Don’t Judge My Color

Negra” Don’t Judge My Color Motherfucker and makes Assumptions. Being Judged by the Color of my skin I won’t tolerate it. Yet I have tolerated this most of my life of course it’s usually from those at the Unversity of Stupidity and Ignorance.

 Do you know where racism begins? In the family, among friends, acquaintances, and strangers. Do people always know when they’re expressing racism? Not always, people copycat one another, they pick up habits, phrases, and behaviors that are not only wrong in manner and perception but just plain ignorant because they haven’t been taught anything else. As people when seeing with our eyes, the mind associates those habits, phrases, and misguided perceptions of what people think to be right.

The focal point of this association of being color-blind leads to stereotyping, which is primarily due to the color of one’s skin as well as race. However, race can actually be assumed for example just because a person has white skin, doesn’t mean they are white in ancestry. I have known many people relatives and strangers who are white skin yet they are Mexican and Cuban. The majority of Americans of Mexican descent whose skin is darker are highly discriminated against than those of their white-skinned counterparts.  People of color came first, so those who may think they are white, aren’t necessarily white either, because their ancestry will have people of color first, and they probably don’t know it.  Thomas Jefferson is a prime example he fathered numerous children with many Black European women.

The Dark group of people is primarily targeted the most, is because of the color of their skin. If you are a woman of darker skin color you are more likely to be treated with abuse, emotional and physical, encounter domestic violence, and be spoken at, as if you’re too dumb to comprehend “English”. You will be physically or sexually abused and criticized more among family members, friends, and strangers.

I want to point something out, those who have a darker complexion of skin are seen by “ignorant others” as negro or in my case negra‘. I never stopped to think about this as a child growing up, who does? However, the mind tends to associate the idea or understanding of being “black”, which I’m not, but it’s due to my olive skin color I am still viewed as black which is STUPID! Yet it tells me how IGNORANT those who say this, have low self-esteem and are just as poisoned in the mind because of white politics!

It’s my own theory, that the mind sees everything as black if it’s not seen as white. Much of this could be blamed for the many centuries rooted into whites being inferior to dark-skinned people, which I believe they are and it’s the reason for centuries of oppression, abuse, slavery and just one fucked up race of assholes!!!

Anyone who has dealt with this type of ignorance and stupidity from others has been racialized to label any woman or man, as negra’ or negro, and is the worst racists put down I’ve dealt with. It all began when I was a child, yet, as I once overheard an older woman express the same experience, so this tells me labels are in fashion!

I also had a relative who was being told the same thing by her sisters. My question is why do people associate this word with the color of their skin? Is this the only way the brain can relate to whatever it doesn’t understand or can’t comprehend? Associating my skin color with black has nothing to do with my race or who I am as a human. I am not African American, I am Native American and Mexican, yet my indigenous ancestors were here throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County Basin. My color is tanned with a red tint. Regardless of my race, it’s ignorant to refer to someone in this manner.

Of course, as a child, I wasn’t offended, when my mother used pet names, to describe me, yet she never called my brother Jack “negro”, why? because he is male, that’s why? Nor did any of the other kids in the family were labeled or singled out. Only I was.

For many years growing up my mother used to call me negra’ it was a pet name for me. She had other names I was referred to, but this particular name stood out the most. As a child I didn’t find it to be offensive because I knew no better until I started getting older, this is when I began to dislike it less and less. One day I let her know, STOP CALLING ME THAT, IT’S RACISTS!

Why she singled me out among my other siblings I still don’t understand. During my time at Northridge in a women’s study program, after many readings, I learned it was extremely racist. I later pointed this out to my mother she never used those names again. My mother had her favorites, but I was NOT one of them, and unfortunately, many parents do.

News Flash: If you’re a young woman experiencing the same idiotic verbal mistreatment, share this information and read a little up on stereotypes that way you have a stronger argument with the person you are confronting. I’m sure they will think twice before speaking to you in a demeaning way again.

Three reasons why Americans of Mexican descent are stereotyped. 1) Darker skin humans, because of one’s complexion, appear more stereotypical towards Mexicans. It is also reported these people suffer more from experiences of discrimination than their lighter-skinned counterparts. 2) More educated Mexicans experience a higher level of stereotyping and discrimination than their less educated counterparts, which is partly due to their greater contact with whites. 3) Having these higher levels of discrimination and racism leads to disadvantages in education, social interaction, and the ability to relate to racial outcomes.

The unfortunate circumstance of this is many humans are not going to understand these biases as they are occurring and might find themselves unconsciously endorsing them. For me, growing up experiencing all of this is where my anger began with the ongoing mistreatment of these stereotypes and racist attitudes. It continued on through college and still from time to time I deal with it from strangers everywhere I go, it generally comes from those who are white-skinned.

Due to these biased perceptions, Mexicans have been radicalized throughout the U.S. and history. This limits Mexicans whether they are born in the U.S. or not, to education and participation in society. I have personally dealt with a great deal of racism in my life with family and strangers within society. How do I deal with it, if asked? 

I don’t, I just blatantly put that person in their place, as I have zero tolerance for bullshit!!!!

How can you deal with it? As a person who has experienced this so many times, my advice is to read and educate yourself as much as possible with anything you need to know. Don’t ever limit yourself, that way you have a better chance of winning verbal battles that come your way. American history is something very few people have a real understanding of, especially all those stupid white people and the U.S. Gov. Stop listening to media bullshit and read the facts in history. Cross-reference it’s all out there.

When your well read and understand these areas you can then use your voice to counterattack the discrimination you are facing with knowledge. This will stop anyone in their tracks because they won’t know enough to argue back. Law Enforcement is no exception, these people are trained to be abusive and racist, especially white cops. They are MURDERERS! And STUPID!!

White people primarily are guilty to behave this way towards Black Americans and Mexicans. They are usually the first to attack, so be ready. Never allow them to make you feel less of a human. You are a human being, make sure they know that. Fuck those ignorant white people!! And anyone else who endorses this fucked up thinking!