Facebook is a Scam

Years ago I decided to have a Facebook account just to see what it was like, but after a few months, I deleted all the content and closed the account. I had no problems until I got to Instagram, but that is another story. So today I thought let me see if I can open a new account to boost some traffic and what I get is a notice stating my account is “suspended”, because I don’t follow their guidelines, some bullshit. How so if I originally deleted the account? 

This is hilarious, Facebook is the one busted for funneling “hate”, they have numerous articles about how corrupt they are and so many red flags about how they do business, but I have a “suspend account” because it’s me who can’t follow guidelines. That’s hilarious., but I can appeal if I want to. What the Fuck for? I don’t need to explain why I deleted the account originally.  Gee Mark, sorry if I can’t be as corrupt in my tactics as you are.  However, I shouldn’t have to appeal it’s your practices in business that are more than questionable, not mine. All these media platforms are shit, all of them are so corrupt with bullshit, including Twitter. These people are so twisted with their bullshit messages and hide like cowards behind the internet, it’s everyone else who is wrong.MARK ZUCKERBERG NOT SORRY FOR ANYTHING HE IS  A LIAR AND THIEF INJECTING HATE IN SOCIETY THROUGH HIS VARIOUS PLATFORMS ON SOCIAL MEDIA

Frankly, I believe Mark enjoys all this attention since Mommy wasn’t around to provide it to you as you were growing up. After a few minutes of receiving the notice I get a “Welcome” email, what really bothers me is they want my cell number why? What do they really need it for? Why isn’t the email good enough? I truly believe their demand for a cell phone number is a conspiracy with Bill Gates and Law Enforcement, yet they claim it’s for the security of the community. How so, when you guys seem to be the ones “breaking the law”?  How is having my cell number a security measure for the community?  Tell you what my little strawberry, give me your cell number, and let’s make a date. Maybe what you really need is to be turned inside out until you lose your mind, now that will be something to post on Facebook.Facebook demands a cell phone number

This is Hypocrisy and Fraud of Facebook, what is more detrimental to the community is why all of these White people get away with crimes all the time. Breaking laws and murder, violations against humanity, and never doing any time in prison. Mark Zuckerberg should have been sent to prison immediately after what he did, but no government is going to protect his ass until they can’t. As for the rest of the criminals they want some cash since no one does jack shit about anything anyways, why not? 

It’s only people of color who are persecuted for drug crimes every day crap and placed in solitary ruining their lives so the white man can make money off of them. It’s ongoing slavery and abuse on non-violent offenders but you have all these white people murdering kids, child molesters, liars, and thieves which is extremely high, and walking away with no punishments.  It needs to change now. White people need to take account of their crimes against humanity and stop making excuses small and big!

A human revolution needs to overthrow all of these criminals!!!  Why does this guy call his company now “Meta” what is he trying to prove by calling it this name?  He is not invincible, but I have noticed he’s not talking to his good friend Bill Gates anymore, gee I wonder why? I wonder if there might be an extension of these people with Epstein and Ophra Winfrey?  All of these people are connected in one way or another to abuse, financial corruption, and slavery, Do you ever notice when people have lots of money, they do nothing to help anyone, their greed is offensive. The lies they tell and the facade they present to the public, but their body language expresses volumes. No one escapes sin, no one, and eventually everyone pays.