem to society!!! Go BACK, YOU don’t belong on my Land.

Let’s just break this down, Society, Movie Industry and the Church is filled with Child Molesters, Sex Trafficking, Pimping and Pandering, beating and killing children, White people blowing up buildings and mass murder shoot outs. War Criminals killing people on a global scale. The Catholic Church is filled with sexual predators abusing children. Rich white people who pimp out their kids and then murder them. White girls getting pregnant and beating a newborn baby only to kill it, then walking away with NO PUNISHMENT!  Sound Familiar? Why are “white people” such a problem”? Why? Are they the poison that pisses on the world.

Now that I got that off my chest, let me describe how it was growing up in a small town within Los Angeles County California. When your a child you know nothing, the world is a large and a confusing place. All a child wants, is to have friends and play. My parents gave me a nice home to live and security, they worked hard, life was not perfect by any means. I had friends, nice clothes to wear, toys to play with and lots of pets growing up as kid. Yet I never felt safe.  It wasn’t because of home, it was because of the rotten apples in society, white people particularly.

As I grew older I began to realize how materialistic I was becoming, which became a problem (of course most of this has to do with advertising). Nothing has changed, kids are worst that ever expecting it all. I found school to be a bore with burned out white teachers who didn’t give a shit. I was good at English, because I enjoyed reading and writing. I wanted to learn many things, but I had no role models or anyone to teach me. Wilson High School in Hacienda Heights, was supposed to be given money towards the school from the lottery, to improve the conditions, that never happened, so the school appeared run down for many years.  This is because the USA is too fucken GREEDY! 

In school, kids quickly formed their own clicks, just like adults do in the work environment and just like real estate brokers do when showing houses their trying to sell. Let’s keep people all in the own group. This is the part that pisses me off. I recall my mom telling me how the real estate broker tried forcing my parents to buy these shit house in the lower parts of Hacienda Hts. Frankly this town is so small, now it’s all shit. These houses were the worst, they looked like a cracker jack box .

The reason for this is so politics can stigmatize people of color, don’t allow us to live in the nicer homes, we deserve less. See it’s always a set up.  My parents were young when they left East Los Angeles and moved, my mother was right, it wasn’t far enough. Just the other day some old white lady was talking shit about people of color and how they live in those poor areas of East Los Angeles and Boyle Heights.  How disgusting it is when people of color have kids and are not married.  Frankly I find it disgusting when TRUMP needs to kill children locking them up in cages to die, or paying for prostitution because his whore at home refuses to suck his tiny penis. Let’s not forget hanging out with all the child molesters, now that deserves an award for lower than shit!  I should have shocked the bitch and told her that, but I used a milder approach, that worked just as good considering her ignorance was the only intelligence she had. Oh, I forgot she told me how much she misses watching Maury Povich.

Why didn’t I have role models? Because my hard working parents were to busy busting their ass to support a family. Unlike white bitches, my mom worked hard her entire life. She wasn’t a stay home mom sitting on her ass, like you white bitches do, too lazy to raise your own kids or clean your own house! White women will never change their attitudes! 

One fact about rich white parents they don’t teach their kids a fucken thing, (their to self -absorbed) unlike working class, or working poor, breaking their backs working two jobs, who has the time when you have to work all day to support a family.  One thing I have noticed about white people they will disregard their kids and throw them out of the house before their 18 years of age.  Mexicans and Blacks are not likely to behave this way unless it’s necessary due to stress or problems.   One common factor all parents are guilty of, is “favoritism”, which in turn can become betrayal. I was not my parents favorite, but my fathers only daughter, my mother’s other children had a different dad. I grew up with our culture being stripped, our family was never religious, so therefore my parents were never traditional people, my ancestors lived among the basins which are now throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. Known as Gabrielino or better known as Tongave Indian Tribe.

Both my parents worked very hard until they retired, (Unlike white women who don’t work and if they do, it’s sitting on their ass behind a desk. As for my dad, he was a good provider had his own career with children services, but struggled with his emotions because of Vietnam. He still functioned in society but not much of a social bug, retired, died soon after.  My father was never compensated for the fucken military or Vietnam shit that scared him emotionally!!! (Something white men in the military don’t do, is fight, only kiss ass) and take credit for all the work men of color fight for.GO FUCK YOURSELF

White men are cowards!! Yet they have made it their mission to oppress people of color, especially the Mexican men, so they will lack confidence, in turn, white men have less men to compete with, when it came to wealth and business. Fuck White Man’s Military. And FUCK WHITE PRIVILEDGE, IT’S A LIE!!! There is No Excuse for Murder, but you fucken white men who are cowards using men of color to fight your battles!! Only because you have no BALLS!!! Your just war criminals who murder for GREED!


Growing Up a Chicana – Mexican I was taught racism and hate early on from numerous ignorant outsiders and whites, but within the family is the most hurtful. Growing up I had many different friends, but nobody wanted to learn or had goals to go to college. In school kids already knew how to form clicks. Funny how that happens out of habit.  As for setting goals or living dreams, it was never shown to us, we had choices. There was no positive influence being endorsed. I tend to think outside the box, how can parents share with their kids what they don’t know? No one ever spoke about education past high school, as kids we have so many choices, such as economics, sciences, anthropology, to be leaders, not labors or maintenance.

This is how the difference in class falls into play as the WHITE MAN stripped my ancestors of everything and forced men of color to fight their fucked up wars, murdering people, it impacted our families from getting ahead. It was all intended to keep us down to thinking were not good enough. this is why ? Today all backyard countries from the “civil war’ are damaged and struggling, because the white man is a murderer.  Killing for land and resources, pure Greed!!!  Then it strickles down from one generation to another and the pattern repeats itself. This is one reason why gangs are formed on a global scale. Yet the USA is the biggest Mafia of all? The Vatican and The British Empire and USA. It’s all a set up from the start? Now it’s a global problem of poverty and war, leaving people homeless and the poverty has excelled. It will get worse.

After many years of listening to the lies between the states and church controlling the masses with brainwashing, white people and their poisonous behavior that runs so deep, it also kills off their own offspring, infects families with drug abuse, incest, rape (war tactic), emotional abuse to dominate women. Then the media sets the stage to filter the lies and the elites re-writing history is the main culprit of why the masses are so fucken confused and believe the media instead of questioning everything?

As a child I was born naturally aggressive, so I began to question all that I found confusing, most of the time I could never get the truth, why? No ones else understood it, to explain it to me. Growing up I may not have lived in a fancy house, but I have great childhood memories for the most part. I was a bit of spoiled brat, but as an adult I had many hard lessons thrown in my face. Of course every family has their problems, nothing is perfect, as everyone grew older betrayal is the culprit of family dysfunction.

Now I know much being a grown woman as I won’t tolerate anyone’s crap and I refuse to compensate my well-being or character for anyone or anything.  If you don’t like me or intimidated, by my strong sense of self, it’s your problem, not mine. I won’t be blamed for what others lack. As it takes a lifetime to grow and grow up, I can say, yes, I love who I am. All about Self-Identity.

As an older adult I finally had to let my mother know, I wasn’t going to listen to her names of negra’ or mut, she singled me out as a child all my life  with her pet names, until I told her, it was Racist. I was never offended, but I noticed with five kids, no one else was given a pet name, only me. I never conformed to playing it dumb, or acted a certain way because it was expected. My step-sister and her bullshit Christianity, was a lesson I learned, at 16, but not one I follow. I’m spiritual and a follower of Hecate.

No one in my family accepted me for who I am, if it doesn’t fit their personnel agenda, then I am the bad egg, or if I tell them off for whatever reason I need to. I was the problem. It was always me who caused the problems if I spoke out. This oppression was to bring me down or shut me up. Nope, it doesn’t work. I don’t give a fuck. I won’t conform to thinking small. Yet having children I didn’t want because it was expected, I resented the imposition and it hurt me as a young woman, it took away my dreams, my youth, opportunities I could have had. Being married and divorced young is not the answer, as two wrongs don’t make a right or raising kids alone, is the hardest job of all. It should be a choice. I do support abortion! Young women should not have kids!!!

With that being said, oppression is why Mexican women end up in lower paying jobs compared to white females and males lose their confidence to move ahead? To buy real estate, go to college, learn to invest, instead they grew up knowing nothing and having a negative mindset that infected the family, their children and only working labor jobs. Add marriage, stress, drugs and alcohol into the mix, it just engages more problems, like domestic violence. Now the Mexican race falls and turns sometimes to violence or gangs and young girls getting pregnant only to be a statistic. Not to worry the white race are more likely to be on welfare than people of color in America, they just don’t talk about it.

Regardless of the different races in my high school years, kids were treated very badly depending on how they looked and dressed, the racist attitudes with school administrators and teachers. I never went to prom, or felt I belonged with cheerleaders, but I noticed it was always white kids who were picked as King & Queen, or anything important. Racism is set up to oppress us from schools we attend, to roads we drive, the neighborhoods we live in. Also Social Security is the biggest FRAUD, and it will pay white people more benefits compared to people of color for the same work at the same pay. Everything is a set up, fraud and racist with slavery still active. Slavery does exist in AMERICA!!!

One thing I recall many of the white kids from high school died or were strung out on drugs and getting beat by parents.  Car accidents (Jeff Graham) and cancer Troy Armstrong.

In middle school I recall being threaten by the vice principle, he once said, he would break my arm in the 7th grade. I told him go ahead I’d like to see you try it.  He was a racist scum bag, he never spoke to white kids that way, but it was the last time he spoke to me after I threatened him. There was homosexuality in middle and high school, it was very confusing and disturbing.  Kids were smoking weed and drinking excessively. Partying was a regular thing, but ditching school I found no joy in it. If I only had someone to help me with my school work. Its hard to feel inspired when you have nothing positive to look forward to. All of this negative vibe makes it hard to feel inspired. All I dreamed about was playing the drums in a rock band. Heavy Metal and Rock  & Roll is all I wanted was to work in the music industry and write music.

Later down the road, I did graduate with my Diploma! And many years later I graduated with my Bachelors in Women’s Study! Now I am The AngryGirl Feminist, who has earned the right to NOT GIVE A FUCK! I will live my life on my terms, not a slave to the white man! And the rest of the IGNORANCE IN AMERICA!

It always seemed like people I knew, Mexican kids were either being beaten at home, getting arrested or the girls were getting pregnant. So were the white kids, they got heavy into drugs, my GF’s were having abortions at 15, some died before graduating, and  parents were in divorce court. Families were very unstable. Nothing in society is ever promoted in a healthy and positive way. I also had a good friend, who was molested, by another friend’s father. Robert Acosta. After HS, she moved away.

One class mate told me how upset he was, he thought his parents were going to kill each other because the fighting was so bad. I didn’t know what to say.  I can recall all the times my parents marriage was of question with arguments. Our families had fallen apart and when that happens there is no discrimination. None of us knew why, but I do, the politics? They inject hate.

The fucken British Empire spraying poison through out the world, so families hate on each other and die out. All races around the world begin to hate on each other, its a tactic, inject viruses and the world goes into panic mode. Travistock Institute Studies all of us, how we react to pressure and anything we are subjected to, fear? 

It works, the elites are brilliant, because evil reins in the soul of man to control and murder human beings. White people are poison. Now it’s social media funneling the hate!! Of course it’s all white people running social media, news media, YTube, law enforcement, all abuse begins with them and ends with them.

As a kid I was picked on a lot because of the color of my skin, I was called different names. Every time I struggled to find work it was always an abusive work environment, sexual abuse and harassment came in different forms, once a child molester tried to abduct me (old white guy). Later as a young woman it was law enforcement with sexual harassment and managers at work.

The male pig never stops harassing when your a young female.  As time progressed the WHITE PEOPLE men and women subjected abuse on me, with their nasty remarks, put downs, causing trouble, telling lies, being racist assholes in general. Everywhere I went and seeking employment,  I dealt with abusive WHITE PEOPLE!!! Including College!!  So don’t FUCK with me?

Years later I realized after marrying and divorcing my ex-husband he too suffered the same abuse I did, including sexual abuse, so when I met him he was already filled with anger. I choose not to tolerate it any longer to be his punching bag, so I left. As I continued through life, it was all the same shit everywhere I went, and white women they were the worst and still are. This is why? I have little to no respect for white people.

White women are extremely abusive and racist and the largest group of sexual predators. They enjoy mocking women of color because they suffer with low self esteem. Their nasty bitches but, if you bark at their stupid ass, they shut the fuck up!

It just continues to re-cycle. nothing every changes. Every young female and older, I’ve crossed suffered the same abuse. Some were really bad having been raped by their own brothers and fathers.  The violence in families was always there and was extreme. Now any white person who crosses me better be very careful, NEVER DO ANYTHING FOR ANY WHITE PERSON THEY NEVER APPRECIATE IT !!!  In my experience WHITE PEOPLE are the BIGGEST ABUSERS!  Military confirms that.

In all fairness I have a known a few white people who were good hearted in and body and soul and were subjected too to serious abuse. My man Todd Taylor was one of them.

White people will deny any wrong doing, will, lie and make excuses, what they need to do is take a good look at themselves. All those fucked up white people go to church who are so abusive, especially in Orange County. They really believe this land belongs only to them. Denying the Mexican people, your NOT INDIGENOUS HERE, I AM. Growing up white washed and confused only to make me believe I am not good enough.  I am more than Good Enough! 

My birth certificate is also a fucken lie, indicating I am white, FUCK NO. I am proud to be Mexican – Chicana, Chicana – Mexican!!! FUCK YOU WHITE PEOPLE….STOP SPREADING YOUR POISION and DISEASE!!!

They fucked up society for everyone, but its all the blacks and Mexican’s who can’t make it, who can’t live well, who hate and kill, but yet WHITE PEOPLE NEED TO FUCKEN BRAG about everything they do as if its GOLD!!!  They hide behind the lies and abuse.  No its YOU WHITE PEOPLE, You are the POISON in society, shitting on everyone.  It was confusing and hard growing up, but I had good parents, not perfect but good enough compared to many of my white friends. What hurts all of us, regardless of race, is the politics (elites), THE MEDIA and the CHURCH, slowly killing us all with viruses, lies and abuse! Mind Fucking.

Mexicans are breed of mixed races from all over the world, but my ancestors where here long before the white man pissed on America. The past proves they fucked up as the Roman Empire fell, America was rising, it began a new here, on this land. Look at it now, all the same mistakes from the past rolled over, now everyone all over the world is paying the price, for the evil the human soul and false powers have caused on the human race. REPEATING THE SAME MISTAKES FROM THE PAST. MY ANCESTRY IS LOST BECAUSE OF THE  WHITE MAN WHO IS NOTHING MORE THAN A COMMON MURDERER.

My ancestors are indigenous through-out the basin of Orange County and Los Angeles, but Mexicans are not a specific race, we have many cultures within us, it might explain why sometimes I might randomly spit out a word that sounds Euro. Regardless, the white man is a pig and has killed my ancestors and stripped us of our culture. Someday soon I will leave Cali and start a new with memories I can create and a new world of my own. Freedom comes with a price, but I am not giving Up!  Love AngryGirl

” If the course of the incarnate race of man is left unguided it will destroy itself
and aII that it knows. Through the corruption and abuse of free will the rampant
desire to harm, conquer and destroy grows within man. The ego of man once
again drives those in power to believe they are beyond the reach of Gods and
above their fellow man. This is a false belief!”