Deborah Lee Velarde

Deborah Lee Velarde is A Malicious Lying Cunt and Socio Path. Never believe a word this raggedy old BITCH has to say. I can say this with great Malice because unfortunately I was related to her through blood, as we share the same mom, not the same father. Many times and again Deborah has expressed great lies and deception so now it’s pay back time bitch! Deborah spent most her work (career) if you want to call it that, in the movie industry.

Like many people she wanted money and fame, the only difference between Deborah and most of the whores (actress’s) in the industry, she couldn’t sell her ass or her soul and you must do both in that business. With that being said it didn’t go far at all. You have to be willing to sell yourself to be famous in movies, and yet she found herself sitting behind a desk on her ass, the very thing she always complained about having to do. Funny how people become a victim to their own circumstances.

Let me begin with the past, we grew up in a small town in Los Angeles county, my father’s side is Indigenous to America, we are of Native American and Mexican decent, and Deborah is very Mexican, she is only viewed as WHITE, but NOT. Her grandfather Frank Velarde was a good man, as good as they come, worked hard and lived a long life, but CANCER took him. I miss you PAPA… Frank watched over my steps and Deborah loved this man, he was everything to her in life. The problems really began when Frank died, Deborah married her own kind (Nick Alvarez) and he was a piece of shit, his family was very poor and Nick never amounted to anything (as he could have).

He wanted to be an AIR PILOT, but instead he became a BIG COKE HEAD and put Deborah in financial debt.  Deborah did work hard and paid for everything, including supporting every scumbag male she was ever with. When Frank died Nick and her Divorced because Nick was FUCKING some WHORE named RORY and had Nicks baby.  I guess he did her a favor since he is now short, fat, bald and sells insurance. HAHAHAHA CLASSIC!  In the end he went back to RORY. During this time her life was out of control with the pressures of Nick and the holder to her grandfathers money.

Yes, Frank was a blue collar man, but saved a lot of money over the years, which in turn his wife and her greedy fucken kids took advantage of after his death. Georgia was broke after one year and the money was gone. Of course Georgia found herself another husband to support her as WHITE WOMEN DO in NO TIME! She never worked and at that time Georgia was too old. I’m sure she is dead now its been many years.  So Deborah no longer had anything to do with Georgia, or her Anut Frances (who is a bigger CUNT). Frank’s only daughter who never gave a shit (the bitch never went to his funeral) and Deborah’s real father had died when she was a toddler, so she never knew him. His drink was poisoned at a party he went to (hanging out with the wrong people will do it). DEBORAH LEE VELARDE

Over the years her and I had many conflicts, at times we were there for each other but that all grew short as I began to see her deception and lies were far to transparent for me to simply ignore. Especially recalling the sexual abuse that is unforgivable and what it did in our family I can’t ignore. With that being said I am a BIG ADVOCATE against sexual abuse. Sexual Abuse is common in the world, church’s, schools, the home, the prison system, war, the WHITE HOUSE all aspects of life and the WHITE RACE is RESPONSIBLE for it ALL!! IT STARTS AT THE TOP AND TRICKLES DOWNWARD, people of color have been subjected to the WHITE RACE and their ABUSE!!! Which is a reason why I despise all WHITE PEOPLE!!!

Talking about the WHITE RACE, let me be clear about something, just because a human has white skin doesn’t make them WHITE IN RACE, understand?  I know many STUPID, IGNORANT FUCKEN PEOPLE judge with their eyes instead of using their brains. Deborah Lee Velarde is Mexican, just like I am only her skin is WHITE (fair) I have olive skin. Doesn’t mean I know less okay. So keep your IGNORANCE TO YOURSELF!  YOU FUCKED UP WHITE PEOPLE AREN’T THAT SMART, BUT YOUR CERTAINLY MORE ABUSIVE.  Now that I have expressed my ANGER more clearly, why have I decided to exploit this BITCH, gee.. there are so many reasons it’s hard to separate them.

Maybe because she thought it was okay to hurt my daughter telling her viscous fucken lies about her father and I that Deborah knows nothing about. Deborah Lee Velarde is A Malicious Lying Cunt and Socio Path.  Maybe its because she thought it was okay to use my daughter and anyone else who would help her raise that BRAT she had (named Grant) after her scumbag boyfriend of 15 years of wasted time named WYATT left her stupid ass because he chose NOT to be a daddy!  Deborah certainly acts like a lazy white bitch who can’t raise her own kid! 

Maybe its because she thought it was okay to step over me and make her self executive to my FATHERS money and death. Maybe its because of the sexual abuse she subjected me too when I was only five years old, gee too many betrayals and me being not FORGIVING! Somethings are NOT worth FORGIVING!!

What I find very disturbing from what I recall, she bragged about going out with that CHILD MOLESTER CHARLIE SHEEN. This was right before he was fully exposed. This Piece of Shit needs to be in prison!!!   Well, supposedly he took her out after they worked together on a set and Deborah said he spilled liquid all over her clothes acting STUPID. So he took her out to make up for it. The disturbing part is, these two fucken scummy ass people have only one thing in common, subjecting sexual abuse on others! Well the UPSIDE is CHARLIE SHEEN is really into BLONDE WHORES like Heather Locklear and her child among many, many others.

Sorry sister dear I HAVE NO FUCKEN CONTEMPT for you. I wouldn’t care if your CANCER came back and ate you from the INSIDE OUT! Unfortunately I have no GENE in me to FORGIVE the SHIT in this FUCKED up world we all have to live in! So next time you want to make up lies to my child or think your behavior and lies justify something is your demented BRAIN, think twice of what an Enemy will do to you.  Oh don’t worry you DUMB BITCH I won’t go out of my way to physically hurt you, hell that is far too much trouble. I am much more creative than that. Plus, the Dark Lord has my back.DEBORAH LEE VELARDE

Yes I know this is malicious of me, what can I say I learned it from the WHITE RACE and we all know how fucked up they are! Martin Luther King knew the truth to their EVIL WAYS! Yet I feel better now that the truth of you has been exposed. Don’t You?

Not to worry it won’t matter to that fake bullshit movie life you live. You weren’t that important to an Industry that only caters to big name CHILD MOLESTERS and WHORES (actors) who think they actually have talent. And there are so many!!!  So many!!!