Farming Young People

Have you ever seen the movie, “I Care A Lot”? It was so disturbing and seriously disgusting, but not surprising since abuse, sexual abuse, mental and emotional abuse is so common in everyday life. The Military, No excuse for War, read your history have an understanding of how Murder is Justified with War.  Hospitals, State Agencies, using Adult Protective as an Allie of the State of California is an excuse to lock people up, it’s never to help. Law Enforcement is filled with Murder and Abuse. Remember Kelly Thomas? Nobody is this fucked up society we live will help you or care, especially stated and federal facilities. Prison is another form of severe abuse and slavery.

Let me speak on a subject that is very real, that few speak on, it’s “Farming Young People”, in mental facilities, which is cruel way and very abusive instrument because the state makes money off humans keeping them incarcerated.  It’s true and I will provide an example of someone I know this has happened to. I will use fake names to protect my friend, but her daughter is the target of farming and now her life is ruined. This young woman who is now 32 years of age, is at a lock down facility since she was 17 years old. This friend was a single mom, she trusted a care giver and tutor to care for her daughter, he molested the girl, so the mother contacted the police, they went court and only a restraining order was in place, nothing happened to “Robert Butterflied”.  He was allowed to walk free.

He is still a predator at large.  Robert Butterfield was told to stay a way but decided to show up one day when the girl was alone. She locked the door as he was trying to attack her again at her home.  Somehow a candle caught fire in the house and once the police were involved the girl was taken away from her mother.  She was the perfect target to farm at a lock down facility at Landmark Mental Facility 2030 N Garey Ave, Pomona, CA 91767.  People are easily labeled. As I was told by Rachels mother previous doctors said she was fine to be at home, she just needed extra attention and the right education.

For the last 15 years this young girl has been labeled as mentally retarded (no way to measure this), schizophrenia, has ADHD, violent swings (but she is sedated most of the day), keeps being injected with COVID Vaccinations and Influenza shots. She has been raped at UCI Medical Center in Irvine Orange County, Ca and gave birth to twins (two years later) her mother found out because the staff sent her a picture of her daughter holding the babies that were taken away.  This girl has been abused emotionally and mentally, influenced by staff telling her mother, how Rachel hates her. It’s basically her fault she’s in that place. Here are examples of horrible facilities that abuse people everyday.

In addition now Rachel’s mother is 75 years old, she wants Rachel home, but it’s been so long and it’s a lot to adjust to.  Ms. Smith has been financially extorted by Orange County Courts, taking Social Security Money and still over billing her mother that she owes money for Rachel staying here.  Rachel has Medicare which should cover all costs, including her staying at this place, the “State of California” loves making the money off of people.  Rachel’s life has been ruined because of the courts working for the state and keeping Rachel against her will. Now that she is drugged upon on Seroquel and Haldol all day long. Two of the worst drugs a person can be on. The facility also plays games when Ms. Smith goes to visit her daughter, she has to give a COVID test, every time. She can’t touch Rachel at all, two thick clear curtains are between them and Ms. Smith has to wear two thick masks, when all along the staff is encountering COVID illness, not the residents or visitors.

Farming people between the ages of 16 and 64 years of age is a very serious crime, especially when the courts barge into your life trying hard to control it. This happens to so many people for various reasons. People regardless of age don’t need drugs and mental facilities to run their lives. The problem with most families they have no patience or understanding of how to handle a situation, they ignorantly trust medical people who give reckless advice and abuse most of the people in the facilities. Rachels life has been ruined all because of Robert Butterflied and the Orange County Court System working for the State of California.

If this is happening to you, EXPLOIT all parties to the media and challenge the court system. If whacked out hospitals tell you, it’s against “Medical Advice” and you disagree with their terrible tactics, then speak out, their advice SUCKS!!! And you plan on telling the world. It’s illegal to force a person into a facility. Fuck APS, don’t let them interfere and they will, all these scandalous agencies are set up to work against you, not to help.  You do NOT HAVE TO KEEP your loved one in any hospital!!!!