Elon Musk and Twitter

Elon Musk the owner of Twitter, Frankly I have mixed feelings, about what I think of him, he seems like he has good intentions, but then his EGO takes over and I have a mind-shift. He’s not as bad as Jeff Bezos that guy has a look in his crooked eyes like the Uni Bomber. When men have created accomplishments of wealth, their vulnerabilities become much more transparent.

Not to mention the EGO takes over. It doesn’t matter who the man is because most men are shallow at least the ones in the movie industry, those who own social media platforms, and politicians let’s not forget those demented Evangelists with fake wives. Is this guy so full of shit or what? Its mind blowing how many people follow this crap and support him financially, talk about a back-door whore. Ugh, well not to change the subject, After being on Twitter for a short while I was booted off and it’s okay by me. It was so ridiculous to see all the bullshit being told on that platform and he expects people to pay to contribute to gossip? It’s not news.Elon Musk Owner of Twitter

Let’s take a look at what a Cancer man Elon Musk is all about shall we? June 28, 1971, Elon Musk was born in the sign of the crab who can be very sensitive, manipulating, and just downright narcissistic and believes their own bullshit when he needs to. Elon Musk is a very attractive man and has gotten better with age. He has too many kids in my opinion that he spends little to no time with.  Married a child bride and pursued more kids which I will show an article I found about his young bride and her feelings about having those kids. He’s tall, a hard worker, (a good provider I assume), and is financially responsible for his family.

He certainly spends a lot of time on Twitter reading everyone’s comments. If he doesn’t like something you say, he responds with his personal quips of sarcasm in a subtle way of course. In addition to the handful of bodies who spend all day with comments and images of how amazing he is and how society needs more “billionaires” just like Elon”.  For Christ’s sake is this man’s EGO getting bigger? I wonder if these individuals are hired to do this or just a group of ass-kissers.

Quote “I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not”. Curt Cobain

More on the Cancer Man: Regardless this man needs to keep his dick in his pants and stop getting females pregnant!!!   As a soft-hearted and sensitive water sign, Cancer definitely needs a nurturing lover. But which specific signs are the most sexually compatible? We’ve rounded up Cancer’s most compatible lovers and broken down exactly what it is about them that drives Cancer wild. Keep reading to learn which signs have the most sexual chemistry with the caring, compassionate crustacean of the zodiac. Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio, and Pisces. Even though Cancer is highly sexual, this water sign requires a lot of trust in order to share their body with someone. As earth signs, Capricorn and Taurus win over Cancer’s heart before they take the dynamic to a physical level. Water signs like Scorpio and Pisces are imaginative, creative, and sensitive, and they bring all of these spell-binding traits to the bedroom.

  • Since water and earth signs cherish each other, Cancer’s intimacy with Taurus or Capricorn will feel like a transcendent, spiritual experience.  Claire Elise Boucher, also known as Grimes, was born on March 17, 1988, she is a Pisces.
  • Both Scorpio and Pisces will help Cancer get in touch with their body and discover more about themselves.

I don’t understand what he was thinking about marrying this young girl, (she’s not a woman yet) only that he must have assumed he could control her, but Elon needs a woman who understands him as a man, and lets him take charge, so he feels like the boss. Of course minus the Ego and the need for validation and too many children to fill up the void. When it comes to marriage I am no expert, but then who is, realistically couples marry for the wrong reasons most of the time, but to marry a girl when you are a man sorry but that’s just fucken retarded, the age gap.

What do you share in common other than you might die before her?  Regardless marriage is a sacrifice and having kids, which people don’t take seriously because these days people in the media change partners like they change their underwear.  It takes a long time to know each other and having kids too fast puts pressure on both parties, especially the female. Uh, Claire you just sacrificed your youth and forget about that career you had. However, who suffers in the end? The kids do with mixed messages and parents who can’t stand each other.

All these kids are from parents who are not stable or committed and a father who works 16 hours a day and isn’t present.  Let me point something out, how disrespectful also kids can be as parents grow older. This is an example of many times I have read thoughts on how Rod Stewart feels about his kids (also too many children) and he won’t give them money, as he shouldn’t, let them get off their asses and work for it?  Too many parents spoil their kids and later realize it is the wrong thing to do.

Now that Rod is old, they won’t visit him or show their love. I read this article he expressed. I’m sure he was busy with his singing career and spent little time with his children who are now adults except for the younger ones because he is retired. However, his kids won’t see him unless he threatens them to remove their names from the will. Is that sad or what? He was divorced a few times, so kids grow up with broken families, They only care about one thing, how much money they’re going to get when dad dies especially since his wife now is much younger than Rod Stewart.  This is why Kimberly Stewart tried hard to dig her claws into Benicio Del Toro, she is too lazy to work, just like her mother Alana Stewart, white bitches are all the same. Anyhow…

A few years ago I found a YouTube video and I expressed the common factor of men like Musk, Bezos Gates, Trump, etc. that all these men have “FAILED” AT FATHERHOOD”. It was ironic because a few minutes later I kid you not he must have read the comment in a matter of an hour, he was online holding his baby on his lap. I couldn’t help but laugh. Let me explain all parents fail, it doesn’t matter who you are or how much money you have, it’s irrelevant. Expectations everyone has, but all humans have flaws and as humans, we expect too much from children they should know what to do growing up. As children expect a lot from parents they should have ALL answers to life and we don’t. The problem with that is parents don’t know everything about life even when they have a family, they need to figure it out as they grow and grow old. With all of the expectations and lack of communication, no one wins. And if you’re an ambitious man it’s okay, your work comes first, doesn’t it?what the hell was he thinking

This is a message to all those men out there STOP HAVING ALL THESE KIDS to VALIDATE YOUR EXISTENCE. They’re not appliances, you can’t return them when it doesn’t work out. If there are 24 hours in a day and you Mr. Musk work 16 hours of that day, then you have 8 hours left of each day, to shit, shower, shave, eat, and fuck if you’re not too tired. So when exactly are you spending quality time with all your kids daily?  You can’t there is not enough time and your job is more important, you’ve already stated that. At least you are not as bad as Gates and Bezos who both have a lot to explain, you do make the effort so it seems. Just because people are in the media doesn’t make them better parents, eventually, your kids will let you know this when they are adults.

As for Grimes I have to assume marrying Musk was beneficial to her career, maybe? Maybe not, After I read the article in US Magazine there was something missing she wasn’t admitting to. I got the impression Elon must have either promised her something he didn’t fall through with or manipulated her into having these kids she wasn’t mature enough to have. That is a “red flag”. I don’t understand how ignorant men can assume that females are automatically maternal in giving birth. It’s not true, most of us don’t want kids or are ready for that kind of responsibility. I also found it odd she had a surrogate. At her age that was needed? How strange, but someone thought it was necessary to express that Elon Musk had a big dick, really? Now that caught my attention. Is this for further validation or can anyone else confirm this?

Well maybe his maturity still needs growing any man who marries half his age is only going to be disappointed in the end instead of that special someone who truly understands who you are and accepts you for it, flaws and all. “Oh, I forgot puts up with your shit”! Plus young females are a bit more ruthless these days thanks to the internet. don’t think she won’t leave you if she finds the relationship not worth investing in, which is another problem, people expect instant gratification in relationships. Life doesn’t work like that, family and marriage are serious sacrifices of a human being, and the time you invest in it is what you will get out of it and these days couples are not willing to sacrifice that kind of time.

Elon’s Musk comments on Twitter are short and sometimes to the point other times they are tastefully disagreeable, but who cares However, this platform is not news at all. It’s complaining and gossiping but you can’t speak your mind. He favors politicians and all their lies and corruption which is not surprising, most rich people rather kiss their ass than be disagreeable with the corruption, abuse, and theft. Another reason why we live in a hostile society.

What I find disturbing and stupid is I can’t say whatever I want, but it’s okay we have child molesters and war criminals in the White House and the Vatican and some of those people are on the platform. Everyone just turns the other cheek like it doesn’t matter when the majority of those people are guilty of crimes against Humanity. Let me give an example, Kamala Harris had the nerve to lie and say how this Government helps veterans. First, too many gross incompetent people working in offices with the veterans, to begin with. Second, that is the biggest lie, because if this corrupt group of people cared at all there wouldn’t be Veterans on the street with NO PLACE TO LIVE!!!!

The White man doesn’t fucken care about Murdering people in war, it’s money, I received no backlash telling her off, however, if Elon Musk wants to kiss their ass whatever, I just don’t understand his vision of the future when the present has been jeopardized with abuse and crimes against humanity.

All you white PEOPLE are not going to live on Mars at least not in this present Aeon. As for never seeing ALIENS knowing so much about space stuff…Okay, I haven’t seen a million dollars in cash, but I know it’s tangible and exists. Yet let me challenge the man with this, if you “FREEMASON” then you shouldn’t have a problem invoking spirit and learning to ascend your soul to a higher frequency and you will definitely bring those aliens into your life! I promise. Since you know Alien stuff it shouldn’t be a problem.

Freemason men have a backward understanding of this universe and soul ascension! Maybe we’ll see each other in the next lifetime and you can then show me how big you really are:-)