Department of Motor Vehicles

Department of Motor Vehicles has numerous secrets that are angled at the corruption of the court system and law enforcement. Over the years I was on a good streak of having a good driving record and frankly, my judgment of other drivers is 1000%  because I am a conscious driver and I pay attention to all sides of the car when I am driving. Meaning I am watching everyone at all times when driving especially the ass-wads behind me that enjoy tailgating.

In the last two months, I am now down two points. I just recently had a cop give me a fat ticket in South Orange County, which I now have to appear online to negotiate because I can’t afford this. It’s financial rape. White cops just love pulling over people of color in rich areas. So today I took care of the easy part of the ticket. Let me share with you what I’ve learned today since it’s been a while since I’ve spent time at the DMV.  1) Does everyone know it’s a Nationwide system? It is, so you won’t get away with too much from state to state, however, if you have a case in Los Angeles County they can’t see all cases in other regions so if you have something outstanding in Orange County other courts won’t know it unless you tell them.Department of Motor Vehicles

Yet all of Orange County will see all violations throughout their entire region. And the DMV can see it all throughout the NATION. Let’s begin here over twenty years ago I never paid Fullerton Court I can’t recall all the details but at some point, I was able to obtain my licenses after paying numerous amounts of money, but that ticket from Fullerton is now in Limbo and I don’t care. I won’t pay the court and they can’t do shit about it. Fuck it.

Since it has been past the (7) year window period, (as everything in society has) they can’t collect it. And my license is no longer affected by this debt they can’t collect the money, but not all courts work that way. I don’t know why, different regions make up their own rules. I did get screwed these last two times, but it has no relevance to the past. They have tried to get me for it but they fucken can’t. Here is a TIP if you want to clean up your record, you need to contact the DMV in Sacramento (Purging Dept), they are the only ones who can help you clean up your record and it’s best to go to your local office and pay $5 dollars for a printout. I’ve done this twice.

You would be surprised to know if any other court problems you’ve had or if you were in jail etc are sometimes deliberately placed on the record by the courts regardless if it’s a driving violation or not. It’s done on purpose so if you are pulled over the courts want the cops to know as much about you as possible. It’s called LEVERAGE to haul your ass in just in case, the cops and courts enjoy making a person’s life hell.  Once you have the record sit on the phone and keep hitting re-dial until you get a live human to help purge the record ask all questions because you won’t understand most of the codes. 

It’s all deleted like it was never there, you can do this as many times as needed throughout your life because there is a “statute of limitations”.  Really it’s best and will matter when trying to rent a place to live or get a job, and your car insurance is affected by it. Yes, the JOB part is very important.  Why? Because employers will NOT HIRE YOU if you have a SUSPENDED LICENSE. The less that is deleted or cleaned up off the record the better. Okay, so what I learned today is when I went to the court the clerk tells me how the COP said, I am missing TWO plates off of my car. I am like WTF that was not true he is lying? The clerk says nothing.  The BITCH KNEW WHY HE SAID THAT.

So I go to the DMV I take the broken plate and the lady at the DMV says I have to turn in both plates and pay the $25 dollars. You are forced to turn in both this is why the cop says that both my plates are missing, in reality, it was a lie, but he said it because both have to be turned in. The DMV keeps an inventory of plates, so you will get new ones with new numbers but the old tickets are still linked as the VIN NUMBER to your car never changes. So everything can be done that day with the fixing of the plates. What pisses me off is the way this game is played out and how it’s worded to confuse people.  See how the two are linked together? This is why the clerk told me I can deduct the $25 dollars from the ticket, yeah of course I already paid it to the fucken DMV, this is why? LAZY FULLERTON POLICE

Some courts are stricter than others and some won’t allow you any MOBILITY until you pay them, Bellflower court is the biggest pain in the ASS I’ve ever dealt with. I must have shelled out thousands of dollars over the last 20 years that’s all the courts care about, stealing as much money from citizens as they can. Their CRIMINALS and the judge get to keep his job!  You have some lazy MOTHER FUCKERS who work at these court systems. Women and Men as I was observing these ass-wads, the way they walk around gossiping and laughing, getting paid to sit on their asses and do nothing like the cops downstairs another set of lazy mother fuckers!

After I went back n forth to fix the plates on my car. I had to have the cop at the court sign off. I was parked in the handicapped, 10 feet away from the entrance and I asked the cop to sign off, he is so FUCKEN LAZY, he tells me to drive up to the curb, and he never bothered looking at the back plates and signed off. I just thought WTF? Is he so worried? I’m not going to JUMP ON HIS DICK!  These cops sit on their asses all day long doing a joke of a job at the court because there is no one at the courts anymore, most stuff is online and he can’t walk 10 fucken feet to check the car?  I’m so serious fucken lazy ass.

One last vent of the day, the “REAL ID” is going to be pushed more this coming year. My thoughts on this I believe it has to do more with controlling the masses and not allowing us to leave the country. I strongly believe it’s to keep us imprisoned in the country and possibly in the state where we live.  Right now it’s all about travel, but this crap started before COVID, and it’s all linked together I know it is. It’s not a coincidence, this False Government lies too much to everyone, they always have a plan and they plan on incarcerating us in camps in this country. This human race is slowly dying and the problem with that is everyone is to fucken IGNORANT TO SEE IT COMING, WE HAVE NO FREEDOM, NOTHING BUT ABUSE, LIES, AND HOSTILE INCARCERATION and SLAVERY!