B. Stuart Psycho Cop Get the Fuck Out of My Way

B. Stuart is a white female cop who sends out a horrific message and shows how abusive and unprofessional she truly is “Get the Fuck Out of My Way”, Psycho white Bitch is on the loose. B. Stuart is a white female cop who sends out a horrific message and shows how abusive and unprofessional she truly is and how her “white anger” is going to subject the citizens to her poor behavior in her jurisdiction. I feel sorry for those people, now you have a psycho white cop in your community. See COPS do NOT “protect and serve” the community. Poor example of Law Enforcement. B. Stuart needs to be fired.  Instead, this crazy bitch was only suspended for 10 days with no pay, wow that really hurts. She must be guilty herself of fucking the watch commander that her punishment was so mild.

Ego, the ego is a serious and dangerous element of all humans. People who are rich with tons of money have big egos  (Jeff Bezos has a big Ego) and white psycho racist bitch like B. Stauart who films herself telling people to “Get the Fuck Out of My Way”. It’s obvious her Ego has the best of her. I first want to point out I am surprised this crazy white bitch has her hair pulled back in a professional way regardless of her unprofessional behavior. Compared to white cunts in Orange County who are cops those bitches never have their hair up. The blonde hair on female cops in Orange County is always down to the middle of their back.

Those white females want the attention of male co-workers. That’s because they enjoy male attention in the jails and offices where cops work. White women want their male counterparts to watch their asses. Can you imagine all the fucking around in the workplace? The affairs people are having and all the cheating going on? I bet that is a real problem being ignored.

Jimmy is right on a few points, if you are a female why the hell would you want to be a cop? Cops do not get paid that well, they start off about $5000 to $6000 grand a month and they have to pay into their own retirement. I would rather be a rockstar. Hell, a hooker can make more money than this and have less stress. Obviously, she was bullied in school or the bully because she was abused as a child. So maybe Daddy didn’t treat her right. Many white men are guilty of sexual and physical abuse of their own children.  Parole officers who are white females have the same shit attitude and mental problems yet they never solve their problems. If she behaves this way now as young as she is, it will get worse over time as she grows older. Hopefully not in Law Enforcement. People like B. Stuart should not be in Law Enforcement she is a threat. B. Stuart is a white female cop who sends out a horrific message and shows how abusive and unprofessional she truly is “Get the Fuck Out of My Way”, Psycho White Bitch is on the loose.

White women who serve in Orange County California are the worst employed in Law Enforcement, next to any other state. They have horrible behaviors and are bigger whores than the common “call girl”. I say this because I have witnessed so many of them driving around recklessly in cars. They wear too much make-up on their faces, just like this bitch, she should not wear any make-up it attracts attention but those other bitches have their blonde hair down instead of pulling it back. Hispanic women do not do this, their demeanor is more professional, they pull their hair back and never wear makeup. As they know better. White women who behave this way want attention from men, that in itself is a problem.

Yet I did once witness this Mexican gal who was a cop she was sexualized and didn’t know it. Her employers obviously had this cop sit and control the front lobby of the city jail in Orange County. I walked in and noticed there were so many men who walked through this lobby and she was the first person they came into contact with. This woman was extremely gorgeous and she wore no makeup natural and flawless.  Very attractive, that is when I realized she was being sexualized to keep the attention of all those men walking in.  So of course when men see her they’re hypnotized by her youth and natural beauty. Employers know how to use workers in such a way. It’s wrong and should be illegal to do this to employees.

Let’s talk about the dress of a cop, the uniform is over the top it really is. Why so much crap on the uniform?  These cops dress like they’re going to war or hyped up to shoot somebody. Well, maybe that is the intent like Jimmy just said, the cops view citizens as the enemy. Once again COP’S do NOT protect and serve the communities. It’s only the rich, greedy corporate pigs and politicians, that they serve, covering up the lies, the murders all the dirt, and the crimes. 

So B. Stauart maybe it’s bitches like you who are the real problem. Cops are allies who serve only the elites, and those cops are the bigger criminals who are abusive, liars, and murderers. Your EGO is a serious problem B. Stuart and so is your attitude.  This cunt should have been fired for making public statements such as this. Too many rotten eggs in Law Enforcement, gee I wonder if Stuart and Officer Winn are fucking?  They certainly share the same fucked up mentality.