Facial Recognition

Jeff Bezos uses facial recognition when applying to Affirm Credit. I discovered this just recently. Amazon deliberately pops up a fake address and name that isn’t mine, so I type in the correct information, and it’s unwilling to accept it. The excuse is about Fraud, which is hilarious since men like Bezos are the CRIMINALS. If Bezos refuses to pay taxes in the entire country, then why should all those people making purchases on Amazon have to pay a tax? Where is all that money going? In Bezos’s pocket. Tax is the largest concept of Fraud, this entire country is built on nothing but Ponzi schemes and lies, Fraud is America and America is Fraud!!!

Do you remember that movie with Tom Cruise Minority Report?  Well, it’s in effect in America. That’s right New York City has already begun its intrusive laws with monitoring body and facial recognition in numerous stores, including Amazon which now, has a pending lawsuit against them. Is this a form of abuse or what?  It really is. I’m glad I don’t shop at Amazon’s stores, they are crap first of all, nothing special, the same shit as everywhere else.  Why are these corporations so abusive toward people? I recall returning an item and I went to an Amazon Market as some had dropped off and I remember this kid approached me in a very hostile manner, which was uncalled for. He didn’t know me or why I was there yet ran up to me questioning where I was going.

Let me break down the formula of the rich elites and their plan against Humanity since COVID-19 is a Bio Weapon injected in the many fools who participated in this evil and heinous act of killing the human species. Things didn’t go as well planned as the elites hoped for. Meaning not that many people died compared to the number of deaths they were hoping for. One thing I have noticed about Walmart since the major lawsuit blamed innocent people for theft and having people arrested under false accusations and finally sued by this young woman. Extra cameras everywhere. What the Fuck is their problem? Corporations are the CRIMINALS AND CONSUMERS KEEP THEM RICH from buying all the crap they bring in, so why is their behavior so fucked up?

Walmart was doing this to rake up revenue threatening people they better pay up after being arrested under false accusations and lies.  Walmart never showed up to court. If they were so right about these accusations, then why not show up to court when summoned? However, I have noticed more cameras all over the store have been placed in every aisle. Yet it might also be facial and body recognition surveillance and they might not be telling anybody just like Amazon has done.FACIAL RECOGNITION IS ABUSE OF AMERICANS

The article linked above explains how Amazon refused to tell customers how they are being monitored body and face, but who wants to shop at a store where abuse is the new customer service?  I doubt theft is that high and if it is, then the ELITES should STOP ruining people’s lives, and maybe there wouldn’t be crimes!! This is not about being guilty of theft or if someone has intentions to steal. It’s abuse, these corporations are the ones who steal money from consumers daily on the cost of products all the time and TAXES!!!. Honestly, I wish employees would walk out on Amazon and Walmart, employees need to push these owners to give them what they deserve. The cost of living is killing people and it’s just another ploy to render people powerless and subject them to abuse.

I do realize people need to feed their families and have bills to pay, but if thousands of employees walk out at the same time it will kill business for all of them. So to continue my analysis of the elites, it’s a collective plan, they want this kind of surveillance on everybody, to find any excuse to make our lives harder so they can make arrests.

Then when an arrest happens you no longer have a job – then you can’t pay your bills – and you lose your home another way to end up a NOMAD in AMERICA. Before you know it you’re down and out and no gives a shit and your record is ruined, this is the ultimate plan from the elites. and Jeff Bezos is a part of it with his Affirm Credit Application on Amazon.  Once your life is ruined and you can’t get a job it’s that much harder to fix the domino effect. UNDERSTAND NOW? This is on Affirm when applying for credit.Dirty Jeff Bezos

The Elites Want to Arrest Americans

Few people like paying taxes, but even fewer can compare to Jeff Bezos in how frankly he speaks about his hard work to dodge them. According to Fortune, Bezos famously decided to found Amazon in Washington state instead of the hot tech hub of California and was perfectly happy to admit that he did it to dodge California’s sales taxes. At one point,

Bezos even considered planting Amazon on a Native American reservation in California, (keep this mother fucker out) where it would have been exempt from state sales tax. This was just the beginning of Amazon’s natural aversion to tax paying. For the next 20 years, the company carefully avoided sales taxes in the majority of other states, too. This gave it a price advantage over traditional book retailers and helped it to establish a strong foothold in e-commerce. 

Yes, they do, I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s their intention to ruin as many lives as possible because It’s in their hearts, where evil resides, to eliminate the human race. Don’t think these elites care about anyone, it’s all manipulation and politics they’re a part of it all for greed, and false power. It’s cultivating a holocaust effect again in order to incarcerate the world’s population IN CONCENTRATION CAMPS…and kill as many HUMANS as possible.

They must use every angle possible to render this massive group of humans weak and at their mercy with money, food, and shelter, ruining the lives of the Human Race, Many more people will become NOMAD AMERICANS!  Now let me ask you this Did you ever see the Movie “The Road”?  I rest my case this is the end result.

Watch the Movie because it clearly expresses the direction the collective society on a global scale is going. It’s the reason why some movie producers make these types of films to open your eyes to the people within the Human Race. We need to fight back as a collective, as a nation, and protect our Freedom. This Human Race will die out and another will evolve, but nothing is, as it seems.