Grow Up, You Fag!

The title is complete male bashing, I know, but after today’s event, this young guy is such FAG!  It’s like grow up Please!!  Just today I was at a Octa Pharma and this 30 something guy walks in to donate. He wasn’t bad looking but his eyebrows were manicured a bit much for someone I think is a heterosexual male. All I heard was this guy telling a worker who is old enough to be his mom, “oh your the only woman I talk to”.  After he verbally express’s how he doesn’t want to take care of anyone, he has no kids. Okay great, take the road less traveled I support that, your not that desirable and no one here is tying your dick down? It’s like where is this conversation coming from? 

And who is this worker to you? That you need to hug like they haven’t seen each other in decades.  Is this guy getting pleasure to be friends with this woman because it’s safe without commitment?  Is he getting his rocks off thinking its okay because she won’t want anything from him? Another male scared of females and being devoured, but clings on to the mommy figure to fill the void. So he seeks out a mommy figure to keep his dick happy without the fuck!

I really don’t understand the average male these days, maybe I never have, but it would be nice if these mothers would teach their sons something so they can grow up and be a mature man!  Not a Bitch! Don’t misunderstand me, males have a right to their feelings, but when you see something that is wrong, you know that male is another one to avoid. And there are so many. Just like the other night I was talking to someone who was surprised I was paying nearly $1600 for rent for a one bedroom. Why? Another 30 something guy, is it because you live with your parents instead of on your own? Maybe?

Otherwise he wouldn’t have been so surprised because it is the average rent today. Everywhere, all over the USA, well in El Paso Texas you can find a nice house for $1200 to $1500 a month. otherwise not in California. Most states are charging a lot of money for rent since this COVID crap started.  The reason for it, is to push as many people out as possible. Another reason why people will end up with no place to live. Even if you work two average jobs, you won’t be able to live on your own, as you need 3 times the rent. It happens anytime the Elites decide to invent a new virus to kill the Human Race, or celebrate natural disasters. Am I the only one who understands this?

I just thought, males today really have no clue, who they are, what is important in their life, and what they’re going to do with their life? They really are just as clueless as young women, well it’s the lack of communication with parenting and kids unwilling to listen. Young women though do have more drive and ambition, not all because I have noticed many will get pregnant with intent just to trap a guy. So who knows maybe this is where the fear comes from, but it was strange nobody was talking about any of this. This guy just starts spilling his guts. Its like where is this all coming from?  His pants where hanging off his ass, he was nothing special. I’ve come across so many losers growing up, high school wasn’t any different 30 years than it is today. Kids are measured by the money their parents have and most kids today have grown up with only one parent. 

Let’s talk about the insecurities of males, first of all no female is going to know how mommy treated you and people hook up for various reasons. Some young women are very good at being husband hunters, I personally never had that talent. I just know now I really have no patients for anyone, even the males my age, they are just as clueless. Frankly it’s hard just to have a conversation with someone, without all the struggle with assumptions flying around?

Men lack confidence when speaking to women that is the number ONE problem. You can generally tell with body language. Right away if you don’t impress a man or guy with your job occupation he thinks your hunting for financial support. If that were the case I would be selling my ass on the escort ads.  Males will tend to laugh and mock you (so they can feel better about themselves), but the minute they believe you are laughing at them, they whine about it like a child.

Nothing is more disgusting when a 60 year old male needs to tell his mommy about his dates or still lives at home with mom. Well, this loser is remedial and a Drunk, trust me when I say your not missing anything.

If you see any red flags, run fast, males who gang bang, males who are in and out of incarceration they are too damaged, if they haven’t dealt with their problems. No, don’t try and fix anybody, it will only drag you down. If a guy hits you once, he will beat you next. Never do anything for a male like buy him a cell phone or give him money, or hold his guns for him, do drugs or party irresponsibly. Anything that appears not right, leave right away, especially if he comes from a toxic family. If his mother shoots her mouth off being disrespectful, then she’s a cunt who will blame you for her son’s behavior.

Males behave poorly for so many reasons, it’s primarily because they don’t feel good about who they are. I have made these mistakes to many times. I am sparing you from making the same mistakes, it doesn’t matter how good looking someone is, if his behavior doesn’t shine like the sun and you can’t get a POSTIVE good vibe, it’s not worth it. Remember, how you feel about you, will attract others that are wrong for you.

So if you are emotionally suffering it will attract the wrong people. You are  a high valued woman and deserve only the best, never let any moron tell you different. You won’t find it in bars or yard parties. Treat yourself like a Queen and you will find a man to do the same!!! Sister-Hood!

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