Gary Center Lahabra is Racist Thinking

Gary Center of La Habra allows white women to work and get paid while people of color have to volunteer for non-pay. Scott Miller is not as nice as he appears or honest. Frankly, he is weak and a liar with no authority. He will lie to your face tell you things that are not true and then later set you up to show up at the center on Wednesdays since it’s closed to the public except for pregnant mothers, which I see as a setup. He later behaves badly if you complain with a stupid look on his face like it’s your fault and deny anything he said to you previously.

Typical white person Stupid and Ignorant, but the people who gave him this paid job of being in charge of the Gary Center will say “Don’t Go” to the Gary Center if you make a complaint. Again, typical white people, who are not here to serve the community these white people are here to serve themselves with money, lots of cash being given to this bullshit nonprofit which has become ONLY a food bank. Nothing is more disgusting than people arguing over food or when old white bitches are talking shit to women of color over food. Isn’t it typical of white women with their fucked up attitudes? Yet Scott doesn’t have the balls to tell his racist volunteer anything, I view Scott as agreeing with that ugly old white bitch as the reason he say’s nothing. Scott Miller is a liar and racist with no authority. He is unfit to run the Gary Center.

Gary Center in La Habra has deep roots of racist thinking, at least those who are running the Gary Center. why am I not surprised? Nothing would get done right if white people weren’t running the show since they seem to dominate or crush anything in their path. Of course, people of color are beneath those white women who sit on their FAT asses getting paid behind a desk working in the small white house on the property. Yet if you’re a person of color you have to volunteer (and not get paid)  but at the end of the day, you can take a basket of free food. It’s a win-win for all those non-white folks. I discovered this place several years ago and it was a shabby situation then and has slightly changed, but the mentality and shit behavior of white people haven’t changed!!! Scott Miller rakes in thousands of dollars from endorsements and will lie to people about helping with gas cards, he only pretends to be a nice guy. He never helps with gas cards but loves all that cash in a bank account accumulating interest at his disposal. He’s just a snake and a liar. It’s okay though I know you need to pay those white women who sit on their FAT asses doing nothing important while everyone else is slavery. Let’s not forget yourself how much do you get paid?

Let me describe this ugly old white bitch with long salt-and-pepper hair and a wrinkled old face. I am yet to get a photo of her, but she is a nasty old bitch who loves sticking her nose in other people’s businesses and talking shit to women of color as I have personally experienced with her. If anyone knows who I am speaking of and gets a clear photo of this cunt I will pay you $100 to exploit her. She volunteers at the center. She will provide dirty looks, size you up with your eyes, and make sarcastic dirty remarks, hopefully, she drops dead soon.

The center itself is discriminating so it hasn’t changed much, but the food resources have, and for that, you are less likely to be poisoned. Scott Miller is supposedly in charge but lacks authority and he lied to me and so many people. He just wants to appear as a good guy. I guess it’s hard for someone like Scott to stand on two feet and delegate to a group of bitchy women who have too much time on their hands with nothing to fill their useless day. Scott is unfit and has no balls to run the Gary Center. He doesn’t care what happens and lies with false intentions.Scott Miller who runs the Gary Center is a RACIST piece of shit who is LIAR and allows white women to verbally abuse women of color. Scott Miller discriminates with the food being distributed and hordes thousands of dollars in his own personal bank account from other company endorsements.

Let’s look deeper into what the center is doing for the community and my encounter with Scott Miller. First Scott told me he has numerous financial endorsements pouring in and using the money as he sees fit, how convenient. Do you ever notice, that separation exists in every setting of everyday society which plays a big role in everyday behavior?  In the church, in the hospitals, the schools, and communities, how neighborhoods are built. Everything is based on separation and discriminating tactics thanks to politics. Oh yeah, but the culprit plays its part of evil underneath the racism, blackballing aspects of life, and everyday situations so the white race can always appear to be the “good guy”. Not to mention dominating the workforce in leadership positions. You’re not a good guy Scott you’re a lying piece of shit, just like the raggedy old white cunt who is a volunteer at the center and you know who I mean. I confronted my very negative experience with that old bitch to Scott, he could care less. 

Let me begin from here, years ago I did some research between the city of La Habra and the city of Brea. I was sick of hearing the same ignorant bullshit about how high-class Brea is and how rich people lived there, ugh that’s not true. It’s all politics that Brea appears so much nicer in appearance than La Habra. Providing a false appearance in every aspect that white upper-class people only live in Brea is another lie. Over 80% of kids are on “free lunch” in public schools. Section 8 housing does exist, but then it’s the law it has too in just about every city and state in America or be accepted. 48 to 49% of Whites and Mexicans live in both cities, less than 2% of Blacks and Asians. The problem falls with politics giving La Habara the impression from the “human eye”, that LaHabra is poor and Mexican only, it’s not. It’s so corrupt it’s disgusting, especially with law enforcement being extremely corrupt who again are mostly white cops, as I have personally witnessed brutality with children with my own eyes from this corrupt agency.  Brea is just as corrupt, do you ever notice there are no liquor stores in Brea? Yet in Lahabra there are on every corner. Yeah same thing with Beverly Hills, It’s just called Bevemo instead as all the RICH drunks come running into Bevemo all the time.

People believe what they see and have no clue to understand the rotten politics behind it. This is how separation begins and keeps racism alive. Hire only white people to run the towns and cities because they do it better than everyone else and are more intelligent. Yes, they’re good at keeping racism breathing and deeply rooted. Yet more white people are on welfare? More white people commit more heinous crimes compared to people of color and spend less time in prison. Crimes such as rape, murder, incents human trafficking, child molester, and war crimes. Sometimes white people don’t do any prison time like this white girl who murdered her baby. Let’s not for Casey Lee Anthony you know that cunt is soo GUILTY of MURDER. Let’s not forget the church, St. Vincent De Paul only hires white people to get paid to volunteer or work.

Casey Lee Anthony Murderer

As for Scott Miller, he is not concerned if an ugly old white bitch talks shit to people when you go to the center. And complaining over food? When it’s being donated for FREE!!  Scott who is supposed to be in charge of the Gary Center on Hillcrest in La Habra is not a person of Integrity or Authority, he is a LOSER!! He had some brass balls to tell me I should volunteer my time to solve the problem of not being hassled by the women who work here just to get a single lunch. Go Fuck Your Mother, Scott I don’t work for Free understand asshole? You’re a LOSER!!! And I am NOT a SLAVE. Have the white cunts who sit on their ass work for FREE, tell those hoes to VOLUNTEER for free!!!

Isn’t that the point of the Gary Center you fucken moron? Why don’t you grow balls and set those cunts in line, you can’t because your weak and pathetic. I mentioned my negative experience after he said to me I could drop by daily, then it changed to Wednesday only (set up) as it would be better since it’s closed to the public. No, it’s really not AssHole, only pregnant mothers only go on Wednesdays, I could smell a setup. Nice Try. I was told by some fat white bitch at the city hall: don’t go to the center” See how NON SUPPORTIVE,  anyhow the bitch turned around and gave Scott my email address without my permission, so then this loser thinks its okay to start sending emails to me. I don’t fucken care about your bullshit meetings. Why? They are designated in your favor jackass! White people are the problem in society and the poison that pisses on humanity. I will soon reveal this bitch who works from home and sits on her FAT ass not answering the phone or emails only at her convenience of course.

He made an odd face when I reminded him of what he said to me. Yet I agreed, and that he would provide me a gas card, but now he is being a lazy asshole about that too. Scott your a liar and racist piece of shit. You can take your lunch and shove it up your ass. I’m going to make an example of you and send a notice to all those people who send you cash endorsements for this non-profit. I will let it be known of the corruption and abuse I experienced. Especially from that ugly old white cunt who is nothing more than a troublemaker and shit-talker who volunteers in the house that sits to the left of the property. Well, I guess old white trash needs something to fill her day.

You Scott don’t pay for SHIT, but you are being paid by this corrupt non-profit running the Gary Center and accessing all those financial donations. Scott and the rest of these white bitches running this center are self-serving with financial endorsements pouring in to pay all these white people, let’s not forget about the food they are taking home daily for free because it’s being donated they don’t pay for a fucken thing, but if people color do this Oh, no we can’t have that. Restriction is a must!!!! Martha Lester

Let’s look a little deeper Martha Lester is in charge of this nonprofit and all that money, their collecting wow and Scott has the nerve to talk this shit to me. You are a liar and a racist thief. Why don’t you volunteer your time for FREE, prick, and support your family on that?

These people do NOT help those in the community the Gary Center is FRAUD and the white people running it are thieves, and self-serving and this nonprofit is not helping people on the street or those who have drug problems. The Gary Center has turned into a food bank that collects thousands and thousands of dollars. The food is distributed weekly and being donated to the center for FREE!!! And all that money and collecting interest in the bank and they claim to help those in the community, yeah right sure you do, you help yourself before anyone else.

These people make me sick they help no one with drug problems. Martha Lester, you hired the wrong person to run the Gary Center because all these white people are self-serving and you are no better Martha Lester. They don’t do shit to help anyone as this country is the richest in the world yet nearly 40 percent of the people are sick, struggling, and dying daily with homes burning down, mostly people of color. There is no cause for poverty its all a scam between the church and politics. Eat my words you racist white trash of La Habra.