Forcing Religion on Me

I was 16 the last time I can remember going to church or at least being forced to go to church. As an adult I prefer to go on my own when a church is empty, not filled with people. I don’t appreciate the pressure of people imposing their personal views and beliefs on me, especially if I don’t feel the same way.

There are two areas in society that control the masses, the “state” and the “church”. It’s all brain washing on their part. As the church being money hungry, they never tell you the truth of our CREATOR. I know he exists, but God has a punishing side don’t think he doesn’t and man was born in SIN. All are guilty.

Someone once said, they viewed the Bible as metaphors, which made no sense to me. I do believe man is not wise enough to have made up such scriptures. However it wouldn’t surprise me if man has altered them somehow. Since man has the tendency to think he is above God or wiser than.

My first experience of being filled with the holy ghost was during a time I had many conflicts at home. It was a frustrating time in my life and I was hating home life and school. So I left with a relative to Colorado. I lived on an Army base which was nice and very cold. The ground was layered with snow.

I loved it, but I did feel alone especially in a school that had 99 percent African  American Army brats as class mates. The diversity was non existent at this particular location. Sometime later a friend from California by chance was living on the same base and we became inseparable. Camille was my only friend and we were glad to know we had each other.

My step sister was having kids at a very young age and on her way to having her third at that point, it was near Christmas and I was being forced to attend church five times a week living with her. Frankly that was far too many times and I soon told her I would no longer go and she couldn’t force this on me. My parents never did this to us kids, they let us make up our own minds about church and religion.

Being who I am I don’t like anyone telling me what I can or can not do. I will share this though the experience I had from this church was real and it was filled with a holy spirit of some kind. An energy that was powerful. You could sense its power and the people were good for the most part. It was a strong presence that is hard to explain, but very real. At some point I was saved and the feeling of that is amazing, because you really do feel free, almost like a shell with no burdens weighing you down, just “free”.

A person knows how they feel when they are weighed down with conflict, you know how you feel when your frustrated and when your sad. Take that all away like it doesn’t exist if you can imagine it. All anguish has been lifted.

For those who have never experienced God, will not understand this until you have. I was very young at the time, so when I arrived back home, my mother could see and sense the change in me, unfortunately it didn’t last because I had no support and no one to share it with. My life now is not the same because I study Qabalah and a Spiritual human.

The world is an abusive and evil  place and it weighs on us because of all the sin that evolves within the human soul. This is just some of the reasons why people feel as though life is heavy when were walking through it. Its a figure of speech , but I mean it sincerely.

Look around you its easy to know evil exists. It exists in ALL OF US! Cops talk about it, but never judge themselves. Evil in the White House with Murders and War Criminals. Let’s not forget child molesters. Yet those who are the most guilty justify their SIN and hide behind the ‘front man” misdirecting the public.

In the movie and music industry their are predators everywhere. Some of the biggest OCCULTIST brood. Personally I don’t care if you are an occultist, but don’t be a fucking hypocrite. If your going to murder people and abuse children, then YOU need to be taken out. Eliminated!!! You are the worst kind of EVIL!

Those who guilty are NOW being exposed. I am confident there are more to come.

Yet people want to blame God for everything that happens to us personally and in life, why? Because man doesn’t want to take responsibility for being born in sin and choosing to be unclean. Don’t think because you don’t smoke or drink or curse and go to church your good in every way. Look at yourself in the mirror you are guilty of many things. Especially your thoughts.

STOP BEING IGNORANT!!! STOP Justifying this CORRUPT USA CORPORATION who claims to be a Government that COMMITS MURDER among children and humans of this world. GOD GREATEST MISTAKE, CREATING AND BELIEVING IN MAN.

The next time you want to question if God is good why does he allow thing to happen? He doesn’t, humans do, YOU made those choices. God gives us a choice while living in a physical world filled with sin, we know this. He also has given us a chance to choose freely what team we want to be on. I am guilty of this just like you, wanting my cake and eating it too. That’s not a choice though, God has given.

If you choose GOD, then do with an open heart and STOP listening to these EVIL MEN IN POLITICS and Media.  If you choose NOT to, then don’t. YOU WILL BURN IN HELL IN FIRE WHEN IT ALL ENDS LIKE THE REST OF US.